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Flying over paradise thanks to Aerointer

Boarding to the Caribbean

Boarding to the Caribbean 🌴☀️🌊

Gepostet von PilotPatrick am Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2017

Healthy live cooking with Ferdinand (FB, YouTube)

Healthy cooking live with Vegains

Publicado por PilotPatrick en Jueves, 9 de febrero de 2017

Monthly online talk (January)

Monthly live online talk! Ask me questions about aviation, traveling and healthy lifestyle Waldorf Astoria Berlin

Publicado por PilotPatrick en Domingo, 29 de enero de 2017

Check in at Waldorf Astoria in Berlin

Check in at Waldorf Astoria Berlin

Publicado por PilotPatrick en Sábado, 28 de enero de 2017

Me jumping

Happy Friday! Being a kid today 😜

Gepostet von PilotPatrick am Freitag, 27. Januar 2017

Live online talk 100k on Instagram

100k live video talk! You can ask me questions about aviation, piloting, travel and healthy lifestyle ✈️ My friend and personal trainer Timo The Shape Of Your Life is reading your questions

Publicado por PilotPatrick en Sábado, 7 de enero de 2017

New Year’s Eve 2017 on the rooftop in Berlin

Happy new year from Berlin! 🥂🍾

Gepostet von PilotPatrick am Samstag, 31. Dezember 2016