Who is PilotPatrick?

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I am Patrick from Germany and I am a commercial pilot. After flying a Citation XLS+ business jet for six years, I am now type rated on the Airbus A300. 2019 I am became a Captain with the age of 30. Since September 2016 I have been blogging about my pilot life and my healthy lifestyle. Besides many travel tips you will find posts about aviation, piloting and my journeys around the world. Positive mind, positive life and happy landings!

fun fact

In my job as a pilot I am always on time but in my private life I am always late.

when I grow up

I want to play the role of James Bond in a movie or be his pilot at least!


I started my aviation career early. After finishing high school in Germany I attended the flight school at the age of 20. To bridge the waiting time for a cockpit job I worked as a simulation pilot at the German air traffic control. In summer I completed my first type rating on the Cessna Citation XLS. The following six years I gained over 2000 flight hours on this aircraft as First Officer. In my opinion, the business aviation was the perfect start for my aviation career. I like to work independently and the flexibility which the job demanded. I also enjoyed serving the champagne to VIPS. In 2017 I took my career to the next level. I am now flying the Airbus A300 for a major German airline. Since April 2019 I am a captain.

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Over the years my job made me to a professional traveler. Besides my journeys to many different cities (mainly in Europe) as a pilot, I still love to travel on a private basis. After a couple of days at home, I become restless and I want to go somewhere. That is wanderlust! So far I have lived for almost one year in South Dakota, USA during my exchange year when I was 16. Last year I lived in Barcelona for three months. I have been to all continents except Australia and Antarctica. In total, I have been to more than 50 different countries. Cape Town was the place on earth which impressed me the most. On my bucket list Sydney, Mauritius and Iceland.

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Moving to Berlin for my first job in aviation was the best decision I have ever made six years ago. This city shaped me and made me become a fit and healthy pilot. I am really strict about my diet at home and during my journeys. I take care of the quality of food. Besides a healthy diet, I am doing sports regularly. In Berlin I do Crossfit and I also taking personal training sessions. During my travels as pilot, I go to the hotel gyms or do workouts in the hotel room. Berlin is a great city which fits ideally to my healthy lifestyle. There are organic supermarkets and healthy restaurants around each corner. In my opinion, the body is the most valuable asset I have. That is why I am maintaining it as well as possible to have a positive and healthy life.

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Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.

 Leonardo da Vinci (my favorite quote)


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Nationality: German living in Berlin
Based: 31 years (dob: 17.05.1988)
Height: 1,85 m
Clothing: M (48)
Shoes: 44-45

I not like to wait at all. I disgust hair and dirt in the drain.

how to become a captain

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Launched in 2018 my YouTube channel has over 146.000 subscribers who enjoy educational, informative and inspiring videos packed with lots of entertainment. “How to become a pilot” , “TOP 5 destinations in Europe” , “What pilots do during cruise flight?” to mention some headlines. Become a subscriber as well!

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In 2016 I posted my first every photo, not knowing it would go towards building such an impressive community – my #aviatorfamily. Originally I just wanted to share my travels as private jet pilot with my friends and family. Soon other people started following who share the same passion for aviation. Come on board of my Instagram channel to fly with and experience a diverse and colorful world.

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During quarantine TikTok became more and more popular so I launched my page at this platform as well. I am enjoying to spread some aviation humor in my short videos, to show stunning flight videos and to kid myself.

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Here I am sharing the same content as on Instagram  but additionally I am informing you about my latest blog posts, video on YouTube and events I am doing.