About me.

I guess I have many personal and professional goals. Most of them I still have to specify. That’s why: The journey is the destination.

But my goal for the future: Live in a house right by beach (can be quite simple) far from big crowds of people, just wear a speedo all day, workout, have good food and be around the people I love and do whatever I want to.

I am floating on cloud 9!

I’m so gay I shit rainbows! Yes really and I’ m proud AF.

I couldn’t imagine living without @captaincoco anymore. It is so much fun (also a lot of work) and I love how vivid he became.

186 cm, I am the tallest in my family.

The transplanted hair is growing slowly. I’m so satisfied with the healing process. Plus I can use my hair to cover the area. Check out my article about it for more details: https://pilotpatrick.com/10-most-asked-questions-regarding-my-hair-transplantation/


Yes, I am a real pilot with a valid ATPL license.

I did my pilot training at Pilot Training Network a company of Lufthansa Flight Training. For more info read the “How I became a pilot” series.

Since neither my blog nor my social media channels represent my employer, I do not publish the name of the airline I work for. Thanks for your understanding.

I am typerated on an A310/ A300.

This depends on the student, training facility and selected flight course (modular or integrated training). In my case the pilot training lasted only 18 months without any brake. For more info read the “How I became a pilot” series.


  1. Berlin
  2. Barcelona
  3. Lisbon

I could imagine living some time on Hawai even though I haven’t been there yet.