Must visit places and my insider tips of Barcelona

Must visit places and my insider tips of Barcelona
15/09/2018 pilotpatrick
barcelona insider travel tips

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Hello my Aviator,

after one year of absence, I finally made it back to my happy place Barcelona. I really missed this city because it feels like a second home for me. Unfortunately, my schedule did not allow me to stay more than three days. In this blog post, I will show you my personal highlights and share my insider tips of Barcelona for your next trip. 

barcelona insider tips

Skyline of Barcelona from Bunkers del Carmel

Barcelona my happy place

Barcelona is a great city for sightseeing. Around every corner, you can discover a new spectacular place. I recommend renting a scooter for your stay. This time I was cruising through the city with a Vespa of ViaVespa. A scooter gives you so much freedom to go to different places in a minimum amount of time.

my insider tips of Barcelona

Scooter rental with ViaVespa

Check out my Vlog about Barcelona on my YouTube channel PilotPatrick!

Where to sleep?

Two years ago I lived for three months in Barcelona, I stayed in a shared apartment in the historic Gotico. It was a great experience to live right in the center of this vibrant city. Due to a new cockpit job, I was forced to move back to Berlin. For this mini-vacation, I decided to stay at the 5 star Arts Hotel Barcelona close to the beach. Its unique building characterizes the skyline of Barcelona and was first opened during the Olympics in 1992. The views it grants from the rooms, club lounge and the spa are exceptional.

my insiders tips of Barcelona

One bedroom suite in the Arts Hotel Barcelona

Stay protected at the pool

The hotel recently opened a newly designed outside area with an infinity pool. Now you can overlook the beach and ocean while taking a swim. I love to cool down in the water and to relax in the sun. But not without the correct sun protection. At this stage, I want to remind you how important it is to use sunscreen to protect yourself from sunlight.

First of all not to get a painful sunburn. Secondly to lower the chances of getting skin cancer. Solely in Germany, 200.000 people became diagnosed with skin cancer for the first time in 2016. Additionally, the sun is the reason for skin aging and hyperpigmentation. About 90% of the visible skin aging is caused by UV- Light and HEV- light (high-energy visible light) Read one of my latest blog post to find out more about this vital topic.

barcelona insider tips

The new infinity pool at the Arts Hotel Barcelona

barcelona insider tips

Relaxing in a cabana with Eucerin sun protection

Eucerin Sun Protection offers a wide range of sunscreen products for any age, skin type and occasion. Two of my favorite products is the “SUN OIL CONTROL FACE GEL-CREME” for the face and the “SENSITIVE PROTECT TRANSPARENT SUN SPRAY“. My face gets shiny really fast and is really sensitive. The “Sun oil control face gel-creme” is made for such skin types and is light and dries really fast. The transparent sun spray for the body has an ultra-light texture and is not sticky. Two great products for a day by the pool.

barcelona insider tips

Eucerin Sun Transparent and Oil Control

What to do?

Bunkers del Carmel: A must visit if you want to enjoy one of the best views of Barcelona and the sea.  Turó del Carmel is a hill with a bunker on top. Best time is during sunset and sunrise. Take something to drink and don’t think you will be alone 😉 The entrance is still free.

barcelona highlights

highlight: La Sagrada Familia

barcelona insider tips

Cathedral in the gothic quarter


Casa Batlló: Barcelona is the city of Gaudi. His architecture is world famous. One of the highlights is the Casa Batlló. I have walked by this townhouse many times before because it is centrally located on the Passeig de Gracia. If you like the outside of the building you should dare look inside. It is really impressive to discover the passion Gaudí has put into this building. I literally was overwhelmed by the beauty that I got glossy eyes.

Insider tip: For most famous sights, you can buy tickets online. This way you can skip long ques at the entrance.

Casa Battló on Passeig de Gracia

Boat trip: One of my highlights was a boat trip with Barcelona desde el Mar. I have seen Barcelona many times from the cockpit but to discover this amazing city from the sea was a unique experience. It gave me a whole new perspective of Barcelona. My little cruise lasted around 2 hours and I enjoyed a beautiful sunset from the sea.

Happy place Barcelona and my insider tips

My first boat trip in Barcelona / Instagram: @barcelonadesdeelmar

Happy place Barcelona and my insider tips

Sunset cruise in Barcelona / photo by Andrés

Where to eat?

Barcelona offers diverse dining options. There is much more than tapas. Catalans eat late. Either be early or make a reservation. Here are my all time favorite places to go:

Väcka: Vegan restaurant and Cafe. Try their vegan classic burger and have a raw treat. Gracia

Teresa’s Carles: Vegetarian food and juices (only indoor/more for dinner) El Raval

Flax and Kale: Healthy restaurant offering a diverse menu (all day) Make a reservation and request a table on their outdoor rooftop garden. Don’t miss the brunch on the weekend. El Raval

Surf House: Restaurant right by the beach. The menu offers healthy food but also tasty burger for a cheat day. Try their waffles! Barceloneta

Vinitus: In my opinion one of the best tapas restaurant in Barcelona. After 8 pm it gets really busy. You can choose your fresh fish from the display at the bar. Eixample

barcelona insider tips

healthy eating at Teresa’s

insider tips barcelona

Teresa’s Carles in el Born

Petit Brot: completely raw café, daily menus, and juices (breakfast and lunch) El Raval

Casa Gispert: Dried fruits, nuts and so much more. Best dried mangos I ever had. El Born

BeBo cold pressed: Tasty healthy juices, raw snacks (more for to go) Eixample

Barraca: seafood and paella overlooking the beach of Barceloneta (lunch and dinner)

Cafè Jaime Beriestain: high-class food in a concept restaurant (more for dinner) Eixample

Nubafancy restaurant with live DJ, nice interior and outside seating (more for dinner)

Nuba Restaurant

Which season is best to visit Barcelona?

Barcelona is great all year around. If you want to enjoy the hot weather at the beach then you need to visit during the summer months. But if you come to do sightseeing and to discover the city, then I recommend avoiding the high season. That way touristic places are less crowded and waiting times are less.

Insider tip: Visit Barcelona in the spring or late summer. My favorite months was October. Of course, the weather is not that stable, but the city is less crowded and you have the chance to go wave surfing.

barcelona insider tips

Fantastic weather, interesting sights, cultural events, the beach and of course friendly people make Barcelona a perfect vacation spot. You can choose from a great variety of restaurants and hotels. The prices for food are decent, but the hotel prices can be expensive during high season. My dream is still to live in my two favorite cities Berlin and Barcelona!


Happy place barcelona

Enjoying the beach of Barcelona

In which city could you imagine to live as well? Please comment below and do not forget to subscribe to my newsletter with your email below.

Safe travels and happy landings!

Your PilotPatrick



  1. reema kalra 2 years ago

    Awesome blog…thank you pilot patrick..want to visit barcelona after reading and watching your experience ..

  2. Shiran Abraham 2 years ago

    I really was waiting your new blog post and was always checking your website here we go I got chance to again read your new blog!! Barcelona is really nice place already watched your vlog bout Barcelona how many times but there was quite difficult to understand that name of place but here I can read the name of place!! It’s so awesome that you introduced all places name in list one by one with description and for what these places are famous really amazing!! Nice bedroom with the awesome view poolside Is amazing, gals to know all bout those places like : casa battló is a world famous place never new that ,bunkers del Carmel is the hill with bunkers awesome to know that , love to know all thoes Place
    Vàcka:vegan restaurant n cafe , Teresa’s Carles: vegetarian food n juice. Flax n kale: healthy restaurant. Surf House: restaurant right by the beach n menu offers healthy food n tasty burgers. Vinitus:one of the best tapas restaurant Petite Bort: completely raw cake n juice. Casa Gispert: place for dried food n nuts BeBo cold pressed: place for tasty healthy juice n raw snacks.
    Barraca: place for seafoods.
    Cafè Jaime Beriestain: place for high class food in concept. Nuba: fancy restaurant with live DJ n nice interior n outside seating!! Glad to know which season best for go so it’s so easy to make plans. N also your insider tip bout hire Vespa and also again bout Eucerin products!!! Thanks for making my day fantastic at my tired day of work n thanks for your awesome n useful tip about Barcelona!! I want to live in Berlin as I know much from you !! As always you’re my best blogger n I’m always love to read your blog!!

  3. Phúc 2 years ago

    What you show is very professional

  4. Echirella 1 year ago

    Imagine Canada to live as well in this moment. .& what about you ?

  5. Agata 1 year ago

    Ohhhhhh, finally I have found your impressions about Barcelona, I am in love with my city, and i think you like it too, although the reality is that the world is full of beautiful cities. Patrick I hope you don’t feel annoyed by my comments on Instagram, my head is very fast and i make comments a little spicy! But always with respect and educacion, never with bad intention thank you very much

  6. Agata 1 year ago

    Hi Patrick, finally I have found your impressions about Barcelona! I am in love with my city, and i think you like it too, although the reality is that the world is full of beautiful cities. I hope you don’t feel annoyed by my comments on Instagram, my head is very fast and i make comments a little spicy, but always with respect and educacion, never with bad intention, kisses

  7. Kuba 1 year ago

    Hi Patrick. Please share the brand and model of your sunglasses. Thank you.

  8. chia 11 months ago

    Best captain best

  9. happy wheels 5 months ago

    Barcelona will always be on my bucket list

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