My awesome vacation in Dubai with spectacular activities

My awesome vacation in Dubai with spectacular activities
17/06/2018 pilotpatrick
my awesome vacation in Dubai

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Hello my Aviator,

it is the city of superlatives where I got to spend my vacation recently. In this blog, I take you one of a kind trip to Dubai. The official tourism office of Dubai invited me and three friends to spend an action-packed vacation, which I have not experienced before. Even though it was my third time in this spectacular city, I was impressed by all the activities you can do. Prepare for take-off to Dubai!

my awesome vacation in dubai

Dubai Marina skyline

How to get to Dubai

Dubai is only 6 hours flight time away from Germany. With a time shift of maximum two hours and warm temperatures throughout the year (a little bit too hot in the summer), Dubai is a travel destination also for a shorter stay. Lufthansa and Emirates offer daily direct flights from numerous airports. Unfortunately, Emirates does not fly from Berlin yet. That is why I flew with Lufthansa from Berlin Tegel via Frankfurt to Dubai.

The flight was really comfortable since I was upgraded to Business Class. Watch my vlog about my flight to Dubai on my YouTube channel.

Where to stay

In 1993 Dubai counted 167 hotels and now you can choose from over 700 hotels with a total of 100,000 hotels rooms available. You are spoilt with an endless number of choices. At first, you have to decide which part of town you want to stay in. Downtown, at the beach or even on the palm? Dubai is quite spread out. Secondly, it depends on your budget you want to spend. There is almost no limit on the scale upwards. Dubai probably offers the most luxurious hotels in the world, like the famous Burj Al Arba hotel.

I decided to stay on the Palm, which is an artificial island shaped like a palm tree, situated in front of Dubai Marina. My hotel was called “Five Palm” which was located on the trunk of the palm, so the drive to downtown Dubai was approx. 30 minutes. This five-star hotel offered a private beach, a penthouse lounge with pool and numerous restaurants. My hotel room was situated on the upper floor giving me a fantastic view of the skyline of Dubai Marina.

my awesome vacation in dubai

My hotel room balcony at the Five Palm

my awesome vacation in dubai

At the Penthouse of the Five Palm hotel

What to do

I often hear that people say that there is not much you can do in Dubai. It is just a city of skyscrapers in the heat of the desert. How wrong they are. I spent one week and I could not fit in all activities I favored. Dubai offers so much you can do from water sports to a desert safari or a zip line flight over the Marina.

Here is the list of activities I experienced. For me, they could not be exciting enough. Almost too thrilling that I even hurt my self. Find out in my YouTube vlog about Dubai what exactly happened and all the activities I did:

The highest building in the world

The Burj Khalifa is enormous and the views it offers are breathtaking. Unfortunately, it is not possible to go up to the highest point, which is 829 m high. Instead, you can visit the observation deck at 555m (148 level) called at the top Burj Khalifa SKY. I recommend going up before sunset and spend enough time to have a view of Dubai at night as well. Afterward, you can watch the big fountain show at the bottom of Burj Khalifa or go shopping in the biggest mall in the world.

my awesome vacation in dubai

In front of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa

my awesome vacation in dubai

Observation platform: At the top sky

The old town of Dubai

Make a detour and visit the old part of Dubai. It is an alternative program to the luxurious and shiny new part of town. But definitely worth a visit. You can visit all kinds of different souks, like the spice and gold market. Take a ride over the Dubai Creek with a traditional boat and visit the Dubai museum to discover the history and the fast-paced change of the city.

my awesome vacation in dubai

on the Dubai Creek

my awesome vacation in Dubai
my awesome vacation in dubai

Relaxation at the Talise Ottoman Spa 

Thrilling activities

Zipline flight

Are you brave enough for the Xline adventure from a launch platform which is 170 m high? You will go 60 km/h for one kilometer on a zipline over the Marina Bay. I was so excited to go on this flight. I felt like superman flying between skyscrapers. It was a lot of fun, but it did not last long enough.

my awesome vacation in dubai

Xline Dubai Marina


I went with my whole crew to the Aquaventure Waterpark on the Palm. If you like slides water and action this is the right activity for you. Watch my YouTube Vlog about Dubai to see me going down the slides. Next to the Burj Al Arab is the Wild Wadi waterpark which is a little bit smaller but also a lot of fun. In this park, you can go on a wakeboard and try to ride on an artificial wave.

my awesome vacation in dubai

At the Atlantis Hotel

my awesome vacation in Dubai

Fun at the waterpark

my awesome vacation in Dubai

Helicopter flight

I love to go on a helicopter flight. Even though I am a pilot, taking off vertically always gives me goosebumps. My crew and I took-off with helicopter Dubai on the palm, flew along the Jumeirah beach and downtown. If you like flying this is a must-do activity and the views were just stunning. Next to the helipad is the famous Atlantis hotel. Stop by to check out some fish in their huge aquariums.

my awesome vacation in dubai
my awesome vacation in Dubai
awesome vacation in dubai

Desert safari

This activity I enjoyed the most. The adventure with “Platinum heritage” takes place half a day and is a luxury and authentic safari which preserves the landscape and its dunes. It was a private tour in a vintage Landrover. After a fun drive along the dunes, we stop to ride camels and watched a falcon show. The evening ended in a beautiful camp where we enjoyed local food and smoked shisha on a magic carpet.

my awesome vacation dubai
my awesome vacation in dubai

And action: It was not easy to record everywhere in Dubai

my awesome vacation dubai

Let’s do a Instagram Story together

My recommendations

Dubai is different with its spectacular architecture and glamours appearance. I once again enjoyed the hospitality and the luxury lifestyle in Dubai. My tip: try to avoid the really hot summer months unless you are looking for great deals. The city is not only suited for a longer stopover between flights, but also for a longer vacation with lots of activities or just relaxation at the beach.

Which activity would you enjoy the most? For more:

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As always safe travels and happy landings!

Your PilotPatrick





  1. Cherryl Chew 2 years ago

    Hi Patrick, thanks a lot for sharing your amazing adventure, all the useful tips and recommendation with us. They are really helpful for those who want to visit Dubai someday.

    I wish l could go up to the magnificent and the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. It was really fantastic to go up and view the beautiful night scenery as well as the wonderful fountain show at night.

    I enjoyed the dessert safari the most because it was really a great challenge to go for a camel ride.

    Last but not least, thanks again for this awesome blog post. I really enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work, my favourite and handsome PilotPatrick. Safe travel and happy landings.

  2. Danish 2 years ago

    Thanks Patrick for sharing this wonderful travel experience here. Today i read 2-3 articles on Dubai travel and experience and find yours is amazing. I really love your way to express and writing the content. Apart from that images or pictures you added in this article are really wonderful. Hope you enjoy a lot there.
    Keep posting!

  3. desert safari in dubai 6 months ago

    hey i read your blog i share you one more interesting website in dubai for desert safari luxuryarabiantours thanks for the awesome memories like your blog.

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