Wohltätigkeitsaktion: Mein eigenes Armband könnte Dich zum Piloten machen

Wohltätigkeitsaktion: Mein eigenes Armband könnte Dich zum Piloten machen
01/05/2018 pilotpatrick
dream to become a pilot charity

Kooperation- Anzeige

Hello my Aviator,

I am really excited to reveal an idea which has been in the planning for a long time. It deals with financial support, the dream to fly and my very first Pilot Patrick accessory. In this blog post, I want to share my potential project with you and I am asking you about your opinion on it. It really is my matter of the heart!

UPDATE: Das #aviatorbracelet ist jetzt hier zum Verkauf verfügbar!

dream to fly charity

Revealing my project


A growing audience on social media means automatically more responsibility. People look up to you and you become some kind of role model for them. That means you have the power to share your opinion, advice, and ideals with a huge number of people. For me, it also means that you are responsible to engage in social affairs and be part of a charity project. I have thought for a long time which kind of project I could support, but in the end, I came up with a totally different idea.

dream to fly charity


The idea of this project arose from your ongoing support. I soon realized that you are interested in more than just cool photos on Instagram, so I started my blog. For two years now I am giving you insights of my pilot life and my travels around the world. I am also sharing my advice for your aviation career and how you can become a pilot.

It made me really sad to hear that many of you would like to become a pilot, but do not have the means to pay for the flight training. Times did not get easier! More and more airlines do not offer a sponsored cadet program anymore, so it became a popular to self-fund once training. The costs are immense. You minimum have to spend 70,000€ for a commercial pilot license. I was in the lucky position that my parents paid for my entire training 10 years ago.

Now I would like to support you in your dream to become a pilot.

dream to fly charity

Take off thrust set

dream to become a pilot charity

Would you buy the Pilot Patrick bracelet for 30€?


I want to support one person to becoming a pilot. I not only want to be the mentor for this future aviator and help him to pass the flight school successfully. Additionally, I want to support this person financially maybe even pay for the full training.

But how will I be able to pay for that? 

I designed my very first Pilot Patrick bracelet. So far I only produced one single version. The unisex bracelet would be available in navy blue and pink. The strap is out of parachute material and the small aircraft with my logo is out of carbon.

I don’t want to make money with it, but I want to use my reach to spread my project and to sell it to all my Aviators. The entire profit will go into the flight training. The person could be anybody and I would implement a selection process.

Watch my latest YouTube video to see me wearing the bracelet.

UPDATE: The #aviator bracelet is now on sale here!

It is my matter of the heart. That way we can realize ones dream to become a pilot together. It now depends on you. This project is only possible with you and your feedback. What do you think about it and would you buy the Pilot Patrick bracelet for 30€? It would be available worldwide.

As always safe travels and happy landings!

Your Pilot Patrick

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Natürlich würde ich das machen, wenn du mir verrätst wie das funktioniert. Du persönlich wickelst den Verkauf nicht ab oder? Ich finde dein Projekt auf jeden Fall sehr gut.
Liebe Grüße, Sandra


Hallo Patrick! Ich habe mir deinen Blog durchgelesen und möchte meine Meinung dazu beitragen. Ich finde, die Idee ein Produkt zu entwerfen, was jemandem helfen kann einen Traum zu erfüllen, sehr gut. Ich selber bin Schüler einer 10. Klasse und finde den Job Pilot sehr interessant und überlege mir, ob und wie ich es auch schaffen könnte Pilot zu werden. Deine Idee auf diese Art jemanden zu helfen ist gut. 30 Euro ist natürlich nicht wenig Geld aber letztendlich weiß man, dass man etwas gutes getan hat und hat auch noch ein super stylisches Armband. Ich, als großer Aviation Fan,… Weiterlesen »


Eine tolle Idee! Dadurch, dass wir in 4 Jahren evtl. vor der Entscheidung stehen, zu überlegen, wie wir den Traum unseres Sohnes erfüllen können, finde ich den Gedanken toll, dass du jemanden dabei unterstützen würdest, seinen Traum zu Leben. Wir finden das Armband sehr schön und würden sicherlich „zuschlagen“, wenn es verkauft werden würde! Einen schönen Abend und viele Grüße von Nancy


ich finde die Idee super und würde sofort eins kaufen.


Ich finde das bracelet mega cool und die Idee erst recht. Ich hab mich auch schon als Pilot beworben und bald meine BU. Bestellt ist es, vielleicht wird es mein Glücksbringer?:)