My day at the leading travel trade show in Berlin

My day at the leading travel trade show in Berlin
17/03/2019 pilotpatrick
should I visit incredible India

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Dear Aviator!

How do you decide on which destinations are on your bucket list? Where do you get your inspiration from when planning your travels? I am sure you retrieve it online, from travel blogs, maybe even from my channels and most probably from friends, who report about their trips.

should I visit incredible India

Welcome to the ITB at the Messe Berlin

should I travel to India

Singapore Airlines double bed in Business Class

The ITB, the world’s leading travel trade show, in Berlin is the offline hotspot for all travel enthusiasts like me. I was invited by Incredible India to explore the trade show and to visit their exhibition, which was, in fact, an entire hall. They provided me with some giveaways, which you will be able to win at the end of this article.

Through my job as a pilot, I get to fly to many fantastic destinations. At the moment the flight operation requires me to overnight in cities primarily in Europe. Sometimes I even stay up to three days at one destination which allows me enough free time to explore. But it is not the same as traveling privately. It is your job and you are traveling with colleagues and not with your friends and family. That is the reason why I go on so many journeys even besides my pilot travels. I like either to discover new destinations, I haven’t been to or I return to places I have enjoyed as a pilot before.

should I travel to India

I am a ship captain as well 😉

should I travel to India

Indian Aviators 🙂


As I mentioned before the ITB (International Tourismus Börse) is the world’s leading tourism trade show. The companies represented at the fair include hotels, tourist boards, tour operators, system providers, airlines and car rental companies. Over 10,000 exhibitors from over 180 countries.

I not only use the ITB to inform myself about news in the travel industry but I also use the visit to connect with people from the travel industry. Primarily I try to get in contact with tourism boards of countries I would like to visit in the future. I think personal contact is extremely beneficial in regards to potential collaboration.

should I travel to India

Indian bride show

should I travel to India

Photo shooting with Incredible India

Incredible India

On a daily basis, I get asked on my Instagram channel, if I have been to this or that country and when I am visiting a specific country. In case I haven’t been there my answer is that I will try to visit as soon as possible. I made it my life goal to travel to as many countries as possible.

This includes India for sure. At the ITB and the dinner night before, I already got a glimpse of India’s culture and their travel offers. Incredible India filled an entire hall. You not only could get in touch with representatives of the tourism office, hotels and tour operators but could also experience a little bit of the Indian culture. The women were dressed in their traditional clothing, a real wedding took place and you could participate in a Bollywood workshop.

In the end, I received a Henna tattoo on my hand so that my memories will last a little bit longer.

Why would I travel to India?

One reason why I would travel to India is to taste genuine Indian food 😉 I really like Indian cuisine, but not too spicy, please. I am always open to exploring new things, places and countries. India would appeal to me as a destination is that it is so different than everything else I have experienced so far. What I have learned from the exhibition is that India has more to offer than good food and the Taj Mahal. In my opinion, the country is underestimated in terms of traveling. Check their Instagram page for travel inspirations in India.

should I travel to India

Getting a Henna tattoo with my logo

should I travel to incredible India

Free henna tattoos with Incredible India

Good news for passengers

Another reason why I like to visit the ITB is that I am keen to learn about new cabin products of all the major airlines. Qatar Airways always surprises with new innovations in comfort for the passenger. For Business Class passenger they implemented the Q-suite, which offers a lot of space in an enclosed suite. Every seat has direct aisle access and the middle seats convert into a fully flat double bed.

New recline system

For economy class passenger they presented a new seat at the ITB. In their mock-up cabin, I took a seat and I could experience their innovations right away. The new recline system surprised me the most. You probably know how bothersome it can be when your fellow passenger reclines his seat in front of you. Now with Qatar Airways innovation, the seat slides forward to recline without infringing the comfort. Moreover, this allows for more clearance for your knees and chin.


should I travel to India

Qatar Airways new Economy Class

should I travel to India

Qatar Airways at the ITB

The new recline systemm

The ITB Berlin takes place annually in March at the Messe Berlin. So in case you missed it this year, I will see you there next year.

I had a fun day at the ITB and there is so much to discover. It is impossible to see everything in one day, so make sure you arrive once the doors open. I was exhausted after one day, but the impressions I could take from my visit were definitely worth it.

should I travel to India


Give away

Incredible India gave me a present with fancy Indian accessories (see photo below) and I would like to pass them to one of you my Aviator. I will include a personal note as well.

To join the giveaway

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I will randomly choose a winner 31st of March 2019. Good luck!

should I visit incredible india

Giveaway of Incredible India!

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Safe travels and happy landings!

Your PilotPatrick



  1. Shiran Abraham 1 year ago

    Always interesting n knowledgeable your blog. Wow I’m so happy you had invited by incredible India. N happy that you love Indian culture.20 n 21 March is holi it’s one of biggest of Hindus , it’s called festival of color one of my favorite festival. Indian culture is so wonderful .you looked so gorgeous in India groom outfit . If you want I can send you . And glad to know that you love India food .. let me tell you I’m a good cook .. I love spicy but if you wish I can make for Indian food whatever you like but off course no spicy for you for sure . Thanks for sharing love to win giveaways but I have all those Indian stuff . One again so interesting blog. Wish one day you’ll invite by incredible India n trust me you’ll love India.

  2. Liliani setiawati 1 year ago

    Hello, yes new blog, you are sooooo consistent…consistenly fantastic. My bestie Shiran always remind me, PP new blog. Amazing ITB trade show with you around definitely. I havent been to India, great if you go there and I will watch your VLOG and I am sure we will be more interested. Next trip is end of april to bali for me. Thank you PP for your enjoyable and informative blog.

  3. LynnHwe 1 year ago

    Wow New Blog from you again dear PP and i never miss about your new post because my dear Sister Shiran always telling to us if you already post..
    I am so happy because you look enjoy in there, try use henna tattoo for your logo too and one of my favorite is since you doing Photo shooting with Incredible India..looks very handsome with that costume.. thank you for sharing with us all about your life and thats very important to me.. Vielen Dank, lieber PP

  4. Sandra 1 year ago

    Jedes Land hat seine eigene Kultur und Faszination und es ist wunderbar wenn man die Möglichkeit dazu hat, immer wieder neues zu entdecken. Mein nächstes Ziel ist die Schweiz und im Sommer vielleicht Berlin.
    Schöne Grüße und happy landings, Sandra

  5. Emmy Puspasari Soeed 1 year ago

    Hello my dear Patrick..
    I really enjoy your journey to ITB and may enjoy all about traveling information, hotel, food, culture, aircraft and their new facilities, esp Incredible India!! I love India culture especially their dances, their songs, weddings , also their food , my favorite one is Prata or Canai with curry! , also Bollywood movie. And their traditional clothes is beautiful too
    Some India artists come to Indonesia too because many Bollywood movie in Indonesian TV channel too, that great! Like Sharukh Khan , the famous one !

    For my next destination, right now i want beach, white sands, fresh drinks on my hand and sunshine..
    So i choose ” Karimunjawa island” its near my hometown Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. Just need an hour flight by small plane and you may reach this exotic islands.. they have lovely and amazing exotic beaches, white sands, and the sea water is so clear, you may snorkling or diving to enjoy lovely coral reefs inside and colorful sea fishes.. you also can enjoy beautiful sunset from the islands, and may stay in homestay in local home , super awesome!! You may have experinces with sharks too in Sharks pool beside the sea with a local tour person and enjoy seafood on boats. Many tourists come to Karimunjawa island, not just local but from western too.
    So im Happy to share about another destination to you my dear ❤… welcome to ” Wonderful Indonesia ”

  6. laila amrani 1 year ago

    I liked a new blog for you.. You discover the customs and traditions of countries of the world and we also enjoy watching you. Thank you patrick.. My trip to Spain will be my favorite place and close to Andalusia

  7. Cathy Daniels 1 year ago


  8. Shilpa 1 year ago

    My next destination is Bali in July and Being an Indian I would love to welcome You to India. India has got Soo much to offer when it comes to travelling. I would love to see you visiting Indian soon

  9. Nina Jena 1 year ago

    Toller Beitrag, lieber Patrick. Vielen Dank dafür! Indien muss wunderschön sein und definitiv eine Reise wert.
    Mein nächstes Reiseziel ist Island!

    • Author
      pilotpatrick 12 months ago

      Hallo Nina, herzlichen Glückwunsch Du hast das Giveaway gewonnen! BItte schicke mir Deine Anschrift an.! Danke dir.

      • Nina Jena 12 months ago

        Ich freue mich so sehr!!! Wirklich. 10000 Dank.

  10. Edna Rejane 1 year ago

    It’s always good to learn! And knowing a country through ITB must be fantastic..

  11. Sebastian 1 year ago

    Awesome, would love to visit India one day!

  12. Roberta Formighieri 1 year ago

    ♥My next vacation destination will be on the beach here in Brazil in Santa Catarina -Meia Praia♥

  13. Franzi 1 year ago

    Awsome fair! Would love to visit it someday!

  14. Rhea Cristle Goveas 1 year ago

    I’m an Indian from a very beautiful, coastal city in South West which you should visit if you ever come to India. India has a lot of great heritage and culture & not all food is spicy 🙂
    My next vacation destination would be at our family house beside the river 🙂

  15. Maite Vargas 1 year ago

    Hello! Dear Patrick, What wonder blog! I really liked it. I really liked that you were invited by the ITB (International Tourismus Börse) to connect with people from the travel industry, to explore its food (So spicy), cultures, dances, places (Please the Taj Mahal) and it is so good for you for discorver everything about India and how you say you are always open to explore new things and travel to different countries as you can, Congratulations!

  16. Kahla 1 year ago

    My next destination will be Berlin

  17. Rohen Kapur 1 year ago

    I’m off to St Lucia in June. It’s the only country in the world named after a lady. Ps if you want authentic cooking without chili heat I’ll cook for you.

  18. Kahla Louise 1 year ago

    My next destination will be Berlin

  19. Cherryl Chew 1 year ago

    Very impressive and awesome lndia trade show. Glad that you had so much fun in the exhibition. If you love India food, we have it here in my country too as we are a multiracial country where you can get very nice curry. Maybe you can check our CAS post on Malaysia food.

    Well l got my inspiration of travel from the newspaper, online articles, friends recommendation, Instagram photos and of course your super nice travelling tips in Instagram. And my next destination is Australia to the Pinnacles Dessert.

  20. Kahla Louise 1 year ago

    To Berlin

  21. Aateera Hosein 1 year ago

    Dear Patrick, this is an exciting and beautiful article. It looked like you had great fun at the ITB trade show. My bucket list of places to travel is very long. Where I get inspiration to travel to my next destination, it comes from my dreams at night when I am asleep, it may sound silly but I walk on foreign lands and places I don’t know in dreams. Therefore when I see a place in real life that matches my dream I put it on my bucket list hehe. Also I get some of my travel inspiration from listening to people I know about places they travelled, and from places I see on Television or online that inspire me and touches my heart. Not forgetting You, Pilot Patrick, through your social media channels are a wonderful source of travel and life inspirations of course! Thank you. 🙂 India, a culture where Beauty is glorified in every aspect, colours are the expression their love and happiness, and hospitality is life. The cuisine is an explosion of flavour. It is an experience I will love to absorb. I dreamt I were in the Taj Mahal and ever then since I long to visit there. This article got me all passionate of India again! My next travel destination is: The Taj Mahal. I also would love to visit a special place in India called Goa, it is very beautiful.

  22. Kella 1 year ago

    Very interesting blog about your visit to ITB at The Messen Berlin Patrick. Thanks so much for your information about India.
    Yes I would love to visit it someday since I have some relatives from my husband who live in South India. India cultures are amazing too. I love Bollywood Dance, Movies , Sari clothing, Henna (like the ones in your hands) and also foods. Roti canai with chicken curry is soooo yummy☺.
    Oyes, my next trip probably to Singapore and some Eastern Europe countries this year.
    Hope also can attend your meet n greet somewhere… someday..

  23. Gordon Desodt 1 year ago

    Now that’s great: our next getaway is India: Delhi and Agra at the beginning of April.

  24. Ajay Kala 1 year ago

    My next vacation destination is Tanzania.

  25. Abhiji Das 1 year ago

    Dear Captain my next travel destination may be Delhi India. I’m a Indian. I came to know you want to visit India. Welcome to India Captain. If you come I will definitely meet you because you’re aviation life is my inspiration. In India we believe ATITHI DEV BHABO means Guest is our God. In India you will see the Great Taj Mahal build by Sahajahan one of Mughol emperor. One of the wonder of the World at Agra city. Please come.

  26. Henning Wölfel 1 year ago


  27. Nahomi Camelo 1 year ago

    I love your blog and posts on instagram.

  28. Nathan Fox 1 year ago

    Newport Coast, Newport Beach, California, United States

  29. Nahomi Camelo 1 year ago

    I love your blog, my next destination may be to go to study a summer in Spain or Canada

  30. Marcos 1 year ago

    India! It is a fabulous country. I did not have the opportunity to travel yet, but it is on my wish list along with Australia. India is not only wonderful for its food, but for its architecture, its symbolism, its culture (which is one of the best in the world), its clothing, its beliefs … Believe me, I could stay all day and tell you how fabulous this country is .

  31. Sakshi 1 year ago

    My next destination is goa

  32. Yoko Kikuchi 1 year ago

    Hello Captain Pilot Patrick. I love traveling so much like you. Thank you so much for your wonderful information about traveling abroad and some airlines. My next destinations are Germany and Austria . The reason why I chose them, as I haven’t used Lufthansa yet, on boarding it, I would love to visit Berlin (the best 7th city in the world in 2019) , Frankfurt am Main and Marchenstrasse. And then from Germany to Austria, I would love to visit Gemeinde Reutte, Breitenwang as sister city of my city in Austria in summer.❤️❤️❤️

  33. Kerwin 1 year ago

    Great recap Patrick, thanks for seeing the show through your eyes.

    It was great to meet you as well.

  34. Maria Dugan 1 year ago

    Well I totally ❤️❤️ Ur blog. Always so much fun to read and so much information and knowledge packed into your piece. My family have visited India and they totally loved it. They said what amazing hospitality friendliness amazing food and the views and places of culture are second to none. I’m so glad u really enjoyed seeing just a tiny taste of amazing India. My next holiday will be Cornwall in England for a wedding plus after my Birthday. Then after that am looking to a adult women’s weekend away to Europe destination unknown currently lol still deciding. Thank you for sharing ur thoughts Patrick. Safe departures on ur next flight captain ‍✈️

  35. Inma Asensio 1 year ago

    My next holiday destination…. hopefully Florence.

  36. Purvi desai 1 year ago

    Next destination Berlin

  37. Jan 1 year ago

    This is an amazing blog Patrick!!! Your enjoyment at savouring another culture is lovely to see. Keep being you and sharing your experiences with us thru Youtube and Instagram! X

  38. Lára Rosento 1 year ago

    Loving this blog! ❤️

  39. Zandre 1 year ago

    My next travel destination is Australia, With its wonderfull beaches and best aquarium. It truely a wonderful travel destination

  40. Vita 1 year ago

    ❤️ molto bello questo post..e mi piace molto la descrizione del tuo blog… molto professionale!! La mia prossima vacanza è nella mia casa al mare in Puglia .

  41. Uri 1 year ago

    I’m going to Madrid

  42. Claudia 1 year ago

    Awesome your blog Patrick, as always so informative about India. ITB seemed to be lots of fun, entertainment, news for the aviation’s world. I really don’t know my next vacation destination. I would love to go to Punta Cana or St. Marteen and here in Brazil to go to Fernando de Noronha.

  43. Christopher Ollendorf 1 year ago

    Hello Patrick!
    My next big trip is for my 20th anniversary of being with my husband! We met 18 years ago this month and decided to celebrate or 20th year together buy going to Paris and London in 2021. We are super excited to visit places we have never been! We talked about it now because we have to save up enough money to go! We already started to look at flights and hotels and will book them when they become available. This way, we will have the trip all booked and paid for over the next 2 years. Maybe when we go, you can visit at the same time and say hello in person! Lol. Oh well… we can dream!
    Happy travels sir!

  44. Difa Tirta Kemala 1 year ago

    My next vacation destination will be Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara. it’s near from beautiful Komodo Island.

  45. Marla 1 year ago

    Vietnam, Ha Long Bay, Ninh Binh

  46. ALEXIA 1 year ago

    Next destination india♡

  47. ShoshosquadAvaition 1 year ago

    My Next destination will be the moon i really like this mirror first time i comment on a blog

  48. Agnieszka Rudnik 1 year ago

    My next vacation destination is Alaska. I want to experience the life of local people and feel how difficult it can be. I really enjoy this trip and hope it will be unforgetable.

  49. 8 ball pool 3 weeks ago

    ITB Berlin is must visit exhibition, full of fruitful business opportunities, simultaneously very informative over tourism, cultural activities, health issue etc…

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