Living in Barcelona +healthy food and insider guide

Living in Barcelona +healthy food and insider guide
05/03/2017 pilotpatrick
Playa de Barceloneta Barcelona

I always wanted to live in a city at the beach with sunny weather. That is why I decided to move my home base from Berlin to Barcelona last summer. In the beginning, my plan was to stay longer than three months but then my pilot career changed everything. Read about my experience living in Barcelona and find insider sightseeing tips.

Luckily my former employee had an open base concept which allowed crews to live within Europe where ever they wanted to as long an airport was located in the vicinity. I have been to Barcelona many times during my journeys as a private jet pilot and I felt in love with this city right away. I was fascinated by the architecture, the people and the good vibes. Whenever I returned for a night stop I realized more and more that I could imagine living there. Last summer I fulfilled this. After a week on tour, I did not end in Berlin but in Barcelona with one suitcase. Hola Barcelona. It was a super strange feeling, but from the first minute, I already felt home.

sight seeing

View of Barcelona from mountain Tibidabo

I found a nice room in a big apartment on Idealista. It was completely furnished had an ensuite bathroom and the location was right in the heart of the old town called Barrio Gotic. The idea was to do a test phase of three months in this apartment since I have never lived in a shared flat before.

I lived in a really narrow (3 meters) street called Carrer Petritxol in a building which was over 700 years old.  Compared to the tight construction of the houses the apartment was really big. Thousands of people moved through this street because it was one of the most beautiful and historic streets in Gotic.  It was Picasso, who had his gallery on this street and it was Salvador Dali who had his coffee in a Granja café. It felt surreal to live at such a historic place.

famous and historic Carrer de Petritxol in Barcelona

Living in the Carrer de Petritxol

The culture of Barcelona is so rich and the people are really proud of Catalunya. I was fascinated by the number of cultural events and that all age classes carry on the tradition. La Merce was the biggest and most spectacular festival I could attend. It is held in honor of Mare de Deu de la Mercè, the Patron Saint of Barcelona. I watch the groups building their towers of human beings and watched parades of their famous oversized dolls. The festival ended with the correfoc (fire run), where people danced in fireworks. No joke. I was right with them.

cultural events in Barcelona

La Marce festival in Barcelona

My plan was to stay longer, but then my pilot career changed everything. I need to move back to Germany to start my job with the new employee and to do my type rating on the A300-600. I was sad on one hand, but on the other, I was happy about the big step in my career. Luckily I could spend the entire October in Barcelona without working. Personally, this was the most beautiful time. It was not too hot and not too crowded by tourists. This month I did things I always wanted to do. I went to have surf lessons two times a week and every second day I attended private Spanish lessons.

pilot patrick surfing in Barcelona

Surf lesson at the Playa Barceloneta in October

Insider tips

Barcelona is a great city to do sight seeing. Around every corner, you will discover something new. I recommend renting a scooter to do sight seeing but only when you feel comfortable driving in high traffic situations. Moto rent offers affordable prices. A scooter gives you so much freedom to go to different places in a minimum amount of time.

moto rent in Barcelona

Sight seeing with the scooter on top of Montjuic hill


Barcelona is the city of Gaudi. His architecture is world famous. Unfortunately, the entry prices to most landmarks are quite expensive and the queues long. In my opinion, it is already enough to gaze the impressive exterior. Take a walk through the famous Parc Güell and have a fantastic view over the city. I visited the interior of the Sagrada Familia. I bought tickets at a hotel reception so I did not have to wait in line. A visit to the tomb of Gaudi in the crypt is for free!

beautiful architecture of Gaudis house Battló

Casa Batlló of Gaudi in Barcelona

For outfit details please visit I am constantly updating my page.

Barrio Gotic

Take a stroll through the oldest part of town without any particular destination. Walk through Carrer de Petrixol. Stop at a famous Granja Dulcinea for a coffee or even a hot chocolate with churros. To have a spectacular view over Barcelona ascend the bell tower of the Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi.

EL Born

My favorite part of town. Many restaurants, bars and boutiques in unique streets. Visit “El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria” for free. It displays the old fundaments of the city and you can explore the history of Barcelona.

Turó del Carmel

A must visit if you want to have the best view over Barcelona and the sea. Turó del Carmel is a hill with a bunker on top located Best time is during sunset and sunrise.

enjoying the city of Barcelona

Viewpoint from the Bunker del Carmel

Other highlights:

Montjuïc Castle
Palau Nacional 
Montserrat mountain
Picasso Museum
Arco de Triunfo de Barcelona

Even three months were not sufficient to see everything of Barcelona. The city satisfies every interest. Culture, entertainment, and relaxation. I really loved to take a walk along the beach of Barceloneta during sunset. The atmosphere, the colors and the scenery are unique.

Don’t do that 

  • visit the La Boqueria on La Rambla (too crowded and touristic)
  • be negligent with your valuables
  • go too early to dinner most restaurants are still closed
  • rely on taxis to get around in the city on the weekend

My healthy eating guide

As you know I am a foodie pilot and I am a big fan of healthy and tasty meals. Barcelona offers many diverse places and there is much more than tapas and paellas.

healthy clean raw food in El Born Barcelona

Raw lunch at the Blue project Café

Teresa’s Carles: Vegetarian food and juices (only indoor/more for dinner) El Raval

Teresa’s: Vegetarian café with healthy snacks and juices (breakfast, brunch, lunch) El Raval

Flax and Kale: Healthy restaurant offering a diverse menu (best for brunch and dinner) Make a reservation and request a table on their outdoor rooftop garden El Raval

Petit Brot: completely raw café, daily menus and juices (breakfast and lunch) El Raval

Casa Gispert: Dried fruits, nuts and so much more. Best dried mangos I ever had. El Born

BeBo cold pressed: Tasty healthy juices, raw snacks (more for to go) Eixample

Chaitea house food: trendy restaurant with healthy meal options Eixample

Barraca: seafood and paella overlooking the beach of Barceloneta (lunch and dinner)

Cafè Jaime Beriestain: high-class food in a concept restaurant (more for dinner) Eixample

Nubafancy restaurant with live DJ, nice interior and outside seating (more for dinner)

My resume living in Barcelona

After three months in Barcelona, I love the city even more. I really enjoyed the Mediterranean lifestyle. Everything was a little bit more relaxed and when it got too hot shops closed for a siesta. Sometimes I had the impression that it was too crowded (mainly because of tourists) Catalan or Spanish are not a requirement to live in Barcelona. Since they are proud of the Catalan language they rather speak English with you than in Spanish.

Playa de Barceloneta Barcelona

The Beach of Barceloneta

Fantastic weather and a great variety of restaurants and cultural events are a big plus. Organic products and the lease for a nice apartment are quite expensive. To sum it up the quality of life is extremely high. Especially because a beautiful beach is only one-foot step away. My dream would be to live in Berlin and Barcelona!

What is your favorite city in Europe?

Your Pilot Patrick

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  1. Rania 3 years ago

    Hey captain ♥ how are you? I agree with you Barcelona is beautiful city 🙂 . My favorite city in Europe is Berlin ♥:-)

  2. violettalr 3 years ago

    Eres español Patrick?sabes….me encantas!jajaja en serio…

    • Author
      pilotpatrick 3 years ago

      Hola! No soy aleman. hablo solo un poco de espanol. Me encanta Espana. 🙂

      • violeta 3 years ago

        te recomiendo que visites Salamanca (Castilla-León) que es donde actualmente vivo aunque soy de Extremadura también digno de visitar por sus costumbres, comida y paisajes lleno de verde!. Salamanca es una ciudad 100%turistica vive de ello, es una ciudad también conocida por sus universidades y la vida estudiantil. Me gustaría vivir en un sitio de playa aun no me decidí pero me daría la vida y también me gustaría conocer Berlín aunque el tiempo no acompaña! 🙂 besosss!!

  3. Rania 3 years ago

    you’re welcome captain ♥ Berlin’s weather is amazing 😉 I love snow ♥

  4. Lluís S. 3 years ago

    Hi Patrick! Didn’t know that you lived in Barcelona! I’m from a litte town near there but since three years ago I live in Barcelona for university studies. I have to agree with you, it’s a wonderful city to live in!
    I’m trying to save to get a light aircraft license and buy a litte plane to fly.
    PS: very nice blog and Instagram!

    • Author
      pilotpatrick 3 years ago

      Hola Lluís. Thats great. To own a little plane is a dream of my self as well. Good luck with your studies. I will be back in summer for vacation in Barcelona. 🙂 Thanks a lot. Happy landings!

  5. Author
    pilotpatrick 3 years ago

    Hola Bea, I cross your fingers that you have the chance to visit Scotland soon. Dreams come true and if you want to realize you have the power too. Buenas noches and happy landings!

  6. Linda Ebitsch 3 years ago

    Ich muss dir Recht geben, Barcelona ist wirklich eine traumhaft schöne Stadt, vor allem abseits der Touristenmassen. Aber mir persönlich hat Lissabon noch viel besser gefallen, auch wenn es dort leider keinen Stadtstrand gibt….

    • Author
      pilotpatrick 3 years ago

      Hallo Linda, vielen Dank für dein Kommentar. Lissabon ist auch wirklich eine schöne Stadt. Die Anbindung als Pilot ist von Barcelona um einiges besser, da es zentraler in Europa gelegen ist. Der Standstrand ist auch ein großes Plus. Happy landings! LG Patrick

  7. Dalila Means 3 years ago

    Hello Patrick. I l❤ve your page. Im glad Im following you cause you have great pictures-stories and material. Im thinking about visiting Spain next year, but Im in between Barcel9na or Sevilla. Have you visited Sevilla? What is your input?….Thank you.

    • Author
      pilotpatrick 3 years ago

      Hello Dalila. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your kind words. Spain is a beautiful country. Yes I have been to Sevilla last week. A really nice city indeed but I missed the beach. I recommend visiting Barcelona Sevilla Salamanca Valencia and Madrid to visit 😉 If I had to choose between Barcelona and Sevilla I would choose Barcelona! Happy landings and greetings. Patrick

  8. krystalinthecity 3 years ago

    What a great blog post! I’m in Europe for the first time (studying abroad in paris) and I hope I make my way to Spain! It looks absolutely gorgeous!

    I’m enjoying your pictures on Instagram!


    • Author
      pilotpatrick 3 years ago

      Thanks a lot! I hope you will have the chance to visit. Good luck with your studies. Many greetings to Paris! Patrick

  9. Jon Guerrero 3 years ago

    Hola Patrick, que tal?

    First of all I would like to congratulate you for this great website and article talking about your experience in Barcelona.
    As I want to start working soon as a flight attendant, BCN was on my mind in order to move there due to its big airport El Prat, so thats way I found really interesting everything you wrote here, because its not the same visit the city as a tourist than be living there.

    Im agree with almost everything you said, BCN is a great place and it is always something to do (wonderful weather, food, arquitecture, funy places such as PortAventura nearby etc) but the Madrid’s atmosphere is something I can not see there, I mean; as BCN is completely full of tourist, Its hard to feel the real esence of the city. Of course it is full of life, but I coudn’t feel the spanish lifestyle as much as in other cities like Madrid. What do you think about this?

    I know you are a pilot and not flight atendant, but if you know something about experiences in diferent companies it would be really interesting to read about it. Choose an airline is not just an uniform, it will be our family for a long time.

    Gracias and looking forward to read more experiences!

    P.S: Im surprised you did not mention the amazings “Magic Fountains” of Montjuic, one of the nicest show and scenary I have ever seen 😉

  10. Wieneke 3 years ago

    I love Berlin, too bad I’ve only been there once. I’m from the Netherlands so it’s not that far. I’ve found you on Instagram (seriously don’t ask me how), and now your website as well. Love your pictures (you are handsome haha) and the idea of traveling so much. I keep dreaming and you keep taking pictures! Good luck with your new steps in your career!

    • Author
      pilotpatrick 3 years ago

      Hello Wienke,
      thanks for your comment and sorry for my late reply. Cool that you found my website as well. Are you from Amsterdam? Maybe you have time to take some photos next time I am there.
      Happy landings! Patrick

  11. ily 3 years ago

    i would like to visit this place one day ^_^ thank you for your recommendations on healthy eating guide!

    • Author
      pilotpatrick 3 years ago

      Hello Ily,
      you are very welcome. Barcelona is beautiful. I hope you have the chance to visit soon.
      Happy landings! Patrick

  12. Marlene 1 year ago

    Hallo Patrick,

    durch Zufall bin ich letzte Woche auf deinen Blog gestoßen…super verfasst, echt spannend was du so alles erlebst und dir schon erkämpft hast!
    Gleich ins Auge gestochen sind mir natürlich die Barcelona-Beiträge 🙂 Meine absolute Lieblingsstadt bis jetzt – mal schaun ob Lissabon das noch überbieten kann.

    Bist du auf den ganzen Reisen immer alleine unterwegs? Find ich klasse wenn das jemand macht, für mich ist das eher nichts. Hab lieber eine Reisebegleitung dabei, die sich mit mir ins Abenteuer stürzt 😉
    Irgendwann möchte ich gerne mit meinem gepackten Rucksack, ohne zeitlichem Limit am Flughafen stehen und ganz spontan entscheiden wo es diesmal hingeht. 

    Nach den letzten Troubles im Flugverkehr wird das mulmige Gefühl zwar nicht gerade weniger aber Aufhalten kann mich das keinesfalls. 🙂
    Aber was mich schon noch interessieren würde: Kann im Ernstfall der Pilot die Maschine immer manuell steuern oder ist man selbst da der Technik „ausgeliefert“?

    Wünsch dir weiterhin eine schöne Zeit und wer weiß, vielleicht bin ich ja sogar mal bei einem deiner Flüge dabei ;-).

    Liebe Grüße,

  13. pemf 8000 Pro 5 months ago

    What’s up, the whole thing is going fine here and ofcourse every one is sharing data, that’s
    really fine, keep up writing.


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