My personal charity project | @PilotPatrick

The #aviatorbracelet is now on sale worldwide! Simply order below! (For non German, read the step by step manual) 


A growing audience on social media means automatically more responsibility. People look up to you and you become some kind of role model for them. That means you have the power to share your opinion, advice, and ideals with a huge number of people. For me, it also means that you are responsible to engage in social affairs and be part of a charity project.


I want to support one person to becoming a pilot. I not only want to be the mentor for this future aviator and help him to pass the flight school successfully. Additionally, I want to support this person financially maybe even pay for the full training. But how will I be able to pay for that?


Together with EIGHT 8R I designed my very first Pilot Patrick bracelet, called #aviatorbracelet. The unisex bracelet is available in navy blue and pink. The strap is out of parachute robe and the small aircraft with my logo is out of carbon. The adjustable strap guarantees a perfect fit for anybody. The #aviatorbracelet is handmade in Germany and is available worldwide.


It has always been my matter of the heart. That way we are connected with the same bracelet and together we can realize ones dream to become a pilot. It now depends on YOU. This project is only possible with YOU and YOUR support!  Who will be this Aviator? Once the project is successful I will inform you how you can apply to get the support for your flight training.

With my #aviatorbracelet I would like to support you in your dream to become a pilot!