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Dear Aviator,

One of the talents you might not know is that I am technically skilled.  I love to create, build and repair things. I definitely do not have two left hands. That is what you say in Germany when you are not good at craftsmanship at all. The place to get everything you need for your creativity is HORNBACH, which is more than a hardware store. It is an adventure world and I got to spend an entire night there.

Yes, you heard it right! After they closed the store and all customers left, I arrived at the HORNBACH. I could do anything I wanted to do in the hardware store for an entire night. Isn’t that a dream come true?

hornbach adventure world

Hornbach in Bohnsdorf, Berlin

hornbach adventure world

How do you like this uniform?

hornbach adventure world

The Adventure World HORNBACH

At first, I was overwhelmed. I did not know where to get started because the HORNBACH in Bohnsdorf near Berlin is enormous and huge in this case is understated. It is gigantic! It is the second biggest HORNBACH with a 12000 square meter shopping area. Whatever you need they have it and one of the coolest features is the outdoor DRIVE IN – Not to get a happy meal but to get building material. This makes you happy because you can pull up directly with your vehicle next to the stuff you need. Isn’t that an adventure itself and especially in times of Corona, very convenient. I have used it myself to get wood for my fireplace and I found it ultra-convenient.

hornbach adventure world

What’s the way to the DRIVE-IN?

hornbach adventure world

The crew of the night!

A Mini Vacation 

Speaking of an adventure. There is so much to discover at HORNBACH. You can see your visit rather as a mini-vacation between tropical flowers and little fish in the garden centre or between jacuzzis in the bathroom section. Or you may prefer to spend time viewing new kitchens or in the colour department with 16 million different colours to upgrade your home? The experience is totally up to you. Just make sure to plan enough time for your staycation.


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hornbach adventure world
hornbach adventure world

Why Hawaii when you can spend time at Hornbach?!

My Night In The Hardware Store 

Yes, I was overwhelmed – In a very positive way! The night took off with a tour through the entire store. Our Tour Guide was the one and only Uwe,  probably the most fun store manager in the entire world. Immediately, you could feel that he had an enthusiasm for HORNBACH. #YippieJaJaYippieYippieYeah I love meeting people who are so passionate about their jobs. 

I changed into some appropriate clothing for the location and then I was ready to spend the night there with other bloggers, Instagrammers and TikTokers like Julez. I think I do not need to describe much about my adventures since the photos say more than a thousand words.

hornbach adventure world
hornbach adventure world
hornbach adventure world

Flying with the forklift 😉

Fazit HORNBACH Adventure World

Since travelling is still quite restrictive due to Corona, why not plan a staycation at HORNBACH?! Use the money you would normally spend on your travels to create something and to upgrade your home to make it more beautiful and cosy. There is always something to do #ErlebenSieHORNBACH #EsGibtImmerWasZuTun

What’s your next DIY project. Please leave a comment below and do not forget to like the blog post: HORNBACH adventure world!

Happy landings and happy building!

Your PilotPatrick

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