Family, friends and sex – the social life of a pilot

Family, friends and sex – the social life of a pilot
05/08/2018 pilotpatrick
social life of a pilot

Hello my Aviator

lately, I posted a question on my Instagram stories asking you for ideas for my next blog post. Your feedback was impressive, but one topic came up numerous times: the social life of a pilot. In this blog post, I will be answering your questions regarding the social life of a pilot. Does a pilot have friends, family and sex when traveling all the time?

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Pilot life vs. social life

You have been wondering how I manage to have a social/private life as a pilot when traveling so much and being absent from home a lot. Especially those of you who strive to become a pilot in the future asked me this question and informed me about their concerns. Everything is still possible but only a little bit more complicated.

Which challenges do pilots face balancing a long lasting relationship vs. work?

First off all a relationship is possible, but definitely not easy. In my case, I am gone from home about 15 days a month. Imagine the other partner has also to travel for work. This requires good planning to have enough time together to keep the relationship running. Another challenge couples could face are the base (the location from where crews start their duty) It happens that you need to relocate for a new cockpit job, but the partner is unable to move with you. Aviation requires flexibility in many ways.

my awesome vacation in Dubai

With friends in Dubai

Mile high club

In case it counts when I saw a couple having fun, then I joined the mile high club already 😉 The story behind it: I was flying as a private first officer when a woman had her head between the lap of a man. There was no door between the cockpit and the cabin in this aircraft only a curtain. I had a look behind to check if the two passengers are okay, and I had to find out that they were having a good time on board.

Sex life and affairs with stewardesses

Yes, pilots do have a sex life like everyone else. Since the beginning of my career, I have been running quite well not to f*** the company. Relationship and affairs within the same company only cause problems. Especially in smaller companies. In the private jet company, I used to fly for I got to know a flight attended how had sex with a captain, then moved on to the head of flight operations and in the end, she was in the relationship with a First Officer. You can imagine that this was not easy for everyone involved.

One reason why there is so much “love” in the air in aviation is that crews are sometimes stuck together for days and that they are forced to work together in a small environment

Nude flying!

I have never heard of this! the only thing we take off is the airplane and the tie when it is too hot outside. haha!

A working day of a private jet versus an airline pilot

Private jet crew

Does it depend on the airline how your social life looks like

The flight operation in the Business Aviation required me to overnight at those locations wherever the last flight of the day took me. Whereas the flights of many low-cost airlines end at their home base, which equals basically to a 9 to 5 job. The current operation once in while allows me to spend a night at home or it happens that a rotation is only of 2-3 days. But I could imagine that an operation, which allows you to sleep at home every night, can be a big advantage once you want to build a family.

As you can see it really depends on the type of operation and airline how many days a month you can spend at home. A minimum of 8 days are granted by the aviation authority. But only 8 days at home this would be not enough for me to have enough time for family, friends and hobbies. 

private life as a pilot

8 years in Berlin

Do you miss out on anything in your private life?

I have arranged myself with the absence from home quite well. I have a social life with friends and private activities like everyone else. Unfortunately, I can not attend all events (like birthdays, concerts, parties and family events) but due to good organization skills I get the best of my free time and I never have a big feeling that I miss out on something.

The benefits of a pilot life?

The greatest benefit of a pilot is that I get paid for traveling. When I finish my duty I leave work behind in the airplane and so I can use my off time to the fullest. Then I have minimum 4 days off in a row guaranteed without taking leave.

Watch my video on my YouTube channel to find out what I do during my off days in Berlin.

Please be aware that those are my impressions and feelings. There probably pilots who would tell you something else.

Are you interested in a working day of a private jet pilot? Then check out my blog series a busy day of a private jet pilot.

Could you imagine to have a travel job and which problems do you face in your job?

Safe travels and happy landings!

Your Pilot Patrick

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Hi Patrik Have You ever got a boyfriend or a girlfriend?

Shiran Abraham

Great blog as always and also like other blog this one is also motivate n inspiration it’s not easy to manage your pilot life n your social life … really glad to know that how you manage to give time to your family and friends it’s not easy you’re a pilot n you are not always to be at home but glad to know that you trying to manage your time as social person… bout relationship yes I agree that’s it’s difficult to give time to your partner … everyone needs to enjoy our private life but it’s hard to… Read more »

Lucia Rita

Nice article :), according to your job Yes u don’t have lots of time for family but this not justify the fact that u will not have a family in the future if u really want it. Well sex is important and having a faithful person on whom u can trust is absolutely important above all because u are away from home for many days. Beeing alone forever according to my personal opinion would be sad, the problem nowadays is generally to find the right person and this is really difficult unfortunately and then focusing a lot only on job.… Read more »


I love you Pilot Patrick ! The perfect dream man !


Can you become a pilot and also have your bachelors degree?


Hey Patrick!
I’m luca!
As always, a very interesting topic!

Cherryl Chew

Awesome blog post and it is really very interesting. Actually l had heard of pilot life before this from my friend who is a stewardess. According to her most of them were quite wild and not serious. But it is really surprising that you are totally different from all of them by fully utilising your time in blogging which l really admire of. Actually my brother used to fly overseas too since he is an engineer for aeroplane engines. We seldom see him since there are better career development in foreign countries. But finally he has a family with 2… Read more »


Thank you for writing this new article,but this illustration is easy to misunderstand,there are also a captain ,a a flight attended,a First Officer in this picture.
The story you wrote is more colorful than I guess,from some of your things, i have guessed what made you become the present.
Hope i can spare some time to write more,write something sincere,if you have a chance to read my sincere advice in the future,please don’t abandon it.☺


Hi there!
It’s nice to “meet you” on your blog. Nice articles and ideas to follow 🙂
Did you ever guess that being famous could have some disadventages? For example, have you ever check who is using your photos in the web sites? Last week I came across the guy who used your photos to pick up the girls… did you ever expected such situations? I’m wonder your opinion about it.
Wish you luck and only happy landing!


Wow that’s my favorite job, my job is to do several parts of the world, know other languages ​​and cultures, and learn from others as your case to help you with your travels and opinions. Since I started to follow me you seemed very handsome there in heaven hahaha. So write me down on your airline to follow you and see your videos more closely. As a woman, I would like to know if you prefer guys or girls? … Your lifestyle is great and although with many sacrifices I have. .Safe travels and happy landings! Pilot Patrick

Camille gr

I would love to fly with you once!! I’m travelling a lot but Never see you on my planes 🙁 come To France, Nice to see me! I love to see other country !! Bye


Hi Patrick. How would I meet you in person?


Wow! You are amazing captain that I follow . Keep on inspiring others .Bless you Pilot Patrick.


You’re such an awesome pilot ‍✈️ I like your way of living god you and safe landing