Mein Tag auf der weltweit führenden Messe für Tourismus (ITB) in Berlin

Mein Tag auf der weltweit führenden Messe für Tourismus (ITB) in Berlin
17/03/2019 pilotpatrick
should I visit incredible India

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Dear Aviator!

How do you decide on which destinations are on your bucket list? Where do you get your inspiration from when planning your travels? I am sure you retrieve it online, from travel blogs, maybe even from my channels and most probably from friends, who report about their trips.

should I visit incredible India

Welcome to the ITB at the Messe Berlin

should I travel to India

Singapore Airlines double bed in Business Class

The ITB, the world’s leading travel trade show, in Berlin is the offline hotspot for all travel enthusiasts like me. I was invited by Incredible India to explore the trade show and to visit their exhibition, which was, in fact, an entire hall. They provided me with some giveaways, which you will be able to win at the end of this article.

Through my job as a pilot, I get to fly to many fantastic destinations. At the moment the flight operation requires me to overnight in cities primarily in Europe. Sometimes I even stay up to three days at one destination which allows me enough free time to explore. But it is not the same as traveling privately. It is your job and you are traveling with colleagues and not with your friends and family. That is the reason why I go on so many journeys even besides my pilot travels. I like either to discover new destinations, I haven’t been to or I return to places I have enjoyed as a pilot before.

should I travel to India

I am a ship captain as well 😉

should I travel to India

Indian Aviators 🙂


As I mentioned before the ITB (International Tourismus Börse) is the world’s leading tourism trade show. The companies represented at the fair include hotels, tourist boards, tour operators, system providers, airlines and car rental companies. Over 10,000 exhibitors from over 180 countries.

I not only use the ITB to inform myself about news in the travel industry but I also use the visit to connect with people from the travel industry. Primarily I try to get in contact with tourism boards of countries I would like to visit in the future. I think personal contact is extremely beneficial in regards to potential collaboration.

should I travel to India

Indian bride show

should I travel to India

Photo shooting with Incredible India

Incredible India

On a daily basis, I get asked on my Instagram channel, if I have been to this or that country and when I am visiting a specific country. In case I haven’t been there my answer is that I will try to visit as soon as possible. I made it my life goal to travel to as many countries as possible.

This includes India for sure. At the ITB and the dinner night before, I already got a glimpse of India’s culture and their travel offers. Incredible India filled an entire hall. You not only could get in touch with representatives of the tourism office, hotels and tour operators but could also experience a little bit of the Indian culture. The women were dressed in their traditional clothing, a real wedding took place and you could participate in a Bollywood workshop.

In the end, I received a Henna tattoo on my hand so that my memories will last a little bit longer.

Why would I travel to India?

One reason why I would travel to India is to taste genuine Indian food 😉 I really like Indian cuisine, but not too spicy, please. I am always open to exploring new things, places and countries. India would appeal to me as a destination is that it is so different than everything else I have experienced so far. What I have learned from the exhibition is that India has more to offer than good food and the Taj Mahal. In my opinion, the country is underestimated in terms of traveling. Check their Instagram page for travel inspirations in India.

should I travel to India

Getting a Henna tattoo with my logo

should I travel to incredible India

Free henna tattoos with Incredible India

Good news for passengers

Another reason why I like to visit the ITB is that I am keen to learn about new cabin products of all the major airlines. Qatar Airways always surprises with new innovations in comfort for the passenger. For Business Class passenger they implemented the Q-suite, which offers a lot of space in an enclosed suite. Every seat has direct aisle access and the middle seats convert into a fully flat double bed.

New recline system

For economy class passenger they presented a new seat at the ITB. In their mock-up cabin, I took a seat and I could experience their innovations right away. The new recline system surprised me the most. You probably know how bothersome it can be when your fellow passenger reclines his seat in front of you. Now with Qatar Airways innovation, the seat slides forward to recline without infringing the comfort. Moreover, this allows for more clearance for your knees and chin.


should I travel to India

Qatar Airways new Economy Class

should I travel to India

Qatar Airways at the ITB

The new recline systemm

The ITB Berlin takes place annually in March at the Messe Berlin. So in case you missed it this year, I will see you there next year.

I had a fun day at the ITB and there is so much to discover. It is impossible to see everything in one day, so make sure you arrive once the doors open. I was exhausted after one day, but the impressions I could take from my visit were definitely worth it.

should I travel to India


Give away

Incredible India gave me a present with fancy Indian accessories (see photo below) and I would like to pass them to one of you my Aviator. I will include a personal note as well.

To join the giveaway

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I will randomly choose a winner 31st of March 2019. Good luck!

should I visit incredible india

Giveaway of Incredible India!

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Safe travels and happy landings!

Your PilotPatrick


3 Kommentare

  1. Nancy 1 Jahr vor

    Sehr schöner Artikel über die ITB. Ich war schon jahrelang nicht mehr dort, aber dein Artikel lässt mich doch überlegen, nächstes Jahr mal wieder dort vorbei zu schauen. Unser nächstes Urlaubsziel sind die bayrischen Alpen, leider ohne Flugzeug ;)… Schönen Sonntag für dich! Lg von Nancy

  2. Nicole 1 Jahr vor

    Sehr toller Beitrag, von der Messe habe ich schon viel gehört, war leider noch nie da!

  3. Evelyn Maikranz 2 Monaten vor

    Ein schöner Beitrag über Reisen, solche Messen wollte ich schon immer besuchen bin leider nicht dazu gekommen und in Frankfurt gibst solche Messen leider nicht.

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