My First Time Flying Aerobatics

My First Time Flying Aerobatics
24/09/2017 pilotpatrick
first time flying aerobatics

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Hello my Aviator,

as you now Sunday is a fun day. Last weekend I attended my first Red Bull Air Race in Lausitz, Germany. On top, I was also invited to go on my very first aerobatic flight with an Air Race pilot. I spent two exciting and action-packed days. In this blog post, I will share the fun with you. You also have the chance to win a bag back with a lot of useful goodies. 

vienna qf hotel dresden

Cozy room at the Vienna QF Hotel in Dresden


I arrived late in Dresden because I had an evening flight from Bergamo back to Germany. After I landed in Leipzig I took a rental car on 1,5 hours drive to Dresden. At 1 am in the morning I checked in the Vienna QF Hotel, which is located right in the city center. The next morning I already had to get up at 7 am. The cozy hotel room helped me to have a good, but short rest. After a tasty omelet and smoked salmon for a breakfast, a shuttle picked me up to take me to the venue of the Red Bull Air Race.

my first time flying aerobatics

Hangar tour

first time flying aerobatics

VIP passes with access to the hangars

Racing in the air

Hamilton watches (The Swatch Group Germany GmbH) invited me to the 7th RedBull Air Race World Championship in Lausitz. It is the only air race in Germany and Hamilton watches is the official timekeeper of this championship. It is a great match because Hamilton is linked to the time keeping in aviation since 1918. Back in the days, pilots had to rely on the precision of their watches for navigation. First of all, we were equipped with VIP passes which granted us access to the Sky Lounge. The Hamilton crew consisted of Percy (luxify), Jens (atomlabor), Sebastian (Männer Style) and Basti (Basti_go_pro).

first time flying aerobatics

Lausitz Speedway in Germany

Hangar tour

Our schedule for the day was filled with a lot of activities. The first item on the agenda was the hangar tour. I had the chance to see the racing aircraft up close and I met the pilot Nicolas Ivanoff, who is the brand ambassador of Hamilton watches. We took a photo in front of his aircraft, Zivko Edge 540 and I wished him happy landings for the upcoming race!

Technical specification of the Edge 540

  • Roll rate: 450°/s
  • Max Takeoff weight: 750 kg
  • Vne: 220 kts (never exceed speed)
  • Wingspan: 7,43 m
  • Lenght 6,30
  • Max G-forces: +/- 12 g


first time flying aerobatics

Meeting air race pilot Nicolas Ivanoff  / photo: René Gaens

first time flying aerobatics

Racing aircraft Edge 540

Sky Lounge

The weather was perfect. The sun was up and the winds were calm. Ideal conditions for the pilots and the spectators. We enjoyed refreshing drinks in the sky lounge, which granted us the best view of the race track. The runway was situated right in front of the terrace, so the aircraft were taking off and landing up close. The area was exclusively for VIP guests. I almost forgot to enjoy the catering because of the action on the race track and the fun in the lounge.

sky lounge redbull air race

Sky Lounge at the Red Bull Air Race

hamilton watches

Official timekeeper Hamilton watches

Smoke on!

The first flight battle was between Nicolas Ivanoff and Martin Sonka. It was the first time for me to watch an air race live. Even as a pilot I was impressed by the speed and the maneuvers the air race pilot flew. It is a combination of skills, precision, and speed to succeed in this competition. One round consist of two laps through the course of pylons. Nicolas controlled his aircraft flawlessly through the tight race track. But unfortunately, his competitor Sonka was a little bit faster.

Up to 10 g and 370 km/h

The pilots pull unbelievingly up to 10 g and fly speeds up to 370 km/h in the race track. In a thrilling roller coaster, you might experience around 4 g. 10 g means 10 times your body weight. Amazing what the structure of the aircraft and their pilots have to withstand. I was wondering what the feeling was like to be on board of such a flight. Luckily I was going to find out the next day.


redbull air race germany

Happy racing and happy landings

first time flying aerobatics

Hello my Aviators: Going live on Instagram

My first time flying aerobatics

The next day Nicolas Ivanoff and Hamilton invited me on an aerobatic flight in an Extra 330 LX at the aircraft Schwarzweide-Schipkau. Ivanoff is the leading French aerobatic pilot and an expert in creativity when it comes to his flying skills and techniques. During my flight training, I flew step turns of 60° bank angle. This was the most aerobatic maneuver I have flown. Many of my Aviators asked me before the flight if I am nervous or scared to go on this flight. Anything but that. I was super excited to discover a new way of flying.

It is like drawing in the sky

The flight

I told Ivanoff that he can fly the full program with me and that I am not scared a single bit. He really did and it was amazing. I could not stop smiling. It was really a thrilling flight. All roller coasters are boring compared to this flight. Ivanoff flew countless barrel rolls, loopings, spins, vertical flight maneuvers. He pulled 8 g followed by the maximum roll rate of 400° a second. Once I blacked out for a very short time. In the end, I took over the controls and I flew to barrel rolls myself. It was an exceptional feeling. Watch the video. It says more than 1000 words.


first time flying aerobatics

Just in case with a parachute

first time flying aerobatics

Ready for the departure for my first aerobatic flight


Technical Specifications Extra 33 LX

  • Roll rate: 400°/s
  • Max Takeoff weight: 950 kg
  • Vne: 220 kts
  • Wingspan: 8,0 m
  • Lenth: 7,2 m
  • Max G-forces: +/- 10 g (1 person) +/- 8 g (2 persons)
first time flying aerobatics

Happy pilots after a thrilling flight

Insider tip and giveaway

When you think about cities in Germany you won’t necessarily think about Dresden. But it is definitely a highlight you should not miss out. Especially the city center, which was completely destroyed after the second world war, was beautifully restored.


I am giving a Hamilton bag back with a lot of useful goodies, like sunglasses, mini speaker, a hat, keychain and an umbrella. Additionally, you will get a personal note. To have the chance to win, follow these steps:

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  • Would you dare to go on an aerobatic flight? Answer in a comment below

Winner of the A380 model giveaway of the blog post about aviation myths is Maurice.

my first time fling aerobatics


Good luck and happy landings!

Your Pilot Patrick

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Hallo Patrick! Aus deiner Erzählung kann man lesen, dass es ein einzigartiges und einmaliges Erlebnis für dich war. Ich sehe mir sowas gerne an, aber ich hätte nicht den Mut dazu und würde mich nicht trauen, in so einen Flieger einzusteigen und mitzufliegen.
Positive mind and happy landings
Liebe Grüße Sandra

Amy Kurdi

Would I dare to go on an aerobatic flight ? YES, I have always been a dare devil so I would and I I’m sure I would enjoy it too

Rajemah Rajali

Would i dare to go for aerobatic sport…absolutely YES….i will challege myself…


Would I ever go on an acrobatic flight? I would definitely say yes but I would perhaps be nervous but excited at the same time. Maybe I would be nervous about blacking out like you did for a few seconds but I would also probably have a smile on my face the entire time. I’m sure it was a thrilling ride!!


Would I dare to go on an aerobatic flight? Yes, because I love discovering new things and do everything what is very extreme.


My answer is YES… I have always enjoyed flying.❤❤❤

Luca Rotondaro

Yesss Patrick
You don’t have to ask me one more time !!! I would love to take a flight with that “bird”!!
Oh !! The video is freakin’ cool!! It looks amazing and adrenaline!!
Happy sundayfunday my Captain


Hello Pilot Patrick i hope you are having a good day!! Yes ofcourse I would like to go on a aerobatic flight ! Its a great experience i am sure ! I saw you enjoying it ! And as a ATPL student i would like to see the aviation wild side ! Thank you for your posts ! We are waiting for more !

Tauan Costa

OMG!!! It was so amazing, I could feel the experience even though I wasn’t there! So, if I dare? FOR SURE!!!


Hello Pilot Patrick. I like this article. I like a challenge. I think now woman n man have no different for having many experience. If I have a chance to do aerobatic flight, I think I dare to try it. Although I never fly before, at least I dont need to swim, haha. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Panos ps_style_

Hello Patrick from Greece!I would like to have an aerobatic flight but i’m very tall (1,92cms)and perhaps this is a problem.That ”bird”is very small.I’m jealous of you!Your blog and your posts are great! I follow on instagram,your page is awesome.We are waiting for more posts!!!

Andrews kwaku

Yes I would dare to take an Aerobotic flight all because it is Avaition and I love everything that has to do with Avaition .

And there is always a room to discover new things in the Avaition Industry . ✊‍✈️


Woah I would love doing that…………Cos the hypnotising scenic beauty from top as well as the blue sky would let me take that risk……I would love doing that……..It is always said to do get the best we have to take the risk…….


Yes I would like to experience that!
It’s extraordinary and I think I can see the beautiful scenery from a different angle, not only sit around an commercial airplane and see it trough my window (even though sometimes I don’t get a chance to sit next to the window ☹️).


I would LOVE to go on an aerobatic flight since I belong in the air. There is no better feeling than being on an aircraft and I can’t think of anything that makes me happier than flying. I’d love to be a pilot like u one day. Wish you a nice and relaxing Sunday ✈️


Gutentag Patrick, hello from Belgium! I would really love to go on an areobatic flight with a powered airplane, I’ve done a few areobatic flights with gliders a year ago. Even during my Glider Pilot License exam: we did 4 loopings in a row 😉 ! I subscribed and Keep up the nice content! Cheers!
– Joren


Oh yes id dare. Im daring and love doing new things meeting new people and gaining more skills and amazing experiences


Hi patrick , yep i would love to have such an amazing experience atleast once .It s scary but still wanna try it and have you got VIP passes Awesome.You had such an awesome Experience wow next time if you get Vip passes pls take me also .Enjoy and have fun Always

Beth Luckman

Hi Patrick, what an awesome experience! Yes absolutely I would dare – I want to feel that adrenaline buzz! I’m pretty new to the world of aviation so I’m very happy to have found your IG account and now your blog; I’m learning a lot of cool stuff from you! Best regards, Beth (UK)


Without hesitation I would dare to go on an aerobatic flight!


Hello Patrick. I would love that. It seems like such fun. Definitely something worth doing! Thulele


It will be my first time and I will probably be screaming alot, but it will be wonder and alot of fun! First time up in the sky!!!!!


HELL YEAH !! What parking stand is the aerobatic plane on and where is my boarding pass?! Once you have tasted flying, you can’t live without !!
Safe flight and many happy kiss landings 😉

Noa de Metter


You’re a great pilot (At least it looks like that). What’s really great to see, is that you can really see how lucky you are in an airplane. I have 1 question for you: Were die you get educated? And do you recommend it? If so, why?


Hi 🙂

The answer to the question is yes, but the older i get the more i realize that i get sick from spinning around the way you did haha, sometimes i get sick from attractions and i think it has come with age haha so i’m sure i would feel sick haha

Ryan Wiggins

Absolutely would.


I’d probably say YES! ‘Cause you only live once. Try to do something exciting or something that you have ever wanted to do but you still haven’t to do yet. Although those experiences and memories will just become a part of your past, you will never forget them because they are valuable. Live your life without regrets. 🙂


Hello! I don’t know if I would dare, I think so. One question, were you nervous before the flight?


Good evening pilot patrick ! I follow you from the beginning especially on instagram and I will do for eternity, thank you for all you do I love aeronautics since my childhood, mission and adventures , I will do an aerobatic flight with pleasure at all times ✈


Hello, Patrick!
Ooh it’s harder to breathe after this video
Thanks a lot for the story, sure it was really amazing experience! But to be honest I don’t know how to ask for the question about aerobatic flight. On the one side – I’m addicted to sky and planes, on the other side – I’m panically afraid of high
But…don’t know…suppose, if I have possibility to try the same aerobatic flight I couldn’t to say “no” The life is too short and we MUST afford us to make some crazy things nd enjoy it


Would you dare to go on an aerobatic flight?
If I have given a chance ABSOLUTELY YESSS!! Since it’s my dream to become a Pilot but I never had the chance to become one like you but at least at some point of my life I can experience this aerobatic flight together with this amazing pilot patrick. ❤


Yes I would board the stunt plane with my trusty pilot. The parachute would give me extra support but I know the views of the earth and skies from different vantages would be more than enough to make any nerves worth it. Blues and greens flying by and quickened pulse and breath would surely make anyone feel more alive. It would be a lot to take in and I’m sure my knees would shake but I’m ready to go! Glad you fulfilled another dream. You may one day have your own aerobatic plane on which you can take people up… Read more »


Yeahhh! I like it!


Would I dare to go on an aerobatic flight? Yes!!!


YES! I have never been afraid of flying and recently I found out that aviation is kind of my passion.

So Thank you, Patrick, for sharing your sky world with us 😉


Hallo, Yes, absolutely in a heartbeat I would dare to go! No fear. Already on list of goals. The video was wunderbar! Well done! Thank you for you posting. I noticed that Nicholas Ivanoff had a helmet on prior to departure, is this a requirement for anyone on board an aerobatic flight? And yes, agree Dresden’s restoration is quite extraordinary and a must see. Hope it’s OK to add an unrelated comment here. Once again, the recorded online talk was marvelous to view. Happy it was recorded for those of us who couldn’t make it at 1300. Oh, my goodness,… Read more »


Hallo again, I forgot to ask how it felt when you blacked out for those few seconds? What do you remember?

Danke and Happy Tag der Deutschen Einheit


Hallo once again. The question if the helmet is safety regulation in aerobatic flying, that would be no problem as in the parachute, but a girl has to be prepared hairstyle wise. When I have the aerobatic opportunity, between the big helmet and possible 8 g, a french braid may suit best during flight! Just kidding of course, but trying to add a bit a humor to segue to a serious comment. I’m sorry to tell you but there is a Twitter profile using at least 12 of your photos under the name of Mark Grandbell. It is unsettling. Please… Read more »