My city guide for a short trip to Vienna

My city guide for a short trip to Vienna
17/02/2019 pilotpatrick
city guide vienna

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Dear Aviator,

are you planning a city trip to a European metropolis? If you do so then you should consider Vienna as a destination. In this blog, I will point out some highlights and share with you my tour guide. As a private jet pilot, I used to have layovers in this beautiful city in Austria, but with the airline, it is not on my route anymore. That is why I decided to visit Vienna again. I tell you where to stay, what to see and where to eat! At the end of this article, you can win a giveaway!

city guide vienna

I received a very warm welcome!

You probably have noticed that I have not blogged for a while. This is due to my training to become a captain. It is really time-consuming and takes a lot of energy. The highest priority is to complete my UTC course (upgrade to commander) successfully. Currently, I have some off days in the middle of the simulator sessions and I decided to put away the books for a day to write the blog about Vienna (finally). Read my blog about my captain upgrade if you want to find out more.

city guide vienna

The city hall of Vienna

Where to stay?

You are spoilt for choice when searching for accommodation in Vienna. I stayed at the five-star Vienna Marriott hotel, as I did already two years ago. The hotel has everything you need for the perfect city trip. It is located in the center of the city and all major sightseeing spots are walking distance. In case you want to relax there are a spa and swimming pool located inside the hotel.

city guide vienna

Vienna Marriott hotel

city guide vienna

Pool and Spa at the Marriott Vienna hotel

I stayed in a park suite which offered a nice view of the adjacent park and a lot of space. The suite featured a dining area, a living room, and a separate sleeping room. Additionally, this room category granted me access to the M club lounge on the upper floor. In an exclusive environment, the Marriott hotel offers snacks and beverages. In the morning you can also enjoy your breakfast here and in the evening you can have a pre-dinner snack.

city guide vienna

Executive lounge on the upper floor

city guide vienna

Sleeping room of the park suite

city guide vienna

Living room of my suite

In the park suite of the Vienna Marriott hotel, I also recorded my latest YouTube video. Check it out if you want to find out how I get ready to go flying.

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Insider tip

Vienna has a big brunch culture on Sundays of which I was not aware. By coincidence, I arrived on Sunday morning and the Vienna Marriott hotel invited me right away to their brunch in the Parkring Restaurnat. I enjoyed two hours of eating all kinds of delicious food in a nice setting. From a friend in Vienna, I found out later that the Marriott brunch is one of the most popular ones. So make sure that your city trip includes a Sunday. 😉

city guide vienna

Live cooking

city guide vienna

Sunday brunch at the Vienna Marriott hotel

city guide vienna

Sunday brunch

What to see?

There is so much to see.  I am not a typical tourist when I visit a city for the first time. Of course, I check online to get an idea what the city has to offer, but when I am there I rather go with the flow. Which means I walk through the city without a fixed plan. That’s how I like to explore a destination. I love Vienna because of its architecture. Here, contemporary and historic buildings coexist in a strikingly innovative way. The city center called (first Bezirk) is decent in size so you can explore it by feed.

My must-sees: Schloss Schönbrunn, Hofburg, Opera, City hall, Graben, Stephan’s dom, Schloss Belvedere, Prater, …

Visit the official website of Austria for more recommendations.

city guide vienna

Hofburg view from the castle garden

city guide vienna

Hofburg Vienna

city guide viena

Grapen street great for shopping

Where to go for a coffee?

You know I am your foodie pilot and I love to go to coffee places which offer more healthy eating options. More healthy means for me:  fresh ingredients, organic products, no sugar and alternatives to regular milk. I am a big fan of raw cakes which means it is not baked and the ingredients are raw. The App “happy cow” helps me to find healthy places which are located around me.

Two healthy places, I can recommend:

One of the most popular traditional coffee houses is the Café Central. I only went there to see the spectacular ceiling. haha.

city guide vienna

Simply raw café

city guide vienna

Raw Sacher cake at the simply raw café

city guide vienna

Healthy café Veggiezz

city guide vienna

Café Central

city guide vienna

Treats at the Café Central

Where to go for dinner?

In my Instagram stories, I asked you where I should for dinner. A fancy restaurant or a traditional Austrian restaurant were the options. In the end, I had to decide on the location, since the Instagram poll was not really clear. I went to a fancy restaurant called “DAS LOFT” so no Wiener Schnitzel. It was one of the tastiest restaurants I have ever been to and the view of Vienna was exceptional as well. The price is definitely worth it. If you want to go for a drink only, there is a bar on the same level.

city guide vienna

View of DAS LOFT

city guide vienna

Restaurant DAS LOFT


You can win a “Vienna starter set” which includes a book about Vienna, a sleeping masks and a snow globe. I will also send a personal note with my autograph on it.

To have the chance to win you just need to complete the following 2 steps.

  1. Comment below this blog with the city you always wanted to visit
  2. Leave me a comment with “WWW.PILOTPATRICK.COM” on today’s Instagram post from Vienna. 

I will randomly pick a winner on the 3rd of March 2019. Good luck! UPDATE: The lucky winner is “K. ________” please check your original comment below and follow my instructions to receive the price!

city guide vienna


Three days in Vienna were a little bit too short. You should stay for at least four days. It is a destination which can be visited all year around. I was there in January and I was lucky. It was sunny but also quite cold. For sightseeing, warmer temperatures are definitely beneficial, but the Christmas season has also a very special atmosphere.

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Safe travels and happy landings!

Your PilotPatrick


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Canada of course


Hong Kong


I’ve always wanted to visit New York + LA


Woww, Pilot Patrick, after reading your thorough explanation on Vienna, I am so eager to fly to Vienna. You gave such a complete info, not only historical places to visit, but also suggested hotel and restaurants. I play piano from a very young age, I love classical music so much. There are several composers came from Austria….Mozart, Haydn, and Schubert. That makes me want to visit Austria more, especially Vienna. Once more thank you for squeezing time writing such informative blog, Pilot Patrick.

Emmy Puspasari

I always want go to Vienna , Berlin and Amsterdam! I love Europe because of the Beautiful Architecture, Culture, the Culinary and the people also i love shopping and i love collect some souvenirs from there especially magnets. I have many magnets from each countries that i visited for traveling. But… from your blog and youtube also your insta story of Vienna that i save… i really fall in love with Vienna, especially your Park suite room in Marriot, also Justice palace and St. Stephen catedral also the cities that you visited before on your holiday.. wish me go there… Read more »

Shiran Abraham

Reading your blog is always pleasure for me. in your blog I always found something interesting n knowledge bout new countries, which I never been there. From your blog I found so many information n I won’t need to search in internet. Yes we was waited for your blog n we understand your upgrade training is first priority for us . I wish you’ll complete your upgrade training successfully . I already watched your vlog bout Viana but this blog I can read all bout Viana. Thanks for sharing this blog definitely helped to visit Viana.your tips where to stay,… Read more »


Sehr interessant geschrieben!:)

Lynn HWE

Of course i want try go to Berlin and Vienna too.. because from your post i can see how wonderful that city and very perfect for holiday with my beloved family and of course my all craziest sisters.i love to shopping, culinary and the culture which one i can’t get in Indonesia. So thank you because from your post in here i can know everything about Vienna and many destination i never go before. Hope my dreams can come true for visit Vienna, Berlin and special bonus if i can meet you as My idol dear Patrick. And the last,… Read more »

Diogo Correia

I would love visit New York

Cherryl Chew

Hey Patrick, this is really an awesome blog post about your travelling tips to Vienna. Thanks a lot for sharing all the nice photos, recommended hotel and the interesting places to see. I have never been to Europe before and with your great tips, l think l should consider visiting this super impressive and beautiful country besides Berlin someday. Till then l wish you all the best in your upcoming simulator upgrading course and have a beautiful weekend my awesome Pilot Patrick.

Philip P

The city that I’d like to visit is Madrid. There is something interesting about the city based on what I have been reading about it. Hope to visit it soon.




My dream would be Brazil


Hai descritto molto bene … Vienna.. vorrei tornare a vivere nella mia Germania…prendermi in mano i miei ricordi…il sogno più grande è fare un viaggio InterContinental …un abbraccio Patrick!

Adam Foudail

I wish I could go to London !!

Sebastian Vera

Sounds repetitive but Vienna, I’ve always wanted to be there and your guide was just amazing.

David Carrilho

Vienna!! Vienna is my dream city


The city I always wanted to visit is Vienna.

Jarunee Songy

The city you always wanted to visit Vienna.

Jarunee Songy

The city I always wanted to visit Vienna.

Maria Dugan

Hi Patrick wow what a load of information and so well put together. I have visited Austria as a teen on a school exchange trip, but I have never been to Vienna, but it’s always been my dream to go there because of the architecture the food and the people. After ur in-depth blog that love for Vienna has grown. It’s on my ever growing bucket list lmao. I adored the stories you took your time to do while in Vienna and I totally fell in love with the city. Forget Paris Vienna here I come ❤️. So thank you… Read more »

sintha ws

I really want to go to Paris France I wanna see eiffel tower for real someday, because its so beautiful and romantic place❤


Miami 🙂

Aateera Hosein

Lovely article. I will love to visit beautiful Vienna. When I was younger and studying the German language I always wanted to visit the city Berlin. Recently, I was doing some New Years cleaning and I found my German language dictionary book. So maybe I shall start back learning it.☺ All the best to you Pilot Patrick.


Hello again Patrick. Wow your blogpost about Vienna is really helping me because I plan to visit Vienna and some other cities in Europe in November with my friends. Sure your tips here is so much useful and I may put these in my agenda.

Well other city that I would love to visit is Berlin of course☺. Its related to attend your meet n greet with YOU and my lovely besties from all around the.

Thanks again Patrick for your awesome post


I think Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Not only for its people but also for its architecture and the places that one can visit there. I would like to know ‘Tierra del Fuego’ is the last city in the south of my country (Argentina) has very beautiful landscapes and you can eat the best fish, another city that I would like to know is Amsterdam and where I would also like to live. PD: Sorry for my English, it’s bad yet. Marcos of Argentina.
IG: @marcosvairo

Alf Pedersen

Ich Will Berlin Besuchen

Aaron Brown

Firstly. I enjoyed your article and congratulations on the 3 successful simulator sessions. Onto the next 3!
A city I’d like to visit is Geneva in Switzerland. Why? It has everything. There are mountains, there is a lake, and I bet there is also a beautiful night life to spend with a girlfriend. I know you’ve been in Geneva to check out some private jets and I personally couldn’t wait for an awesome approach to Geneva Airport in between the mountains.

Ben George

I have always wanted to visit Salzburg and Vienna!

Wellington Carvalho



Beautiful details about the blog. I am from India & would love to visit all the cities in India and see the different cultures and eat the traditional food of each place


When I was in Germany I wanted to visit Berlin. My next vacation will be in Berlin


Thanks for the information. After your stories I really wanted to go to Vienna. See all the beauty of this city.

Anaelle allali


Inma Asensio

I have always wanted to go to Edinburgh, the rich city’s history, the fresh air and the culture are what I’m most drawn to.

Gde Dyaksa Raka

Kyoto – Japan

I always want to visit Berlin Because I think that it is a very interesting city where you always have something to learn about things that were been happening in the history and also a lot of new things that you learn and are different like your country !! Saludos from Seville!! ✨

Meryem smaha

I wish someday i can visit Maldives. It is my dream’s place


I wish to visit BERLIN ! it is one of my biggest dreams !.

Edna Rejane

Rio de Janeiro BR


Berlin i wish to visit Berlin


Good day, afternoon, evening or night Patrick. I would like to visit Vienna, Berlin and Dublin with my family. I’ve heard very good things about there.

Damon Wong

Vienna, now that I just read about it.

Kari jyothi

It’s very inspiring and interesting I like hufburg two places in Astoria and ur lovable cafe central for health drinks

Sharon Khoo

Vatican City, Rome.

Kieu Tien

Nha Trang – Da Lat (Vietnam)

Francisco Sousa


Alara Boralı

Sydneyyyy, I love the ocean and anything that is related to it basically. So, it would be so fun to just surf and have crazy fun!!! 🙂


Tel Awiw 🙂


Los Angeles California will always be in my bucket list!!!

K. ________

Wien! My wish turned into a plan, so I am going to Vienna in a few weeks. The city is so special to me because of my roots, but first of all – I am an architecture, art and history lover.
Dear Patrick, I never cease to admire your adventures, your attitude and the way you see the things. Thank you so much for sharing the tips and impressions for Vienna with your unique style&vibes!


Los Angeles California will always be on my bucket list

Ed Mastriano

great stuff! Tokyo is my dream city


London Paris


Hello Patrick , I am Hamza from Nairobi Kenya. Always wanted to be a pilot like you.I follow you on social media and loved how you adventure travel around the world. I have always wanted to have a visit to
London’s one of my favourite city’s in the world, and I am an arsenal fan,who wants to watch my favourite players play.
I have decided that I will work hard to have my aviation training in the city.Thanks for having my time and hope to win.

Sri wahyuni



Tokyo ✈

Victor Bragd

Berlin, i’ve never been there but it looks really beautiful on video (of course PilotPatrick’s videos!).


Tel Aviv, Miami, Rio de Janeiro

Victor Bragd

Berlin, it looks fanatastic on video (PilotPatrick’s videos of course!).

Miguel de la Rosa



The city I’ve always wanted to visit and hope to do so one day is Prague!


I have always dreamed of visiting Austria, of course, because it is beautiful scenery, nature and people…viennaaaa☺


Berlin is my dream city

Roberta Formighieri

Would like ito meet Viena !


I always want to visit berlin, moskow and london 🙂

Roberta Formighieri

would like to meet Viena!

Jeremy Bergstrom


Alexia Steneveld♡

I must say that by the looks of it,this has been the most beautiful trip you have been on so far✨
Speaking of beautiful, Munich Germany is a city I’ve always wanted to visit!

Sumaya Nafis

Hello Patrick,, thanks for sharing your blog to us. Always try to read your blog post.l asked myself as when pp given us a super blog post about Vienna.Now you full fill my wish.In your every post we can learn about travel, lifestyle,food habits and most important for me to know about a country.I had never chance to go outside.Your every videos,pic pictu, post help me to know the beautiful world.Again thanks dear PP.

Alexia Steneveld♡

I must say that so far this has been the most beautiful trip u have been on so far!✨
Speaking of beautiful, my ‘must see’ city is Munich ,Germany!

Aarthi Kothari

It’s really weird cause I always wanted to travel with my parents to any destination possible!
Still on my wish lists!
So, I always wanted to travel with my favourite people instead to a favourite destination!
If I have to pick a place it would definitely be Switzerland


What a beautiful blog Patrick! I too enjoy architecture and will definitely put Vienna on my list as a stunning place to visit. Marriott are a very good hotel chain and I’m glad they looked after our favourite pilot well.
Thanks again for taking us along with you on this fabulous trip. Xx

Job Pakapol

I have read your article @pilotpatrick about hotel, environment and food. I feel joyful and excited about what you write. I think I should have gone to Vienna once. The city I want to visit is Schoenbrunn palace, Hofburg palace and Belvedere palace etc because it’s very beautiful place, so amazing with the environment and good food. I like the architektur of this city so much because it represents history and ideas very well. #PRAY for I receive the gifts from you because I want to read your personal note and want to get your autograph so much. haha If… Read more »


I have read your article @pilotpatrick about hotel, environment and food. I feel joyful and excited about what you write. I think I should have gone to Vienna once. The city I want to visit is Schoenbrunn palace, Hofburg palace and Belvedere palace etc because it’s very beautiful place, so amazing with the environment and good food. I like the architektur of this city so much because it represents history and ideas very well. #PRAY for I receive the gifts from you because I want to read your personal note and want to get your autograph so much. haha If… Read more »


Vienna and Kyoto!


Good to know that I am registered in your page and that you write interesting things from spectacular sites to know. Of course, a trip with all the comforts is the final goal or you could also take a more adventurous trip. Actually since I was a little girl I dreamed to know the beautiful City of canals, Venice is my favorite and even more for the Venice Mask Festival where the nobility used to go to the streets, where everything is a fairy tale, and finally to the Vatican City, I have the goal of taking my grandmother mother… Read more »

Joaquin Duran

Hi! I would always like to know the city of Cairo, but most rly because for the pyramids and the history it has. So I would like to go back to Neva York because I missed things to do that I did not do when I was there and I regretted having done it, since then I have always seach what to see in each city, I like be in The pictures with the places than the photo of the place I can get on the web and much better than what I would have taken. After knowing the points… Read more »



Claudia Shimura

Awesome blog Patrick! Excellent tips for those who wanna go there someday ‍♀️ DAS LOFT very beautiful place


awesome story..this place is another wishlist…thanks for sharing Pilot Patrick!




Hallo pilotpatrick if discussed,the city i want to visit is indonesia,namely the island of bali.because i live in indonesia i must walk there first hhh i haven’t visited my country city where i can be in another city hhh but i am very grateful that you are truly very good at showing the city of vienna and is truly a city beautiful and spectacular city vienna,the architecture is very good and amazing. i am also happy to see the island of mauritius really likes the beauty of its nature..and place dubai is also good i see your youtube video.really… Read more »


Hallo pilotpatrick if discussed,the city i want to visit is indonesia,namely the island of bali.because i live in indonesia i must walk there first hhh i haven’t visited my country city where i can be in another city hhh but i am very grateful that you are truly very good at showing the city of vienna and is truly a city beautiful and spectacular city vienna,the architecture is very good and amazing i am also happy to see the island of mauritius really likes the beauty of its nature.and place dubai is also good i see your youtube video.really… Read more »



Catalina Alexandru





Love the way you tell us you experience from different sides and aspects are important when you are traveling.

I would like to travel to Tokyo someday.. found it interesting not only the city but the culture

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[…] I will randomly pick five winners on the 17th of March. To find out who won the giveaway from Vienna, check out the previous blog post. […]

Sharida Chankasingh

I’m going to Vienna in July with my family for a months vacation. ” WH “


Ich würde sehr gerne gewinnen, da ich die Produkte der Marke Eucerin sehr ansprechend finde die du benutzt und sie daher gerne testen würde

Akansha chadfha

Thank soooo much for guiding a lot…about Vienna…by heart m saying pilot Patrick I really luv ur nature uh behave like a family member..nd ur vedios ..ur piks …ur guiding way…very touching…thnkeww so much pilot patrick@chaddhai


Vienna is my dream city. I love that city a lot. I have spent some valuable times there. I will never forget that city.

By the way, thanks for your amazing travel guide.