I am a Foodie Pilot

I am a Foodie Pilot
29/09/2016 pilotpatrick
I am a foodie pilot

In my last blog post “A busy day of a Private Jet Pilot” I gave you an insight view of the daily private jet business and I already showed you a little bit of the food I am eating.

I am a foodie pilot

I am not vegetarian, not vegan, not anything particular. The best way to describe me: I am clean eater foodie pilot. I love food and I am always hungry. On my journeys I use the app “Happy Cow” to find organic supermarkets, healthy restaurants and cafés.

People have asked me how can you be so fit while traveling and sitting so much? As I noticed during my career most pilots are rather unfit. This is maybe caused by the unhealthy catering or not enough sports during their free time.

Besides my good genetics I am conscious about what I eat and take care of the quality of the food. Unfortunately the food at airports and on board of airlines is still rather unhealthy that is why I always travel with my own food bag. This consists only of organic products like whole wheat bread, almond milk, bananas, eggs, avocados, raw snacks, nuts, dried fruits and rice protein. (Riceprotein of piowald) At breakfast in the hotel I am the king because I can pimp my breakfast with my own food.

Inflight catering privatejet

My healthy meal on top of the clouds

There are still hotels in Europe which are not prepared for people who take care of the food they are having. I stayed in hotels where I only took the hot water for the tea from the buffet.

But why do I take care so much about my food? First of all I want to stay in shape and secondly I am convinced that you have an influence of the health of your body. Several severe diseases within my family also changed my way of thinking.

It is not a special diet I am following it is rather an eating concept that personally improves my well-being. And for sure I never have the feeling that I miss out on some food. Sometimes the desire is greater than my will (who does not know this) In this case I have a cheat day, usually Sundays, to eat whatever I want to and it usually still healthy.

healthy breakfast cereal with almond milk

My healthy breaky. Self made almond milk with fruits and cereal

Clean eating

Here is my personal clean eating guideline:

No refined sugar, no white wheat instead Xylit sugar (Xucker.de) and whole wheat. Why? Refined Sugar is the main reason for cancer (excluding fruits) white wheat contains only little fiber.

Less milk products more alternatives like almond, kamut milk. Why? I had problems consuming too many milk products and I had a blemished skin. The human being is the only mammal which consumes milk of a foreign species longer than the infancy. That is natural! I do not drink soy milk, because it is heavily processed.

Less meat more fish. Why? The quantity makes the poison. Meat is full of antibiotics which the animal may have been taken during their life span. I try to eat only 300g a week and preferably organic products. I do not eat pork at all.

Less soda and “wanna be juices” instead more mineral water. Why? Most of the beverages are sweetened. I take care that it is a direct juice and not from concentrate. I drink from glass bottles as much as I can. No tap water, even in Germany! It´s contaminated with residues of medicine, pesticides and hormones.

More raw products! I am a huge fan. Why? Because this way you consume as much vitamins of the food as possible. Because they are not processed!

My tip

Always check the label for the ingredients! I have been surprised many times about products which contained unnecessary sugar. The industry is trying to fool us. Try to avoid convenience food which contain more than seven ingredients.

One of my most favorite german websites to inform about food/ healthy lifestyle is: https://www.zentrum-der-gesundheit.de/

Eat well and you feel well.

Your Foodie Pilot Patrick

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  1. Arthur 4 years ago

    As a chef for the last 30 years, I’ve tried to eat healthy. It isn’t always easy. Even for a chef.

    • Author
      pilotpatrick 4 years ago

      It is really difficult especially on journeys! It also depends on the location you are living. Barcelona is a great place for a healthy lifestyle. Numerous vegetarian restaurants and a lot organic markets. But it still needs good organization while traveling and good knowledge about food so you know what is healthy.

  2. Author
    pilotpatrick 4 years ago

    Great to hear! 🙂

  3. Alper Mehdi 3 years ago

    How does it feel to be a pilot for a private company? And what is your favourite airlines? Cant wait to see the next post 🙂

  4. SOTIRIOS SIMORELIS 3 years ago

    Hi Patrik i started follow you because I like you as man . You are really sexy . Where can we find u ?

  5. Glicinia 3 years ago

    Very interesting, good tips that I will try have been fighting with my weight for years and not having results

  6. Dharmistha Tailor 2 years ago

    Hey Patrick,its inspiring to read your blogs.
    the link mentioned above is available in english ?


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