What’s inside my blogger suitcase? All my equipment, gadgets and tips

What’s inside my blogger suitcase? All my equipment, gadgets and tips
19/04/2020 pilotpatrick
travel blogger equipment


Dear Aviator,

you know already what is inside my pilot bag! As my blogger career developed you became curious to find out what equipment I use to create my engaging travel and aviation content. “How did you take this photo? “This is epic. What gadget to use here?” These have been your questions. For the first time, I will reveal my travel blogger equipment. 

What’s inside my blogger suitcase?

Are you ready for an upgrade of your photos and videos? Maybe you are a blogger, you strive to be one or you just want to create epic content for yourself, you need more than just a camera. So whether you have an audience you want to engage and surprise or you just want to create epic memories for your personal use then there is no way around special equipment and gadgets. Watch my new video on my YouTube channel to have the chance to win a brand new luxury carry on luggage by Carl Friedirk. When you want to get it now use Code: PP15 for a great deal on the Carl Friedrik Carry On!

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Be a Smart Packer

When I go on my private travels I always take hand luggage to have my equipment accessible during the flight and as you might know power  banks and batteries are not in checked-in luggage. Additionally the equipment is expensive and I don’t want to risk getting lost or stolen.

Carry on luggage by Carl Fridrik

My travel Blogger Equipment

One of my most favorite articles is “What’s inside my pilot suitcase?” Now it is time to reveal the content of my blogger suitcase as well.  I am blogging now for over four years and I have been constantly working on improving my photos and videos I have been sharing with you. It is a never ending process to get better and better. On one side creativity is key but you also need the technical gear that supports you to realize your ideas.

Panasonic Lumix G9 with external microphone

Which camera?

The best camera is the one you are carrying with you!  

In my early beginning (2016) I just used my phone to cremate my content but I was never really happy with the quality and I am still not really convinced that a smartphone camera can keep up with a DSLM or DSLR camera despite all the improvements. 

I invested in a Sony compact camera, Sony RX100 VII, which is extremely versatile. With a flip screen, 4K videos +, fast autofocus, it is the perfect beginner blogging and vlogging camera. I still use this model as a backup camera and for occasions when I do not want to carry my main camera. I primarily use the Panasonic LUMIX G9 (DSLM) which is great for videos and photos as well. 4K resolution, fantastic video stabilisation, external microphone and a flip screen. Photo wise it convinces with exchangeable lenses, 6k resolution, fast autofocus and you can connect your smartphone with an app to shoot yourself.

Sony compact camera

My Current Camera Gear

Instagram posts: Panasonic LUMIX G9*

Blog photos: Panasonic LUMIX G9

Vlog: Panasonic Lumix G9 / Sony RX100 VII*

Instagram Stories / TikTok: Smartphone


Action camera: GoPro Hero*  

360-degrees Camera: Insta360 ONE X*

A 360-degree camera is the next generation of action cameras. This camera with two lenses allows you to record content in 360 degrees. The photos and videos you can shoot are just epic and you can make everyone jealous.

360 degrees camera


The correct lightning makes the photo! You might have the perfect motive but the light is not optimal. I use a lamp for interior shooting like in hotel rooms, spas, aircraft and whenever it is too dark. For stories and selfies you want frontal light on your face. In case daylight is not sufficient I can recommend an inexpensive selfie light.

My light gear

 GVM LED cameralight* is portable, runs on batteries and it is dimmable

Criacr Selfie light* with 36 Leds to clip to your smartphone

travel blogger equipment

Light set up

Tripods are a must

Tripods And Selfie Sticks

I could not imagine a blogger life without them anymore. Think about how many times you wanted to record yourself or where not able to put your camera that way to capture the frame. Tripods are the answer.

My Tripod Gear

Adjustable legs tripod: Joby GP3-BHEN Gorillapod* for uneven surfaces 

Mini tripod: Manfrotto mini tripod* works for all devices and it can be used as a handheld as well. Most of the time it connected to my smartphone so I can quickly record a scene on my travels. It is also perfect to record steady time lapse videos and with its extendable legs you can use heavier dives as well. 

Extendable selfie stick:AuyKoo Selfie Stick*  and telescope pole

✈ Tripod with Clamp: Smatree  Jaws Flex*

Smartphone clamp: Manfrotto clip* that connects a smartphone with a tripod

Tripod with clamp and adjustable legs

Manfrotto mini tripod

Telescope selfie stick for e.g. an action camera

All You Need Is Power

Back as a flight student my POF teacher (principle of flight) always said: “All you need is speed to make something fly!” Same applies to shooting content but here in this case you need power. Make sure you take a fully charged power bar and spare cables to have your cameras always ready to be used. 

My Power Set Up

Power outlet adapter to charge up to four USB devices: SPLAKS USB 4-Port*

Power Banks of different size: Anker PowerCores*

Always make sure that your devices are charged


Advanced Equipment

Underwater dome

This gadget is a must for shootings underwater. It is a simple plastic in which you can mount your GoPro (I am sure it exists for different cameras as well) You are able to capture above and below the water line in one image. The dome is not expansive and your audience will be curious how you did it. It requires a little bit practice to get everything in frame. In case you do not want to invest in a dome. Take two photos. One above the waterline and one below. The effect is the same but not as good as with the dome.

✈ My gear: Telesin Dome Port* 

Underwarter dome


Expansive but almost a must for any travel blogger and aviation geek. 

It definitely need a lot of practices. Besides flying the drone you need to know how to record footage correctly so a video is in one flow. 

Nowadays they have become so advanced that it is almost impossible to crash them but you need to know where  you are allowed to fly them and the regulations. Before a trip make sure which special drone laws apply and if you are even allowed to fly. Don’t do it like me: flying around the Hollywood sign and then crashing it in the bush. 

✈ Advanced level: DJI Mavic Pro 2*

✈ Beginner level: DJI Mavic Mini*


Positive mind. Positive life. Happy landings.

I hope you find my article helpful and you can use my tips to upgrade your photos and videos in the future. Please do not forget to like the post and leave me a comment below which travel blogger equipment you would like to try out. 

Your PilotPatrick


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