How I became a pilot I

How I became a pilot I
04/09/2016 pilotpatrick
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In my last blog post I told you “why I fly” now I want to tell you how I finally became a pilot. I haven been asked this question many times on Instagram and I am happy to give you a more detailed answer.
In general there is not THE way to become a pilot. Many different ways all lead to the same goal sitting on the right side of a cockpit. I will tell you mine.

How I became a pilot

I did not have any flying experiences before I applied to be a flight student. So as we say in aviation I still was a “pedestrian” before I started my training. Like almost all Germans I applied at Lufthansa to become an airline pilot. This was in 2006 at the age of 18. Back then they still had a demand of pilots but nevertheless I did not suceed to pass their first assessment in Hamburg at DLR. I studied so hard to pass one of the hardest tests but all the effort was not worth it. Those bad news did not stop me from my dream to fly. Moreover it reinforced my willingness to show the stupid assestemnt center that I can also fly without them.

Flight school

Through a friend I heard about this flight school in Frankfurt which is subsidiary of Lufthansa Flight Training. Attending an information day I found out that they also offer an ab initio training like Lufthansa only on different locations (ab initio= no flight experiences) The downside was that I had to finance my traing myself and I did not have a job guarantee at the end. Where as the Lufthansa pays for your training in advance and you will pay off with your loan. The costs for my training were over 70.000€!

Before I applied to be a flight student at Intercockpit, today also called Pilot Training Network, I interviewed people who were students at the moment. I wanted to get an insight feedback  making sure that it is the right facility to do my training.

To become a flight student for an ATPL course, I again had to pass tests in Maths, Physics and English. Nothing really special at this stage. After being accepted by the training facility I already started the course with the number E308 in April 2008 with the age of 19.

In the next part of “How I became a pilot part II” I will write about my first theory phase and my first flight as pilot student.

Your Pilot Patrick

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How did you finally finance your course ?


It is important to never give up and follow your dreams, glad to see that you never did 🙂

Saul Jordan

Awesome Blog! Been nagging you for ages on instagram haha. Its very good. Well done!


thank you very much, most of the pilots i tend to ask them questions but all they do is ignore me but you replied man. I respect that brother.

Arthur Sena Lima

A motivative story. I am a Brazilian guy living in Germany and trying to become a Flight attendant. Hopefully, I will be flying through this vast blue sky too.

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Eze Camcy

You are such an inspiration Patrick. Your blog is very insightful. Thank you for sharing these knowledge and information. From my understanding, you started your journey to become a pilot at the age of 19. Some people has dream to become a pilot at a later stage in life. Is there any restriction in terms of age and height in order to have a career in this industry?

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Nora Mezowra

A big inspiration and i love the burning passion of yours Captain Patric!


I love your possing on your pic lovable


I want to ask you a question and I hope you can give me the right answer or the right decision.
When someone finishes his/her ATPL integrated course in EU with 200 or 2150 total flight hours. How will gets a job and work for an airline ?
Even though we know that most airlines in EU require at least 500-1000 or 1500 total flight hours.
Thank you.


It is the fister time come to your blog today ,very good!


Hey patrick how did you prepare for the Tests? Practice?
And how will you pass the tests? Do you need a high average at the end of the tests?


I read your blog and it facinated me. I am Rehan and I am 10 years old as well as I am Sri Lankan. I want to be a pilot as same as you. What do I want to do tobe a pilot and what age should I start the pilot training course. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR NEXT FLIGHT. I am waiting for a reply.:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂