KLM Business Class Review: Dreamliner to Rio

KLM Business Class Review: Dreamliner to Rio
10/06/2019 pilotpatrick
KLM Business Class review

Dear Aviator,

my last vacation took me to a destination which has been on my bucket list for a long time: Rio de Janeiro. Originally I had planned to go there February, but then my Captain Upgrade got in the way so I had to postpone it. This blog post will not deal with Rio, but about the flight that took me there. In my KLM Business Class review, I will share my flight experience on board of a Dreamliner. What can you expect? Additionally, you will be able to win a special souvenir of the flight.

klm business class review

The Dreamliner

How I book my flights

“You are a pilot you fly for free”, “You have access to standby tickets”, “ID-90 flying is great”. Those are comments I have great below my postings on Instagram. I’m sorry, but all statements are not correct. All my flights are firmly booked and paid full price. I never had the opportunity to fly intercontinental for a fraction of the normal ticket price.

How do I manage to fly Business Class?

Whenever I can I book Business Class tickets on flights which last more than 6 hours. I either pay full price or I have enough miles to go on a reward flight. The price-quality ratio has to be acceptable. When tickets are overpriced in Business Class I book a travel class below (Premium Economy or Economy) and then I try to upgrade with miles or cash. Like I did on my flight to Miami in Eurowings “Biz Class”.

I was lucky when I booked the flight to Rio. I knew I have a vacation for 12 days, so I opened up the world map of Google flight search. Selected the time period and my favored travel class. I was browsing through numerous destinations until Rio de Janeiro popped up with 1,800 € round trip for one person in Business Class. I immediately booked the flight. Normally you pay double this price, so it was a really good deal.


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Three flight highlights

First highlight: So far I only knew KLM from short range flights, so it was the first time for me to fly with them long-range. Second highlight: I was excited to fly with a Boeing 787, also called Dreamliner, for the first time. Third Highlight: I flew in the new World Business Class, which has an interesting cabin layout.

Berlin – Rio de Janeiro

KL 1822 Boeing B737-700

09:05 Berlin (TXL)

10:35 Amsterdam (AMS)



KL 0705 Boeing B787-900

12:45 Amsterdsm (AMS)

19:35 Rio de Janerio (GIG)

total travel time: 15:35 hours



klm business class lounge

Crown Lounge at Schipol Airport

klm business class review

Champagne above the clouds

The lounge

KLM recently opened up a new lounge called “Crown lounge 52” in the international departure area of Schipol airport. The lounge is huge and not yet fully opened. I had a hard time finding it. Navigation signs at the airport were not clear and a lounge briefing of the airline was missing.

The lounge expands over two floors with different areas, it even features an outside terrace, a cinema, and several outlets. In case you find the catering not tasty enough (like I did) you can visit the a la carte restaurant within the lounge (not complimentary).

klm business class review

This is aviation porn

klm business class rreview

lie flat seat

The seat

The seat surprised me the most on this flight! When I had a look at some photos of the seat, it seemed to be quite narrow. The entire Business Class is in the font section of the B787-9 and comprises only 30 seats in total.

Oh wow! That was my first impression after boarding the aircraft. The color selection, the arrangement, and the design were well chosen. Everything is there where you needed it and the designers took special care of every detail. For example, you have a mirror in your small cabinet.

You kind of have to slide into your seat, but once seated it feels more spacious than I thought.  The seats are angled to the flight direction and surrounded by a cube, which makes every seat private. Especially the window seats are fantastic since you don’t have to move your head to look out of the window. On top, the seat transforms into a fully flat bed. I am 1,85 cm and it was really comfortable


  • all seats have direct aisle access
  • a lot of privacy as a seat and bed
  • comfortable sleeping position
  • all buttons and controls are easily accessible
  • the armrest can be lowered to increase the sleeping surface
  • wide footrest for the bed function
  • big personal TV which can be stowed 


Watch the full Business Class review on YouTube

The catering

KLM would not win any prizes for its catering departing Schipol airport. On the 11 hours, flight lunch was served after takeoff. In between light snacks were offered and prior to landing, you could have a small dinner. The desserts were the best part of the catering: refreshing ice cream and a chocolate muffin with liquid chocolate inside.

klm business class review

Healthy starter

klm business class review

I did not want to show the nasty main dish too clearly

Specials of the Dreamliner

The B787 was not always a Dreamliner, it moreover started as a nightmare. Boeing had to fix several problems after the aircraft has started its line operation in 2011. It is one of the most advanced and modern airliners in the world. It not only generates less noise overall, but CO2 emission is reduced by 20-25% and fuel consumption by 20% as well. The aircraft leaves a smaller environmental footprint without lowering passenger comfort. Quite the contrary is the fact. Passengers windows are bigger, the cabin altitude is reduced and the cabin humidity is increased, which makes you feel better when you arrive.

klm business class review

Mood lighting on board of the B787

klm business class review

Fails on the flight

Nothing too tremendous, but still not acceptable when paying a lot of money for a ticket.

  • Wifi on board was broken. The airline blamed the satellite.
  • The espresso machine was broken and the coffee was nasty
  • Corners of the seats were not spotless
klm business class review

Nap time!

Give away!

At the end of the flight, every passenger in the Business Class receives a souvenir. It is a miniature Delft house, which is famous in the Netherlands. I received so many messages from my Aviators, who want one of those houses since it is impossible to buy them. So I decided to give away one house, an amenity kit and a personal note to TWO Aviators

To join the giveaway

  1. Like this post (heart symbol)
  2. Leave me a comment below this article mentioning “I would like to fly to (destination) inspired by www.pilotpatrick.com”
  3. REPEAT the previous step on my YouTube video!

I will randomly choose two winners on the 23rd of June 2019. Good luck!

KLM Business Class review


Safe travels and happy landings!

Your PilotPatrick


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Shiran Abraham

I would like to fly to Mauritius inspired by http://www.pilotpatrick.com”. Always pleasure to read your blog. I was waiting for your blog since yesterday n was checked your blog every 5 minutes to read. As always so informative blog, you explain us so clearly. Always interested to read your blog I always get so many knowledge from your blog. Thank you so much for Your informative n interesting blog. Looking forward for your new vlog from Rio .

Emmy Puspasari

I would like to fly to Vienna inspired by http://www.pilotpatrick.com I really interest with your journey to Rio and all the interesting places you show via story, hotel and beaches, everything look beautiful and fun holiday!! I also enjoy your flight with this B787 Dreamliner by KLM. your seat look comfortable, especially may see the jet machine on the wings when flying.. wish i may sit on bussiness class one day , look private and like you have your own room.. i love the food just on starter and the dessert only, wish they may make good menu for main… Read more »


I would like to fly to Rio inspired by http://www.pilotpatrick.com“

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Kelaswara C

“I would like to fly to Dubai inspired by http://www.pilotpatrick.com“.✈
Hi Patrick! Thanks for showing us inflight of KLM B787 the Dreamliner. Wish one day I will have a chance to try to sit at B Class of it. The seat looks so comfy but as you said that the food taste quite awful, maybe I will take mine from restaurant on the ground. And the internet connection is also slow? Hmm I would rather fly with PP Airlines as CAS Dreamliner✈


I would like to fly to Berlin inspired by http://www.pilotpatrick.com”. ☺I love your blog great and all your publications because it is useful and enjoyable for us I wish you luck always awesome patrick.!

Rob K.

I would like to fly to Rio inspired by http://www.pilotpatrick.com. It’s been on my bucket list. Those seats look great on KLM Business. On a long flight having issues with food and WiFi, however, is not good. I’m trying Singapore Business Class for the first time this fall. Your posts/reviews, IG and videos are always well done and helpful. Thanks!

Fateme Alavinia

I would like to fly to Rio inspired by http://www.pilotpatrick.com”.

Fateme Alavinia

I really enjoyed of your journey


Wow what an in-depth and great read. I love the way u go into detail and u give a good all round view and also educated us on the Dreamliner and how she started off and what she is capable off. What a shame for the little hiccups within ur flight. Thank you very much @pilotpatrick for sharing with us. ♥️ I would like to fly to inspired by, wwwpilotpatrick.com in the Seychelles for snorkelling

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Thanks you pilot Patrick. Hope also fly one day with KLM.


I look forward to your blog posts as they are so informative. I like how you honestly review your flying experiences as it is important for everyone to get a true reflection of how airlines operate and what services they actually provide. There is no point in giving a biased opinion when sharing experiences, particularly when they are expensive and paid for with hard earned money.
Well done for being honest and giving a true insight into your experience as a traveler. Your photos are always top quality too.
This is a great blog post Patrick!

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I would like to fly to Berlin inspired by http://www.pilotpatrick.xn--com-9o0a/
Your blog it’s great
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Philip P

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Looking forward if you can visit Malaysia (My home country) in south east Asia !

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Loved the way you written the details about ur Rio flight ^^ ♡ First of all , I personally really loved the Blue was chosen by KLM .The seat looks comfortable to me ^^ ♡ The window is bigger ^^ ♡ Sorry for the WiFi n catering 🙁 At least u enjoyed the dessert chocolate ice cream n the chocolate muffin ^^ ♡ They looked so yummy which is my favorite as well ^^ ♡ Sorry that my last minute comment ♡ I would like to fly to Rio inspired by http://www.pilotpatrick.com ^^ ♡ Those delft house are so adorable… Read more »

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