Try This Out During Quarantine

Try This Out During Quarantine
05/04/2020 pilotpatrick
Try This Out During Quarantine

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Dear Aviator,

uncertainty, fear, social distancing and empty shelves of toilet paper. We are living in a situation I would never have imagined in my worst nightmares. Instead of being worried you should extract positivity out of the negativity. Maybe there is something you always wanted to do but you have never found time. Now would be the perfect moment. I changed some daily habits and tried out new things. My article: ” Try This Out During Quarantine ” will give you some inspiration for your extra time you have now!

Thing About Fasting

I have fasted and I can absolutely recommend doing it. A busy flying schedule never allowed me to do it but finally I found time for it. For six days I only drank tea, water, juice and had veggie broths. Since the world seems to be turning slower and there is less distraction, the period of quarantine and isolation could be the perfect moment to fast.

An expierence you should at least try once in your life!

You need a retreat for relaxation and a place where you can meditate. It is a great way to lose weight quickly but I did it to detox my body. I had the feeling that it improve my mental and physical health. Please make sure that you arre fit enough to fast and follow vital guidelines. I followed the instructions of Rüdiger Dalke and be prepared for lots of and downs!

Change Your Bedtimes

Before Corona I usually went to bed quite late and got up late. I went to bed around 2:00 am and sometimes did not get up before 10 am during my off days in Berlin. My days seemed always quite short and I had a hard time to finish all my tasks I wanted to do. In the evening I became tried and I noticed that I was being unproductive. It was easy to postpone tasks due to  this excuse.

The fasting changed my bedtimes tremendously. I was so weak in the evening and I felt so cold (how women would say) that I went to bed around 9:00 pm. I usually got up at 05:30 am. Me and early bird? I never thought this would happen, but it did. Even after the fasting I keep the bed times. The biggest advantage is that I feel that I have more of the day and I can be extremely productive early in the morning when it is still quiet. Try this out during quarantine.

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try this out during quarantine

Need for sleep

Rethink Your Diet

It has been one of my goals to become more muscular and defined. For years I only saw very little process. The body shaping stagnated and I become really unhappy about this. I also lost my motivation to do more sports since I did not see any results. I realized this must be due to. combination of inefficient workouts and the wrong diet.

Whilst fasting I was able to rethink my diet and adjust it accordingly. I was tracking my calorie and micronutrition intake over the day. To My surprise, I found out that I did not consume the right amount of micro-nutrition. I also discovered I was eating too many carbs and not enough to build muscles. I realized I was not eat properly to improve my measurements. Remember it is 60-70%  the diet and only 40-30% sports to reach your goals.

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Quality Time With Yourself

Do something for your personal well-being. It often happens that you are so stressed that you forget about your personal needs. Boredom can also be something positive and it is beneficial for your mental health.

Even in a state of quarantine there are a lot of things that are not restricted like: creativity, fun, love, cooking, sports, learning, gaming, make music and so on.

Do something you always had in your mind but for whatever reason you have not done it yet. Try out something you have not done yet. I meditated during the fasting period to soak up energy and find my inner balance.

Let’s call it personal quality time to pamper yourself. Even after Corona you should once in while take time ou to improve your well-being.


Try This Out During Quarantine

Work On Your Goals

DO IT! Now you have the extra time to work on your goals. Maybe you have had a business idea in your mind but you never had the time to fully concentrate on it. Why not do it now? Put down your business plan on a piece of paper. Let Corona be your friend that gives you the extra time with little distraction. As I said extract the positivity out of the negativity. There are probably new profitable business possibilities due to the virus! I am currently working on three different projects which keep me busy.

Always look ahead, because we fly forward and not backwards!

try this out during quarantine

I reached my goal in being an Aviator

Get Rid Off Old Stuff

It can be such a freeing feeling to get rid off old stuff Use the extra time to go through your drawers, cupboards and closets at home. Look for things you do not need anymore or you have not used for a very long time. You probably will discover things you do not need anymore, but you have a hard time throwing them away. My tip: make a pile and set yourself a quatity you want to keep as a maximum.

You not only will experience a freeing feeling, you can also turn your old things into money. There are different platforms on which you can sell them: eBay, Kleinanzeigen, e.g.

You can also donate clothing and furniture to those who need it. I recently took an old suitcase with clothing to South Africa to donate it.



Positive mind. Positive life. Happy landings.

I hope the article: ” Try This Out During Quarantine” inspired you. What’s the first thing you would like to do after quarantine? Let me know in a comment below and do not forget to like the article.

Your Pilot Patrick




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