Was ist in meinem Piloten Reisekoffer? Meine ultimativen Packtipps

Was ist in meinem Piloten Reisekoffer? Meine ultimativen Packtipps
07/10/2018 pilotpatrick

Kooperation/ Anzeige

Hello mein Aviator,

durch meinen Beruf als Pilot bin ich nicht nur ein professioneller reisender, sondern auch ein Experte fürs Koffer Packen geworden. Ich bin definitiv kein gutes Beispiel, wenn es darum geht mit leichtem Gepäck zu verreisen. Was mein Gepäck so schwer macht? Das werde ich in diesem Artikel erklären. Den Koffer für eine längere Reise zu packen kann Zeit intensiv und frustrierend sein, wenn man am Ende etwas wichtiges vergessen hat. Ich werde Dir ein paar gute Packtipps geben, um Dein nächstes Koffer Packen viel entspannter zu gestalten.

ulimtate packing tips

From my first pilot salary I didn’t buy a pilot watch, but a set of suitcases

ultimate packing tips

Choose the right size of a suitcase for your trip!

Home is where my bags are

I am travelling for about half of the month. Sometimes I am gone from home for one week during my travels as a pilot. My luggage becomes my loyal travel buddy. That is why I need to rely on it. Each piece needs to be the correct size and of good quality. The design of the luggage is also very important. My current checked luggage is out of polycarbonate material and with four wheels to handle it more easily. The volume of 89l and the unique shape are ideal for longer journeys. Besides my checked luggage, I take my business trolley/pilot case.

What makes my checked luggage so heavy?

Travelling light is no longer an option for me. I try to save weight wherever I can, but my blogger activities require a lot of electronics and other equipment.

I also take a good variety of clothing for photo shootings. A suit and a minimum of two pair of shoes are always on board. Besides my clothing, I pack:

  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B01LW19QX2|B01LW19QX2|B01LWCQ81A‘ text=’Carbon tripod of Rollei*‘ template=’ProductLink‘ store=’wwwpilotpatri-21|wwwpilotpat00-21|pilotpatrick-20′ marketplace=’DE|UK|US‘ link_id=’28723399-ca1f-11e8-a78e-a13fb93c78dc‘]
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B01C847NUK|B01C89H12K|B01D8C6ULO‘ text=’Power hub of Anker*‘ template=’ProductLink‘ store=’wwwpilotpatri-21|wwwpilotpat00-21|pilotpatrick-20′ marketplace=’DE|UK|US‘ link_id=’eea09c4e-ca1f-11e8-b619-877892390463′]
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B077BRX9B8|B0779B9VRP|B0774KTV1X‘ text=’Panasonic Lumix G9*‘ template=’ProductLink‘ store=’wwwpilotpatri-21|wwwpilotpat00-21|pilotpatrick-20′ marketplace=’DE|UK|US‘ link_id=’5de0d558-ca20-11e8-9e7e-c7b2670bf5de‘]
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B071KVFPHK|B00D76RNLS‘ text=’Tripods*‘ template=’ProductLink‘ store=’wwwpilotpatri-21|pilotpatrick-20′ marketplace=’DE|US‘ link_id=’b6e97f10-ca20-11e8-ad77-79cf9e3b4874′]
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B015R0IQGW|B015R0IQGW|B015R0IQGW‘ text=’Microphone of Rohde*‘ template=’ProductLink‘ store=’wwwpilotpatri-21|wwwpilotpat00-21|pilotpatrick-20′ marketplace=’DE|UK|US‘ link_id=’e6c49ff4-ca20-11e8-b476-47094e8274d4′]
ultimate packing tips

My blogger essentials

ultimate packing tips

Small speaker for good sound in the hotel room

10 ultimate packing tips

  1. Pack for the right weather and use the right size of a suitcase
  2. Put your clothing and items e.g. on a bed to get an overview
  3. Pack clothing which can be easily combined to create different outfits
  4. Always put your clothing in the same spot in the suitcase so you find it more easily
  5. Take a first aid kit for emergency cases
  6. Use dead space in shoes or between the telescopic handle for clothing
  7. Roll your clothing to occupy minimum space
  8. Packing cubes can be helpful to organize your clothing
  9. After finishing go through your checklist with the most important items
  10. Never put valuables in your checked luggage and use a TSA lock

In my video on YouTube channel: PilotPatrick, I wrapped it all together.

ultimate packing tips

Put everything on the bed to get an overview

ultimate packing tips

All travellers should pack a first aid kit

Three items I always pack

  • Sleeping masks: to able to sleep in darkness also during the day
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B000TGKMZS|B00HCNHXV2|B01N8STO25′ text=’Earplugs*‘ template=’ProductLink‘ store=’wwwpilotpatri-21|wwwpilotpat00-21|pilotpatrick-20′ marketplace=’DE|UK|US‘ link_id=’fd298bb3-ca21-11e8-8ecc-bb0dce99ba0a‘]: to have a silent and relaxing sleep
  • Swim shorts: the beach or pool can only be one flight away
ultimate packing tips

My before leaving home checklist not to forget anything important

I hope you enjoyed my packing tips and find them helpful when packing next time!

What are the three items you always take on a journey? Please let me know in a comment below and subscribe to my newsletter with your email.

Safe travels and happy landings!

Your PilotPatrick

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