Wie man einen unvergesslichen Aufenthalt in Las Vegas verbringt

Wie man einen unvergesslichen Aufenthalt in Las Vegas verbringt
29/08/2019 pilotpatrick

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„What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!“  You probably heard of this saying. No worries – this does not apply to me. I share with you what I experienced in three days and I tell you how you can have an unforgettable stay in Las Vegas.

New York New York in Las Vegas

Bellagio fountain

Las Vegas strip

Drive to Las Vegas

From Los Angeles (read my article about my last time in LA) it is about 4,5 hours by car. By plane would have been an option as well, but it wouldn’t have saved a lot of time and a road trip reveals more of the landscape. The secenry on the way changed a lot and it got hotter and more arid as I approached Las Vegas. It felt like the highway would end in the middle of nowhere. Left and right you could only spot dry land, dust, sand and rocks. All of the sudden huge golden buildings and even a pyramid appeared on the horizon. That must be it „Viva Las Vegas“.

Tip: Make a stop at the art installation „Seven Magic Mountain“ just prior the boundardy of Las Vegas. The coloured stones give a high contrast to the surrroundings and are a great spot to take a photo and to feel free.

Seven magic moutain

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Stay at the Bellagio

The first thing I think of Las Vegas is the Bellagio hotel with the huge fountain. I remember the first time in Las Vegas 14 years ago. I was standing with my parents infront of the Bellagio, enjoying the fountain show of the hotel and I said to myself one day I want stay in this 5 star hotel. Here we go 14 years later I slept for three nights in a Salon Suite with the view of the fountain. The location of the Bellagio on the Las Vegas strip is ideal. All major attractions are walking distance and you can also take a tram to get to other hotels, restaurants and shows. This hotel guarantees you a an unforgettable stay in Las Vegas.


Tip: Stay in a room with a view! The extra costs are definitely worth it. It is super convenient to stay in hotel of the MGM group, because you can charge all costs at outlets etc. to your room and can use your room credit. Close to the Lobby of the Bellagio is a helathy cafe and a good alternative to the breakfast buffet.

Bellagio hotel

Bellagio lobby

My Salon Suite in the Bellagio


Visit the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is not far from Las Vegas. By car you need about the full day for the experience. There is a faster, more thrilling and adventurous way to get to and back from the Grand Canyon in less than four hours. MAVERICK Helicopters makes it possible. Even for me as a pilot flying airplanes for a living, the vertical takeoff and departure over Las Vegas gave me goosebumps.

Unforgettable stay in Las Vegas

Fuel stop in the desert

on the way to the Grand Canyon

overflying the Hoover Dam

My departure time was an early bird at 7 am, but it was worth getting up so early. On a 40 minute flight on board of an Airbus ACH130 helicopter with 7 passengers seats, we observed how the sun slowly rose over a breathtaking landscape. Our Captain not only flew us safely, but was also a great tour guide on the flight. Besides a spectacular flight, we landed in the Canyon for a stop of approx. 30 minutes to have a small breakast and a glass of champagne. An unforgetable flight experience and worth every cent.

Tip: Fly early as it gets really hot in the Grand Canyon or depart late for a sunset flight.

Landing spot in the Grand Canyon

Maverick Helicopters

Eucerin Oil Control for the face up in the air

Protect yourself from the sun

As a child, my mother always took good care to protect my brother and I from the harmfull effects of the sun. I also remember that I found it rather annoying to apply sunscreen, but I am really glad that our mother was so caring, because the skin does not forget.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t that rigorous when I got older so I got sunburnt, not knowing the tremendous effects it could cause to my skin. Becoming an Eucerin Sun Protection brand ambassador was a real eyeopener for me. The insights I received  during my visit at Beiersdorf and the photos of my face taken with a UV camera, made me use suncare strictly. Even in sunny LA, hot Las Vegas or in the valley of the Grand Canyon I stayed sunburn free. It became a habit to protect myself in sunny moments and I do not see it as a hassle anymore, because the Eucerin Sun Protection products are fun to use.

View of my Salon Suite

Unforgettable stay in Las vegas

Day by the pool

Which products do I use?

Eucerin offers a wide range of sunscreen products for any age, skin type and occasion.

Here are my three favorite products:

For the face:

OIL CONTROL FACE SUN GEL-CREME (specials: anti-shine effect)

For the body:



All three products have an ultra-light texture and dry really fast on the skin. A big plus is that they are not as sticky as other products I have used in the past.

My three favorite products of Eucerin Sun Protection

Pool day at the Bellagio

Have dinner at the Aria

The number of restaurants on the strip seems endless. Depending on your preference, occasion and budget you will find the right one. The Aria hotel alone offers 16 different restaurants. Even when not going there for dinner, the contemporary archtiecture is worth a visit. I had dinner at the Bardot Brasserie and I felt like I was in a french restaurant in Paris. All the meals were on point. In general service is really important. The waiters depend on your tip (which I think is not correct-but that’s a different topic) and they want you to have an exceptional experience.

Tip: Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant. This way you will avoid long waiting times and disappointment.

Surf and turf in the Aria hotel

Dinner time

Bardot  Brasserie

Gamble a bit

I don’t know how to gamble and even less how to use the slot machines. Last time in Las Vegas with the age of 17 I was not allowed to gamble, so I said this time I at least want to use a slot machine just for an Instagram Story. Honstly, I did not know what I was doing, but in the end I won 220$. HAHA.

Las Vegas strip

Unforgettable stay in Las Vegas

I won! Unforgettable stay in Las Vegas

Get tickets for a show

The city of shows! It is a must to visit at least one show when you are in Vegas and the fountain show or the erupting of Vulcan does not count. I went to the show „O“ of Cirque du Soleil and I have to admit that I was rather dissapointed by it. From the leading artistic circus, I expected so much more. On this website you find all the shows which are playing durring your visit.

Tip: Sometimes you get discounts a hotel guests for shows which take place in a venue of the hotel. It is worth to check with the concierge.

Fountain show

Venice in Las Vegas

Have you been to Las Vegas and would you like to go after reading my blog? Let me know in the comment section below. I hope you will have an unforgettable stay in Las Vegas next time!

Safe travels and happy landings!

Your PilotPatrick


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  1. Nils Kunz 7 Monaten vor

    Ich würde gerne mit Dir dort mal eine Runde mit der PA34 drehen 🙂 Liebe Grüße aus Hamburg @PilotPatrick

  2. Nancy 7 Monaten vor

    Ein toller Blogpost lieber Patrick, da hast du wirklich sehr viel erlebt in deinem Urlaub! Danke fürs Mitnehmen und über unsere Eucerin Liebe brauche ich dir ja nichts mehr zu erzählen ;-)… Lg von Nancy

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