A german gem – you have to visit this city in Germany

A german gem – you have to visit this city in Germany
01/12/2019 pilotpatrick
dresden a german gem

Anzeige / Adveristment

Dear Aviator,

I often get asked which city you should visit in Germany. My home country has many beautiful places to offer. All of them are so diverse and unique in their own way. That makes discovering places so exciting and  a great benefit they are all not far away from each other. One city you should visit in Germany is Dresden. In this blog post I give you a heads up why you should add Dresden a german gem to your bucket list. 


gewandhaus dresden

5  star hotel Gewandhaus Dresden

Bathroom Gewandhaus

Dresden a german gem is not a Instagram known city, but it defitnely has all the qualities to be one: a beautiful old town, museums, culutural events and instagrammable spots around ever courner. The city just became more popular since jewels were ropped from of the Grüne Gewölbe , the baroque treasure chamber. A big loss for our cultural hertiage.

One of my favorite cities  in Germany

The city has become one of my favorite places to visit in Germany. Why? I feel at home, proud and amazed at the same time. Dresden helps me to slow down things. It is a great escape from the hectic and crowded Berlin city life. Its reasonable size makes the city fun to discover by feet. You have all the amentites of a big city, but it feels like you are in a town. I am proud to see that the old town was rebuilt after it was completely destroyed during the Second World War and amazed about stunning baroque architecture.


frrauenkirche dresden



famous Semper Opera

Dresden a german gem

It was my fourth time in Dresden and I did different activities each stay. A long stroll through the old town is always a must. This time I added a visit at the world famous Semper Opera. I am curious to try out things for the very first time, so I went to the see an opera for the very first time. “Le Grand Marcabre” was playing, a anti-anti-opera »Le Grand Macabre« by the Hungarian composer György Ligeti. “It premiered in 1978 and is regarded as one of the most effective works of musical theatre of the past decades. In this highly entertaining mix of medieval mystery play, absurd slapstick and black humour, Ligeti tells the story of the end of the world in a virtuoso composition filled with musical quotations and pastiche.” (source: semperoper.de)

semper opera

Semper opera at night

Old town of Dresden

zwinger dresden


My to do recommendations


Bathtub goals in Dresden

City Center Neumarkt

Home away from home

This time I stayed at the Gewandhaus hotel for the very first time. This 5 star boutique style hotel lays right in the center of the baroque metropolis.

After a huge renovation in 2015 the hotel opened again with upgraded luxurious hotel and room amenities. It belongs ever since to the Autograph Collection of Marriott which is a group of unique boutique hotels with a high level of hospitality.

The building itself looks like a mansion from a different era. I felt noble staying at this hotel. I like that the baroque character of the interior is preserved with a lot of love. The integration of modern design works really well and the highlight of the hotel, the courtyard is spectacular.

Atrium of the Gewandhaus hotel

gewandhaus dresden

Atrium of the Gewandhaus hotel

Wellness area Dresden

My Junior Suite

I stayed in a junior suite on the upper floor.  The suite was really spacious and cozy at the same time. The bathroom was definitely the highlight: I had my very own whirlpool with golden appliances.

After the opera or a sight seeing tour you can enjoy a wellness area with a nicely decorated pool area and sauna to relax.

Breakfast in the morning was super tasty and the staff were really attentive. They did a great job in making my special wishes possible.

Junior Suite of the Gewandhaus hotel

View from my Junior Suite

Junior Suite Gewandhaus

Dresden travel blog

Bathtub goals in Dresden

gewandhaus dresden

Breakfast at the Gewandhaus


Restaurant recommendations

  • Burgeria: tasty burger place in the center, has vegan and vegetarian options
  • M(eatery): at the Gewandhaus hotel, delicious cuts of meat and a menu with hand picked meals
  • brennNessel: Vegetarian restaurant in one of the oldest houses in Dresden



(m)eatery dresden

Dinner at the (m)eatery

Starter at the (M)eatery


I hope you enjoyed this travel blog about Dresden and you will put this city on your bucket list!

Please give the blog a heart and leave me a comment with your favorite city of Germany in your comment below!

Safe travels and happy landings

Your PilotPatrick


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  1. Emmy Puspasari Indonesia 4 months ago

    The Dresden city is really Historical dan many Beautiful old buildings , and i really enjoy your hotel , so cozy and comfort for relaxing, esp. The bathtub !! Also the Foods.. ❤❤
    I love the Opera Buildings and Katedral there…
    My favorit city is still Berlin !! And second is Dresden now…
    Thanks for your blog about Dresden, this city is amazing !!

  2. Jan Steadman-Jackson 4 months ago

    Great blogpost Patrick. My family and I are considering Dresden next year! x

  3. Yoko Kikuchi 菊地陽子 4 months ago

    Thank you so much for showing us your wonderful and amazing staying in Dresden. I haven’t been to Germany yet but certainly I would love to visit there (Dresden) soon..Especially, in Christmas season it must be romantic. Wooo I cannot wait for visiting Dresden .

  4. Aateera Hosein 4 months ago

    Dear Patrick,
    I loved reading your beautifully written article of beautiful Dresden. Your detail description of this enriched quaint city transported me through its beauty, a “German gem” truly. I will love to visit this exceptional city Dresden to absorb the rich history and architectural beauty. Of course my favourite city in Deutschland still remains beloved Berlin <3 🙂 .

  5. Vitamaria PAOLANGELO 4 months ago

    È stato molto bello leggere questo blog su questa località, amo lo stile Baracco, medievale, credo che tutta la Germania e bella , non amo vivere nelle città caotiche, il motivo di andare via dalla Germania era che avevo bisogno di rallentare il ritmo della mia vita, ho scelto di vivere nel mio paese di provincia della mia Puglia, qui la vita ha un ritmo lento, e vivo aria di libertà!! Un angolo di Germania???….. Lubecca ♥️

  6. Alf Pedersen 4 months ago

    Hallo Patrick meine lieblingsstadt ist Berlin aber ich muss auf jeden fall Dresden besuchen Ein wirklich guter Blog, den du geschrieben hast ich wünsche dir auch ein schönes Sonntag Spaßtag und ersten Advent Liebe Grüße Alf

  7. Michele 4 months ago

    Love this German Gem and this blog post as this stunning city as it is ^^ ♡ The Frauenkirche ♡ Semper Opera just amazing stunning architecture buildings ♡ So in love and I couldn’t wait to go visit right now ^^ ♡ The beautiful luxurious five star hotel is definitely the highlights as well ♡ So pretty n give me so royal feel at the same time ♡ The service n food ^^ just love this hotel no doubt ♡ I would definitely check in this hotel when I come visit n experience the lovely bathtub ^^ ♡ Thanks so much sharing this stunning German gem ♡

  8. Cassandra 4 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your travel destination with us. I really enjoy the history and the architecture. Not only is the history amazing to see but the true elegance. I would most certainly enjoy talking a stroll though the streets and visiting this beautiful town. Again thank you for sharing this gem with us.

  9. Christel 4 months ago

    Very nice blog post. Dresden seems to be a good place to visit.. Sweden and Germany are relatively close, but strangely enough, you travel farther away when traveling. There will be change in the future. There are many beautiful cities in Europe. Hard to choose someone as the best.

  10. Andrew Kurgat 4 months ago

    Dear Captain Patrick,
    I really appreciate you sharing such an amazing experience of your stay in Dresden. Shall surely make a point of visiting and putting your recommendations to good use. Personally I have never been in German, but I’m working towards moving there. Particularly to Berlin. Heard so much about it from my friends. The stories move me especially the musical and historical culture infused into the city’s DNA. However, based on your article, Dresden does sound like somewhere special. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Pamela Will 4 months ago

    It is indeed a lovely, enchanting city. So much history and beautiful architecture. That alone is a unique calling card❤. The museums, the opera, the food, the culture, and elegant style would make it a wonderful city to visit on many occasions.

    Thank you for sharing your insights and adventures. I would definitely like to hear more adventurous outings through your posts. You are so unique, creative, and a pleasure to listen to. I want to hear more on all aspects of your travels, lifestyle, aviation, and home life. Some of us can only dream of experiencing these places. You make us feel as though we are already there with you..

    Keep us challenged and enticed to desire MORE! We love, admire, respect, appreciate, and are impressed by ALL THAT YOU DO. Thank you❤

  12. Liliani setiawati 4 months ago

    German Gem is not only Dresden but also our captain Gorgeous Pilot Patrick. Love your blogs always, amazing picture, wonderful description, very suitable for coffee book hard copy one day. LOVE it

  13. Gail Berman 4 months ago

    Pilot Patrick, thank you very much for your blog about Dresden. I will visit there if I go to vacation in Germany, I have never been to this country before, but hope to visit on a future vacation.

  14. lauren1pang 4 months ago


  15. Dianz clinton 4 months ago

    I love Berlin .. Very beauty Dresden city .. Very beauty hotel .. Very luxurious hotel .. Very beauty building .. I like and love beauty city Dresden .. I want visit in Berlin .. I miss you Captain Patrick ..

  16. Maite Vargas 4 months ago

    Hello! My respected Patrick. I already read all your new blog about your splendid visit to Dresden city of Germany. So, I really liked everything, especially the luxurious Gewandhaus hotel. You`re right when you explain that it looks like a a mansion from a different era. Also, suite was really amazing especially the bathroom and your own whirlpool with golden appliances wwuuaaaooo !!!. And it goes without saying of all the extraordinary places in the city of Dresden especially the Frauenkirche, famous Semper Opera, Zwinger among many others. Undoubtedly all its architectures are extremely fantastic and magnificent that give an air of being in the royal nobility. Another important point was the splendid restaurants where the food seemed so delicious. Dear captain Patrick really thank you so much for sharing and transmitting to us all the important information and so beautiful scenery of the beautiful city of Dresden. Without any place this city is worth adding in my bucket list if some day visit Germany. Really great blog, Congratulations !!!

  17. Meyriniliu 4 months ago

    very interesting to read your blog .. Dresden is one of the most beautiful cities in the world .. so many amazing places to offer .. Dresden becomes more interesting because you are the explorers .. thank you for sharing your trip for us ..

  18. Maria 4 months ago

    Where the place do you want to go in 2020?

  19. Nashim Ali 4 months ago

    For the time I have known you I have come to learn to fall in love and like Germany to me it was an impossible place full of dear but thanks to you I have come to know the real beauty that is hidden in it.
    One of the things I don’t consider my self doing is complementing things that I don’t appreciate but trust me on this one your country is one thing I have learned to appreciate looking at it’s rough background and reflecting it to it smooth improved yet cultured future makes crave for more of it’s hidden treasures and there you are bringing Dresden to sight, well it looks so cultured but in reality it has become one of my dream destinations apart from Venice, Paris and Berlin it’s beautiful like a pearl hard to find like emeralds, precious like gems and yet one of a kind.
    I just hope and pray it has crazy accessibility because I love walking through fancy places and also hope and pray that I get the chance and resources to visit this beauty before my creator invites me over.
    Thanks captain for always walking with us through your beautiful life and home lots of love.

  20. Leila 4 months ago

    Very good blog post. Thanks

  21. glenn 3 months ago

    I was in Dresden in Oct. truly a Gem. What I never thouht about is that the acnient buildings have all been rebuild after the reunification. Post 1990. wonderful job ob rebuilding. Glenn in Texas

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