Wie ich es schaffe eine gesunde Ernährung während meiner Reisen aufrechtzuerhalten

Wie ich es schaffe eine gesunde Ernährung während meiner Reisen aufrechtzuerhalten
22/07/2018 pilotpatrick
healthy diet while traveling

Unbezahlte Kooperation- Werbung

Hallo mein Aviator,

meine Freunde und Kollegen nennen mich manchmal kompliziert wenn es ums Essen geht. Manche denken auch ich währe verrückt, weil ich neben meinem Pilotenkoffer und Reisekoffer immer eine extra Tasche für mein Essen mit mir dabei habe. Meiner Meinung nach ist dies jedoch sehr klever. Unser Körper ist unser kostbarster Besitz und deswegen achte ich gut auf ihn. Meine Tasche voll mit Essen, garantiert mir eine gesunde Ernährung auf meinen Reisen.

healthy diet while traveling

Smoothie cookies by Ultrafrisch

The difficulty of this job

My career has a pilot just turn eight and already at an early stage of my aviation career, I noticed that it is difficult to maintain a healthy diet as a pilot. All my cockpit jobs required me to spend layovers at different destinations. In a month I am gone from home somewhere between 10-16 days. When traveling non-stop, you have to rely on the food of hotels, restaurants, airline catering and outlets at the airport.

Here another example. Currently, I am in Madrid and the hotel is located close to the airport. It is more than 30 minutes from the city center. There are restaurants close by, but they do not meet my eating habits. Additionally, I waste a lot of time when going to a restaurant.

To stay healthy I fuel my body with the best possible food. I take particular care about the ingredients and the organic quality. My food bag makes me a little bit more independent. So I can enjoy a healthy rice dish out of my food bag tonight.

healthy while traveling

Four simple guidelines

I follow four simple guidelines when choosing my food:

  • NO raffinated sugars
  • NO dairy products
  • NO white flour
  • NO saturated fats

Are you vegan?

No. I eat fish and eggs almost on a daily basis. I eat meat, but only once a week. I try to avoid meat during my pilot travels because I can not be sure about the quality. Lately, I tried to be vegan for one week of flying. In my YouTube video, you can see how I managed and find out why veganism is not an option for me.

What’s in my food bag?

I used to carry my food in my suitcase up to the day when a almond milk spilled and ruined my clothes. For years now I am traveling with this cool bag with insulation inside. This way I can bridge the time between refrigerators for perishable food.

Almond milk: only of almonds and water, dairy free, sugar-free version

Cereal: sugar-free and vegan with dried fruits, my favorite Chia Cacao Crunch

Porridge: gluten-free vegan porridge of quinoa flaxseeds, for the super porridge you only need hot water to prepare it

Rice cups: rice dish with vegetables, the product of Davert is ideal for traveling, you only need hot water to prepare it, unfortunately it contains sugar but only about 1g in 100g.

Smoothie cookies: liquid is heavy and smoothies need cooling, smoothie cookies of Ultrafrisch are crunchy and contain only fruits and vegetables

More food: peanut mush (only of nuts), whole wheat crispbread, raw bars of nuts and dried fruits, dates, tea bags, fruit (mostly organic bananas), nuts (unsalted and not roasted), raw chocolate

healthy diet while traveling

Selection of my food I am traveling with

My daily dose of superfoods

Lemon tea: Rich in natural Vitamin C. The juice is antibacterial, antiphlogistic and digestive. Curcuma water

Curcuma (curcuma longa): contains curcumin and is one of the most significant medical plant. Especially in China and India, it is well known for its antiphlogistic effects.

Spirulina: is an alga which was already consumed by Aztecs. The concentration of vitamins and minerals is the highest which has been found yet.

Check out my superfoods article if you want to find out more about their positive side effects

pilot patrick's superfoods

More about my superfoods here in my article

Do you know raw chocolate?

As much as possible I try to avoid food that contains raffinated sugar. Sugar is toxic for your body and fuels cancer cells. A great and natural alternative is XUCKER and coconut sugar. Of course, all sources of natural sugar like from fruits are acceptable. I am not the guy who loves sweet stuff, but once in a while, I have a craving for chocolate. I have discovered raw chocolate for me. Raw chocolate itself is really bitter, but in addition to dried fruits and nuts, it tastes sweet.


healthy diet while traveling

Sweet treat: raw chocolate

healthy diet while traveling

Raw bars: 100% natural and only of nuts and dried fruits

… and besides my food bag?

It sounds like that I am only eating out of my food bag. That is not the case. In the morning I go to breakfast in the hotel. WIth my food bag, I can pimp my breakfast. I am honestly shocked by the bad selection of good and healthy food. Especially during my vegan week, I missed a declaration of the ingredients on the buffet.

To find healthy restaurants, coffee places or supermarkets, I can recommend using the App „Happy Cow“ This app has already led me to many nice places in numerous cities around the whole world.


health diet while traveling

Pimp my crew meal in London

healthy food while traveling

On board: sugar free vegan cereal

I never have the impression that I miss out on any food because there is always a healthy option available which tastes equally good or even better.

Is the whole effort worth it?

Yes, I am convinced that it is worth it. I carry a lot of extra weight, but this way I can eat well even when being busy traveling.  No idea if my body stays healthy for a long time, but If does not I cannot blame myself that I fueled it incorrect.

What’s your favorite healthy snack?

Safe travels and happy landings!

Your foodie PilotPatrick






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  1. Nancy 2 Jahren vor

    Wow, ein super interessanter Artikel lieber Patrick, super gut für mich, dies auch im Büro umzusetzen, vieles von dem mache ich schon so, anderes muss noch ausgetauscht werden (Süßstoff zum Beispiel) ;-). Kurkuma wollen wir nun als Familie auch jeden Morgen einführen in den Alltag. Danke für den Beitrag und einen happy Sunday für dich. LG von Nancy

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