A brief vita

A brief vita
27/08/2016 pilotpatrick
brief vita pilot patrick

This is your First Officer Patrick speaking. Welcome aboard! Now sit back, relax and enjoy my brief vita!

I am a First Officer and from 2010 to 2016 I have worked for a german Business Jet. Up to that point I was flying the Citation XLS+, on which I have over 2000 flight hours. In total I have over 2500 flight hours. My home base is currently Berlin.

For my first pilot job I moved to Berlin in 2010 and in August 2016 I took a time out of three month in Barcelona. During work I have been to Barcelona many times and it was love at first sight. I decided to move there to improve my Spanish skills and to enjoy good weather and a beach at home. But then a switched companies three months later, which changed everything agin. The new employer grants me to live outside Germany as well, but since the extensive type rating on the A300-600 took place in Berlin, I decided to move back. About my time in Barcelona I wrote a blog post.

Growing up close to Frankfurt I attended high school and finished my A-levels with the age of 18. The german government used to require either to join the military or do a social year after school. Due to the fact that I prefer love over war, I decided to work at a Kindergarten in Friedrichsdorf. Fun fact here the telephone was invited by Philipp Reis in my home town.

During my social year I was accepted at a flight school to begin training. Luckily I was allowed to interrupt the social year, so I could start right away with my flight training to become a commercial pilot. The next two years of training were a lot of fun, but also quite intense and hard. I was putting a lot of effort into my flight training thus graduating with excellent results. In my series of “How I become a pilot” I share the full story. Never the less it took me about one year to find a cockpit job. I was open to all branches in aviation but I always preferred to commence my career with an executive company flying VIPs from A to B.


A300-600 cockpit

Since February 2017 I have been flying the wide body aircraft A300-600 at a renominated German Airline. Currently I am in the supervision phase, which means that my training continues during the daily flight business. The conversion from a small private jet to a big aircraft with a maximum take off weight of 170 tons was not easy. But my occupational experiences helped me a lot to adapt to the new operational procedures easily.

Besides my job as First officer I study business administration at a far distant university in Germany. In my free time I love to meet my friends. I like to prepare healthy meals and to got to the gym. I work out regularly in a Crossfit studio. My wanderlust never ceases, so during my leave I spend vacations around the world. On my bucket list are Brasil, Australia and Iceland.

Read in my first blog post: “My dream to fly and why I fly

Happy landings!

Your Pilot Patrick

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Amal Alsaffar

I enjoyed reading about your background and how you started your career. I faced similar situation and I am still figuring out if I have taken the right decision or not. However, I am still doing the things I love at leaset, crossfit, learning new languages (Spanish my second favorite and French), teaching English and public speaking, and of course my ultimate passion “TRAVELING”! I agree with you in chooing social work over war, becasue hate brings only hate in the end. I don’t know why I started sharing my thoughts about your personality and your career although there are… Read more »


Hey Patrick ! Welcome to the Blogger community. I am currently living in Frankfurt and fun fact, close to where you did your social year. I have been following you on instagram for quite a while now, following your stories on snapchat. Being a pilot sounds really exciting. I have a lot of friends working for Lufthansa though, either as pilots or stewardesses. Becoming a stewardess has always been a dream to me, however I am quite short and unfortunately too short for the main companies. Swiss airlines is the only airline I could work for… Anyway, hope you’re having… Read more »

Aatif Ehsan

Awesome background of your wonderful life! Patrick
I salute and proud of you.
Even I am training for B777 and A380 in Emirates. I wish one day you will be Captain .

(Emirates Airlines Aviator )


Welcome to the blogging world. Its great to read about your back ground. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more!!

Sotonye Mangibo

Hi Patrick,
I admire Uniform Men and Pilots are couragous and daring. Keep up the good works and keep flying higher and higher.


Hi Patrick, i’m an italian free lance journalist. I like your blog and i have much intrigued me your passion. I would like to ask you two things : -What do you feel when you fly ? -What would you say to people who are afraid to take the plane ? -What you can not give up when you fly ? Leonardo da Vinci used to say: “When you will walk the earth after flying , you look into the sky because you were there and want to come back. Do you think is true? I’m sorry for all these… Read more »

My dream to fly + why I fly – pilotpatrick

[…] my last blogpost “A brief vita” you already learnt a little bit about me. In this article I will tell you about my dream to […]


I take so much inspiration your posts about how you achieved your dreams. I especially always like the endings of your articles, they are charged positive.
I wished you on Instagram flew to South and you flew off. Now I wish you will fly to Brasil, Australia and Iceland. Good luck!


Is this true that pilots put a photo
of someone who they love in their hat ?