Mann des Jahres 2018 eingeladen zu den GQ Awards

Mann des Jahres 2018 eingeladen zu den GQ Awards
17/11/2018 pilotpatrick
men of the year GQ awards

Kooperation  / Werbung

Hello my Aviator, 

first of all apologies for my absence here on my blog. It has been a while since I posted my last article. But I am not only a full-time blogger but also a full-time pilot. Time management and setting priorities are crucial in this case. My job as a pilot has always the highest priority, that is why it can happen that I am less active on social media. The moment I received the invitation to the GQ Awards I was more than happy that I had off and I could attend the event even with the flight schedule already being made. 

men of the year GQ awards

Wake me up! Am I dreaming? I literally cannot believe what is happening in the past few months. I have been experiencing so many cool stuff lately. Like flying with the Breitling Jets, a documentary featuring myself and now the invitation to the GQ Awards. The event in Germany! Thanks to Grey Goose that I had the chance to attend my first GQ Awards. It is one of the biggest events in Germany with a lot of international superstars. When I received the invitation I knew I was going to see a lot of famous people live on stage. Maybe, someone, I had flown in a private jet before?

men of the year gq awards

Source: GQ Website

GQ awards

Men of the Year is GQ’s annual celebration of the year’s cultural high points, packed with interviews, profiles, and videos featuring the actors, musicians, politicians, designers, and more whose work everyone is talking about.

In Berlin, it was the 20th celebration taking place in the Komische Oper. The event started with a huge red carpet photo shooting followed by a pre-gathering. The main part was the award show which lasted about two hours. The awards in different categories will be handed over personally to the winners. My highlight was Donatella Versace. She received a GQ award for her role as a style icon. Versace is my inspiration when it comes to fashion. I found out that she flew with a private jet of my former employer to Berlin. Unfortunately, I never had her on board and neither any star of this night.

In my Vlog on YouTube, I take you to the event and I give you some funny behind the scenes how I get ready for the night. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel PilotPatrick in case you haven’t yet 

My outfit and styling

The dress code for the was evening was strictly black tie. To be honest I had to google it to find out what it stands for. It means you have to dress up preferably a Tuxedo in dark colors.

I have one tuxedo in my closet I have worn twice, but I thought a special evening requires a special outfit and styling. Everything arrived in time, except for my cool airplane cufflinks. So I initially had to leave the house without any. Luckily, Verena from Breitling brought me some to the event. I hope nobody noticed that I was not wearing any cufflinks on the red carpet.

  • Tuxedo: by the Italian luxury brand Canali. The tuxedo was in black and 100 % wool with silk peak lapels.
  • Shoes: Oxfords of Scarosso with patent leather made in Itlay.
  • Watch: the new Breitling Premiere B01 Chronograph 42
  • Bracelet: Cartier love bracelet in 18k white gold
men of the year GQ awards
men of the year QG awards

I hope you enjoyed the glamours night with me. Please rate my outfit from 1-10. Leave it in a comment below and subscribe to my newsletter with your email!

As always safe travels and happy landings!

Your PilotPatrick


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