Charity: my bracelet could make you become a pilot

Charity: my bracelet could make you become a pilot
01/05/2018 pilotpatrick
dream to become a pilot charity

Hello my Aviator,

I am really excited to reveal an idea which has been in the planning for a long time. It deals with financial support, the dream to fly and my very first Pilot Patrick accessory. In this blog post, I want to share my potential project with you and I am asking you about your opinion on it. It really is my matter of the heart!

UPDATE: The #aviatorbracelet is now on sale here!

dream to fly charity

Revealing my project


A growing audience on social media means automatically more responsibility. People look up to you and you become some kind of role model for them. That means you have the power to share your opinion, advice, and ideals with a huge number of people. For me, it also means that you are responsible to engage in social affairs and be part of a charity project. I have thought for a long time which kind of project I could support, but in the end, I came up with a totally different idea.

dream to fly charity


The idea of this project arose from your ongoing support. I soon realized that you are interested in more than just cool photos on Instagram, so I started my blog. For two years now I am giving you insights of my pilot life and my travels around the world. I am also sharing my advice for your aviation career and how you can become a pilot.

It made me really sad to hear that many of you would like to become a pilot, but do not have the means to pay for the flight training. Times did not get easier! More and more airlines do not offer a sponsored cadet program anymore, so it became a popular to self-fund once training. The costs are immense. You minimum have to spend 70,000€ for a commercial pilot license. I was in the lucky position that my parents paid for my entire training 10 years ago.

Now I would like to support you in your dream to become a pilot.

dream to fly charity

Take off thrust set

dream to become a pilot charity

Would you buy the Pilot Patrick bracelet for 30€?


I want to support one person to becoming a pilot. I not only want to be the mentor for this future aviator and help him to pass the flight school successfully. Additionally, I want to support this person financially maybe even pay for the full training.

But how will I be able to pay for that? 

I designed my very first Pilot Patrick bracelet. So far I only produced one single version. The unisex bracelet would be available in navy blue and pink. The strap is out of parachute material and the small aircraft with my logo is out of carbon.

I don’t want to make money with it, but I want to use my reach to spread my project and to sell it to all my Aviators. The entire profit will go into the flight training. The person could be anybody and I would implement a selection process.

Watch my latest YouTube video to see me wearing the bracelet.

UPDATE: The #aviatorbracelet is now on sale here!

It is my matter of the heart. That way we can realize ones dream to become a pilot together. It now depends on you. This project is only possible with you and your feedback. What do you think about it and would you buy the Pilot Patrick bracelet for 30€? It would be available worldwide.

As always safe travels and happy landings!

Your Pilot Patrick

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Pilot Patrick you’re the great person with good heart that I’m always saying salute for you my gorgeous pilot Patrick

Sure do it! Support!

Martin “Marty” Caine

Phenomenal idea and I would order one ! Helping somebody hit the dreams is a wonderful gesture !

This is completely fantastic!!! You’re AWESOME
I support you with this project. I would buy the bracelet‍✈️

Nice idea! I think that the project would be a total succes although you should probably sell it on a bit lower price and offer more models so more people would buy it, nice job, love your content, happy landings from Sevilla!

This is a brilliant idea and would buy it to support you. How would i get to buy the bracelet? I’m in Malaysia far away. Hope it is inclusive the postage as well…haha

It is a wonderful idea which I would love to support, however 30€ is far too much money. As a student myself that would cover a week’s worth of food shopping. I can’t afford it. 🙁

I am happy that you so concern about this matter. May your good heart always under Allah protection. I pray that you not only happy n success with your job but also your project will success in the future. So it can help them who want to be the future pilots get their dream come true. Good luck.

Hey #PilotPatrickI’m luca !
Wow!! I’m speechless!! You have a huge huge heart! U r not only handsome and one who work really hard and love what he do, but u would like also to help someone in his dream! I can’t describe my admiration for you Patrick!
I’m super happy to help in this project! Really! And I’m ready to buy ur bracelet! It’s not only cool and PilotPatrick signed(ahah) but this could help someone in the pursuit of his dream! And why not? I’m one of them that would love to fly 😉

Hi pilot
It’s a very nice thing to help futur pilots, it’s very cool and we all hope it will be us the selected one
Continue your job and post it’s Amazing

Hey Patrick, l am so surprised that you have such a great idea. It is so kind of you that you will be helping someone who wants to become a pilot by supporting this person financially. It is really a very big project and l think it would be a very successful one if each and everyone of us give our full support to you. Therefore l would definitely buy the Pilot Patrick bracelet to give you my support as well. It is really wonderful if l could help someone to achieve their dreams. Good Luck Patrick.

This is an awesome idea. I’d support you even though I am a student who should save money. But my boyfriend started flying with small airplains and now it’s way too expensive to go on. So I love this idea to support someone:) greets from CH

Really good idea!!! I support you this project and would buy one the bracelet

Ottimo progetto… Topp

Amazing idea

Yes I will support for the project. Maybe with lower price for bracelet

Great idea Patrick! Help another person accomplish his/her dreams is hard to see nowadays. I have the same vision you have, if am able to become a pilot. What a great heart and will definitely buy the bracelet. Keep going!!

I’m so glad me.patrick. To see what you have planned. Ur such a great man. Please help as much people as you can. salute from me. -alvin

I would buy it for 25€ (that’s my lucky number).
I want to tell you how proud I am, blessings are going to come your way my Aviator.
Let me tell you that I’ve been looking for someone to help me with my flight training for about two years now and it hasn’t been easy. You’re going to make someone really really happy, not because of the financial support, but because you’re going to make a pilot’s dream come true.

The idea is brilliant and I’m someone who’d love to participate and try to get lucky and be able to chase my dream of becoming an airline pilot. I just think you could lower the price of the bracelet as it’s a bit expensive and it may not sell so well.

I would purchase it. I always loved flying but cant afford the tuition per class. Its very expensive.

Is a great idea! I would pay for the bracelet. Thank you for makig this decision. Become a pilot is very difficult in my country, Mexico; omg, there’re many people here who really want to be a pilot, that’s why I feel proud that there’re wonderful people making that dreams possible.


Do it! I am also dreaming one day being a pilot

Sure would buy it, first its a very nice bracelet and second of all who you will be supporting is an amazing idea.

I love how it looks like. I would lovve to buy one!

100% positive! Its a great achievement to help someone who is not able to finance his/her flight training! 100000% yes !
30€ vs someone’s dream

Hi! Pilot Patrick. I am Ravikant from India and I want to know that how much it will cost to ship the bracelet to India and also the price of this bracelet in Indian Currency…? Reply me as soon you can I am waiting I will try to buy this bracelet.

Thanking You,

Yes i would. Though I’m in Kenya

Hallo Patrick,

ich finde deine Idee wirklich gut! Viele junge Menschen träumen davon eines Tages Pilot zu sein und müssen jedoch aus Geldmangel anderen Interessen bei der Berufswahl nachgehen. DU möchtest einem dieser Menschen den Traum erfüllen und ihn unterstützen auf seinem Weg dorthin – das finde ich wunderbar! Ich würde deine Idee auf jeden Fall unterstützen 🙂

Freue mich mehr darüber zu erfahren!

Liebe Grüße & many happy landings

P.S Ein Band in der Farbe Rot wäre toll 🙂 Somit könnten deine Kollegen und Kolleginnen, wie ich, bei Austrian Airlines es auch zur Uniform tragen 😉 Danke!

Let’s do it pilot patrick, i would order one. I must have it that bracelet with ur logo. I always support that charity. I’m from Indonesia. How can i buy that bracelet?

It’s an amazing idea Patrick, I would totally buy your bracelet. I’m 17 years old and I want to be a pilot ‍✈️
I’m really interested in your project and I believe it’s an amazing way to give someone the possibility to make their dream come true!! Greetings from Buenos Aires! ❤️

Wonderful idea ! I would order one for sure and I support you in this project. I’m currently doing my ATPL modules and I’m still asking how will I manage to pay for that huge amount of money necessary to go through the CPL/IR/ME/MCC…
So If that could help someone, I say YES !

I think that it’s a great idea ! I just have some questions about it, how will the selection process be? How can somebody access it? Is it only available in Germany? Thanks.

Always I watch your videos think how great it is. I think you has a good ideia helping who has this dream too. I would like be pilot in the future, but sadly this is not for everybody. Go ahead! I will buy this bracelet when available.

I actually love the idea. I’m venezuelan, I’m studying Electric Engineering right now, even though my biggest dream has always been to be a commercial pilot, I can’t do it right know because the economical situation in my country is so bad. I consider that there are many people who would like to help someone to achieve his dream, and €30 it’s okay.

I love this idea! I fully support this, as I want to become a pilot! I don’t have the money for it but I’m trying to get as many scholarships as I can, and I know how frustrating it is. So something like this would be incredible for anyone! I would definitely buy a bracelet to support this.

I would definitely buy this to support someone becoming a pilot. I am a nervous flyer so for me this can also be my good luck charm to relax on a plane knowing I have a well trained pilot.

Sir you’re great and your thinking too. By the way the price of bracelet is bit high for me as a student. But ya! I’ll try to recommend one of my friend who wants to become pilot. And sir your idea of paying the whole fees of pilot’s training is so wonderful. Hats off Sir!!!! Will you help my friend who wants to become pilot????

i would like to buy but hm too expensive for me 🙁

are you crazy 30 € is very much for a bracelet sorry my opinion

How to buy the bracelet?