My electronic travel buddies

My electronic travel buddies
30/07/2017 pilotpatrick
my electronic travel buddies

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Hello my Aviator, I have been asked many times about my devices I am using for my daily updates on my social media. This weekend I visited the museum of engineering in Berlin to discover their aerospace exhibition and to present you my technical travel buddies. Besides sharing my experiences with the devices, I am giving away gift vouchers worth 20€ and 100€ for electronic devices! Find out below how to win.


My newest travel companion is the HP EliteBook Folio G1 X2F49EA. I have been using this EliteBook now for two weeks and I am really convinced of the mobility and the performance. With a weight of only 1,07 kg and the size of 29,2 x 20,9 x 1,24 cm it is perfect for traveling. The touch screen makes this laptop even more innovative. Before the purchase, I checked review sites to retrieve more information about the HP Elitebook. This notebook is currently the best of its kind at the moment. The Elitebook was provided by the courtesy of At the end of this article, you have the chance to win gift vouchers worth 100€ and 20€ of

my technical travel buddies

my newest travel buddy HP EliteBook


In the beginning, I used my smart phone to take videos and photos. But I noticed quickly that the quality of my photos on my blog needs to be better. The smart phone is handy for quick snaps and to record content for my Instagram story, but the capability of a smart phone camera is limited.

That is why I bought a digital camera which is easy to handle because I am not a photographer.  After reading lots of reviews I chose the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV Camera. Of course, this camera has a lot of settings as well but is easier to handle than a reflex camera. The automatic function works great for me and the size is ideal for my travels. I can also flip the screen to take a selfie for you.

my technical travel buddy

Sony Cyper-shot digital camera with “Smatree” tripod

Action camera

An action camera is must for everyone who wants to record action scenes. I primarily use this camera to take videos and photos in the cockpit. The big advantages over a regular camera are the numerous mountings and the wide angle. Compare the photo below! The left one is taken with the iPhone and the right one with a GoPro. Both from the same position. I switched to the Hero5 lately. One of the biggest benefits of the new model is that you do not need an extra water proof case and you can view your recordings on a build in touch screen on the back.

The silver aircraft is a Junkers Ju 52 also called “Tante Ju”. My great grand father used to work for the company which built this aircraft. As an “avgeek” it is a dream to fly on board of one of the last models.

My technical travel buddies

Junker Ju 52 “Tante Ju”

my travel buddies

iPhone 7 versus GoPro 5


Tripods can be really handy especially if there is nobody around to take a photo of you. I am trying to travel light that is why I am only taking two small tripods which fit easily in my carry on luggage. The tripod “Magnesit Copter” of Cullmann is versatile in its usage. Besides using it as a tripod you can use it as a handheld to attach your device. The head is movable and the standardized bolt allows me to attach my digital camera or my action camera. I also use it for my Instagram live videos. This way it is easier to hold the camera and to guarantee a smoother stream while moving.

Additionally, I am taking a flexible tripod of “Smatree” on my journies. This one has an adjustable arm and a clam. This is really handy if there is no flat surface to put a regular tripod. I use it most of the times to install my GoPro 5 in the cockpit.

my travel buddies

Cullmann Magnesit copter tripod and handheld

The secret behind jerk free videos

This secret is expensive. I bought an “Osmo Mobile” of DJI a while ago. This is a handheld device which turns your smartphone into a smart motion camera. This makes your video look professional and smooth. Watch the video below to discover the cinematic effect. Most of the time I use it for my live streams on my Facebook page. Even during the Xletix run, it produced a smooth video: That makes it more attractive for my Aviators to watch.

Other technical must haves

You can have the best cameras, but with a low battery, they are worthless. That is why I always carry a power bar with me. I can recommend the power bar of Anker PowerCore + 13400 mAh. The size and weight fit easily even in a pocket of a jacket. It comes with two USB ports and charges an iPhone about three times.

Since all my devices are charged via a USB port I have an adapter for an outlet which can charge up to four devices simultaneously. This way you do not have to carry numerous adapter for each device.

my technical ravel buddies

My technical travel buddies

My editing tips

I am not a big fan of filters because, in my opinion, this changes the “reality” of a photo. This is why I do not use any of them. I want to keep it clean and do not express something which is not the real world. To edit my photos I am using “Snapseed“. This mobile app is really easy to use and helps you to fine tune your photo. I use it to crop photos and adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast and so on. It really just takes minutes to edit one photo. My tip less is more!

my travel buddies

Anywhere now with my HP EliteBook from

As I promised to you I am giving away some more gift vouchers of! You have the chance to win gift vouchers worth 2x 100€ and 5x 20€.

The first winners of the give away on Instagram are:

100€: @lifemightbealright @b2theritta

20€: @michaela_barber @p_wongsakon  @ameer_swead @lukus_poz @_dennis87_

All you need to do is:

  • like my Instagram/ Facebook post with my new EliteBook
  • subscribe with your email to the newsletter of my blog below
  • leave a comment below with the device you would use the gift voucher for

Good luck and happy landings!

Your Pilot Patrick


  1. Kenneth 3 years ago

    Cool gadgets Patrick for travelling.One more thing what Smartphone do you use now again an why that particular brand an model.Also did you do lots of reviews on the phone

  2. Vaslo Nikolov 3 years ago

    You are amazing

  3. Luca Rotondaro 3 years ago


    very nice and interesting blog
    Now I understand how you did you get photos of yourself as if someone else did ti: using the “Cullmann Magnesit copter tripod and handheld” .
    Happy day !
    p.s I’m interested in this type of device

  4. Maryjane Mongcay 3 years ago

    Awesome I love all ur gadgets ,,,pilot Patrick✈✈✈✈✈

  5. I have several mini tripods including the Copter, and it’s really very convenient both for taking photos and for holding the camera during video.

    I have to agree with your other choices as well (RX100IV, Hero), leaders in their class.

    I have no impressions from the HP ultrabook, but maybe I purchase this one of I win the voucher 🙂

    Safe flights Patrick!

  6. Robert L. 3 years ago

    Hi pilot Patrick, as I commented once on your Instagram I love airplanes but I don’t like flying the way i used to do, you inspire me to lose my fear and realize the art that is flying and I don’t know but there’s something about you that really inspires people, I would use the voucher to buy the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV Camera because if love to start making videos and telling the world my experiences and create and quality content. Thanks 🙂

  7. Karol 3 years ago

    Amazing blog! I want to be a pilot and would like to się use ,,Osmo mobile” in my work in clouds 😉

  8. Kevin Thao 3 years ago

    Hi Patrick, thanks for sharing your cool gadgets with us! They’re the perfect set for you as you are always on the go! Small, portable, and great quality! Great choices. If I had to choose just one to purchase, it would be the Hero5 because I do not own an action camera, yet. I look forward to seeing more of your posts! I love your Instagram stories! Hope one day I can make it to a meet and greet with you. Until then, safe travels and happy landings!

  9. Zaher Fattal 3 years ago


    I have to say.. u r amaizin in too many ways
    I mean u r handsome, a great dresser, and above all u r so lovable. It’s hard to describe it, but the way u talk shows how much of a good person u r.. i hope u get what i mean
    Oh and before i forget, u hv the coolest job ever…

    Ur new HP EliteBook is whithout a doubt one of the greatest laptops ever.. but honeslty it is kinda expensive for me..
    I had a HP Envy but unfortunatelly i coudln’t get with me when i came to germany, so i’m savin now to buy another one..

    I wish u the best of luck Captin, n i wish i get to be on one of ur flights someday..

  10. Robert Vonn Doromal 3 years ago

    I’m a seafarer, and part of my work is travelling. Airports and airplanes are the usual mode to get to my ship. And I always love flying as much as I do with sailing. I always dreamt of sitting inside an airplane cockpit even just for a short while. I never saw what a cockpit looks like until I followed you here in IG. Your live stream and video post always bring a delightful feeling to me. If given the chance to win one of your voucher, I would love to buy a gopro session as I have to sell my old gopro 3+ last year ‘coz I was out of money during my long vacation. Anyway, keep those good vibes post coming, Pilot Patrick. Hope to board one of the planes your flying.

  11. Kristina 3 years ago

    Hi Patric! Thank you for your recommendations on your devices. I liked the Tripod the most, because I know the situation as well, when you want to take a good looking picture and nobody is around.

    I would be very thankful to receive on of the gift vouchers. I lay aside money for a long time now, to buy me a new laptop. So every € would get me a step closer to it. 🙂

    Keep going with your blog and your social media accounts, because it´s super interesting to follow your life as a pilot. Best wishes from Germany!

  12. Gustavo 3 years ago

    I would use the voucher for the tripod. As a frequent flyer and traveler I love to record my experiences and places I visit. Its all about the culture and the experience that makes the trip worth

  13. Francesco 3 years ago

    Hi Patrick, I’m a student pilot and I would use your gift for an action camera to record my solo flights, cause you now, are the best flight. Greetings 😉

  14. Ivana 3 years ago

    Hii Patrick,
    Ich würde mir dieses cooler Magnesit Copter Kaufen. Lg

  15. Victoria A. 3 years ago

    Hi Pilot Patrick,
    Thank you so much for sharing your love for aviation. I love seeing your passion and can relate to it very much as I come from a family of aviators (my father is a current A320 Captain).
    I am heading off to University this fall and would use to voucher to purchase tools to aid my studies.


  16. ahmed 3 years ago

    Woooooow , amazing Patrick as usual , pls I wanna this camera to save moment’s in everywhere, I’m cabin crew))

  17. Daniel 3 years ago

    Great post 😉 Also a fan of the new GoPro!

    For the voucher, I would get also an HP as a student.

  18. Strauss 3 years ago

    Hi Patrick, I would use the voucher for a GPS subscription (ex. Garmin pilot) for navigating the skies in the beautiful South Africa


  19. Javier 3 years ago

    I would use it for a new elitebook.

  20. Andrea Di Cinzio 3 years ago

    Ho Patrick, you are vary amazing, a smart and beautiful guy, I would use the voucher for a camera to record my trave and the best moment of my life.. thank you for the opportunity.. you are the best ❤️

  21. Wasim 3 years ago

    Very nice website! I really need a new laptop so the new elitebook would be perfect!

  22. Andrew G 3 years ago

    Hi there Patrick the pilot!

    I’d use the voucher to put towards the Sony camera! I’ve been looking for a quality camera to get before the holidays for my European travels and think it would be a perfect fit! Thanks for the suggestion!

    Safe travels!


  23. isaiah 3 years ago

    Hey pilot thanks for giving us insight on your devices i am now intrested in that camera anyways best of wishes in the sky.

  24. Frieder 3 years ago

    Hallo Patrick,
    ich verfolge deinen Blog schon länger und interessiere mich seitdem sehr für das Thema Pilot und Fliegen. Mach weiter so und genieße es die Wolken von oben zu bewundern!

    Ich würde mir von dem möglichen Gewinn ein neues iPad für die Uni kaufen (einen Anteil), da ich aktuell nur auf einem schlechten Notebook mitschreiben kann. :/

    Alles Gute!

  25. Andrews kwaku 3 years ago

    I would use the Gift voucher to buy a JBL plus 2

  26. Kim barber 3 years ago

    Hi From Uk I would love a Go Pro to record my adventures. Love seeing what country your in next, it’s abit of escapism for me. If travel was free people would never see me. ‍✈️X

  27. Author
    pilotpatrick 3 years ago

    The first winners of the Instagram are:

    100€: @lifemightbealright @b2theritta

    20€: @michaela_barber @p_wongsakon  @ameer_swead @lukus_poz @_dennis87_

  28. Timo 3 years ago

    Hello Patrick,
    I would like to use the voucher for my next headphones, to be better prepared for my gym sessions. Normally I am using my apple heaphobes at the moment. But I got so many advices for the beats Powerbeats 3 wireless. Thank you for the chance to win

  29. Nicolien 3 years ago

    Hi Patrick, nice blog again, thanks! So I had a question. Few nights ago I was planning on flying home but our flight was delayed with 30 min. So when I got in to the aircraft one of the flight attendents said something I couldn’t figure out why haha. She told us to sit quickly and not fasten our seatbelts just yet because the aircraft was getting kerosine. Well the fact that we had to sit quickly is something I can understand, it probably has something to do with the weight (if not please tell me haha) but why in the world did I have to wait with fasten my seatbelt? I have no idea what it has to do with the kerosine haha. Can’t wait to hear the answer 🙂 Thanks! Nicolien.

    • Author
      pilotpatrick 3 years ago

      Hello Nicolien,

      thanks a lot. I am glad you like it. Sorry for my late reply.
      To sit down quickly: so you do not block any exits (I suppose) and not because of the weight
      Not to fasten your seat belts has to do with the regulations when refueling the plan with passengers on the plane. In case of emergency a seat belt should not stop you from leaving the aircraft as quick as possible.
      Thanks again for your great questions!

      Happy landings

  30. Jason 3 years ago

    Where is your backpack from? Thanks!

  31. Hels 3 years ago

    Nice blog, i loved the tripod.. Was wondering how do ppl get shoots of themselves with their phones everywhere they go 😀 I would use it to get a new laptop.. Mine died last weekend on a stormy night in Helsinki:} :/ O_0

    • Author
      pilotpatrick 3 years ago

      Hello Hels, thanks for your comment! Oh no I am sorry about that. Greetings to Helsinki.
      Happy landings

      • Hels 3 years ago

        Thank you! Hope to see you back here soon! 🙂

  32. Alice 3 years ago

    Hey Patrick you are wondering

  33. Michael G Darling 2 years ago

    Awesome travel buddies! I’m just beginning to explore photography as a hobby. I have an early stage of macular degeneration and want to use my vision to see as much of the world as possible before my sight becomes impaired. I would use the gift towards a GoPro.
    BTW, I live in Spirit Lake, Iowa, only 2 hours from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I go to Sioux Falls occasionally to go to the Veterans Hospital for my medical care.
    Thank you! Michael Darling

  34. Echirella 1 year ago

    I have the device of HP so I will purchase I phone 7 if win the gift away..Btw I can’t find about hamburg in Your Vlog ?

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