Luxuriöse Jets auf der Business Aviation Messe in Genf

Luxuriöse Jets auf der Business Aviation Messe in Genf
24/06/2018 pilotpatrick
business aviation exhibition

Hello my Aviator, 

welcome on board of the most exclusive branch of aviation: the business aviation. I take you to Geneva in Switzerland to the EBACE, which is an exhibition solely for private jets. Normally only aircrews and their VIP passengers have excess to the cabin of those luxurious jets. But this event grants me to give you an insight view of the business aviation. Are you ready for departure? 

business aviation exhibition

Cabin of the Cessna Citation Longitude

Business aviation exhibition

I started my career as First Officer on a private jet. I used to fly the Cessna Citation XLS+, which is a medium size jet for up to 9 passengers. The operation and the daily pilot life is a lot different compared to any airline operation. The flights are tailored to the passenger needs in regard to departure time, catering and even crew composition. Most airports have an own stand-alone terminal which is dedicated for private jet passengers only. So if you do not work either for a handling agent at the airport or as aircrew you will not get any access those business jet.

Except you are the passenger or when the EBACE opens its doors in Geneva. You have the chance to have look inside the cabin and cockpit of all kind of different jets.  If you want to find out more about the Business aviation check my corresponding blog post.

EBACE static display

I was most excited to visit the static display, but the exhibition also offered a huge hall with all different companies which are connected to the business aviation like handlings, fuel supplier, air charter companies and supplier for technology.

One of my favorite transport manufacturers is Bombardier. You may know this company from the commercial aircraft C-, CRJ- and Q-Series and their trains. But they also build luxury business jets

business aviation exhibition

static display /source: EBACE

business aviation exhibition

Cessna Citation Latitude (first Cessna with flat cabin floor)

business aviation exhibition

Geneva airport exhibit hall / source: EBACE


When most people think about private jet they come up with the name Learjet. This originates that Learjet was one of the first companies to manufacture a private and luxury aircraft in the 1960‘s. The first jets were built in Switzerland but the production was moved quickly to Kansas in Wichita (USA). The first business jet was born and a whole new era of air travel begun. In the 90‘s Bombardier took over its production.

business aviation exhibition

Luxury cabin of the Global 6000

business aviation exhibition

Bombardier Global 6000

Their portfolio of aircraft ranges from medium size to large jets. I was really excited to visit one of their flagships, the Global 6000. A beautiful jet from the inside and outside. State of the art flight deck and a luxury cabin which feels like a 5-star suite. Up to 17 passengers can fly 6000 NM which is for example from Berlin non-stop to Singapore. At the EBACE they also presented the Global 7500 which is the world’s largest and longest-range business jet.

It is really a hard decision if you rather want to be the pilot or the passenger of this jet. Luxury and quality have their price tags. Find it out in my YouTube Vlog and take a look inside.

business aviation exhibition

The new flagship of Bombardier G7500 / source: EBACE 

How I became a private jet pilot?

It was definitely not a conventional way how I got my first pilot job. Since I got frustrated writing many applications and not receiving a feedback, I took my application to a personal level. In my new Vlog about the Ebace, I also explain how I become a private jet pilot. You may also find a series of blog posts about “how I became a pilot”.

business aviation exhibition

innovative cockpit with sidestick, head up display and touchscreens

business aviation exhibition

large business jet / source: EBACE

The size of jet I used to fly

Do I miss the business aviation?

Yes and no! The exhibition was some kind of flashback to my time as a private jet pilot. There are a lot of aspects I really miss, like the luxury crew lounges, catering and a diverse flight schedule. But there also many aspects, which I really do not miss like endless waiting times for VIP passengers or cleaning the cabin after a long duty day. One side I have a crying end, but all in all, I feel much more comfortable with an airline. My flight roster is much more stable and I can plan much better in advance and I have more time for my Aviators.

What do you think suits me better the airline operation or the business aviation?

Safe travels and happy landings

Your PilotPatrick

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