My highlights and travel tips of Los Angeles

My highlights and travel tips of Los Angeles
06/08/2017 pilotpatrick
my highlights and travel tips of Los Angeles

Hello my Aviator, the road trip through California was a lot of fun. I started off in San Francisco from where I took the Pacific coast highway southbound. My final destination was Los Angeles, where I spend over one week in May. I am excited to show you my highlights and give you travel tips for your next stay in Los Angeles. 

my highlights of los angeles

View from the Griffith Observatory

The City of Angeles

Los Angeles is immense. Four million people live in a city which is so spread out that you get the impression that it does not seem to be one city. In fact, every part of town is different and has its own vibe. There is so much to discover and my list of things I wanted to do was long. In total, I stayed eight nights in L.A. and this was definitely not enough. On some days I was just relaxing and living like a local. The weather at the end of May was ideal.


My highlights and travel tips of Los Angeles

Meet and Greet with my Aviators from L.A.

Public transportation exists but is bad and unreliable. I used a rental car for my road trip and to get around in town. Parking can be really expensive. Especially in West Hollywood, where street parking is not allowed at night. So you are basically forced to pay a valet parking which costs around 40$ per night. UBER  is very popular in the States. It is a convenient and inexpensive way to get around.

My tip: Stay at least for a week, so the sight seeing does not become too stressful. May is a perfect month. Overnight in different parts of town. Do not drive during peak hours and avoid parking at night in West Hollywood. 

My highlights of Los Angeles

The Spirit of Santa Monica at the Flying Museum of Stanta Monica airport

My highlights and travel tips of Los Angeles

What did I do?

Griffith Observatory: This Observatory is well-known from movies and gives spectacular views of Los Angeles. The parking situation is horrible and it is a long way up there. I did a really spontaneous meet and greet. Even though that place is so remote seven Aviators showed up. Thanks again for coming!

Hollywood sign: I drove up to the Lake Hollywood Park (3160 Canyon Lake Dr), from this place you have a good view of the sign. The light was nice during sunset.

Venice: My favorite part of town. Trendy places with cool shops, café, and restaurants. Do not miss to visit Abbot Kinney Blvd and the famous and crazy Venice Beach Broadwalk.

My highlights of Los Angeles
my highlights and travel tips of Los Angeles

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier: I only took a quick stroll over the famous pier with its amusement attractions. The place was really crowded. I personally did not like it.

Walk of Fame: A must do touristic attraction. You probably will be disappointed by the crappy area around the walk of fame but it is fun to walk on the famous stars.

Beverly Hills: I was cruising along the Rodeo Drive with its luxurious shops and ended up in Beverly Hills, where the rich and famous life. The streets are picture perfect with hundreds of tall palm trees.

My tip: Rent a bike and drive along the bike route from Venice to Santa Monica. Especially around sunset it really beautiful along the ocean. 

my highlights of Los Angeles
Los Angeles travel tips

Typical road in Beverly Hills

My accommodations

It stayed at several places in Los Angeles. The costs for an accommodation are expensive in Los Angeles. One night I paid 300$ for a 3-star hotel and it was nothing special.

The first few nights I spend in Venice at a lovely Airbnb. I had my own small bungalow with a nice outside area at a great location. The experience staying at the Airbnb was more personal than a hotel and the hosts Brad and Julien were great.

My highlights and travel tips of Los Angeles
My highlights and travel tips of Los Angeles

My Bungalow in Venice.

L.A. is so vast that is why moved to West Hollywood for a couple of days to discover this part of town as well.

The last five days I spend in Venice again. That time I stayed at different Airbnb which is one its kind. The property consisted of two houses with an original airstream and a patio with a hot tub. The property was located right in the heart of Venice close to Abbot Kinney Blvd.

My tip: Book your accommodations well ahead of time. They sell out quite quickly and get really expensive. I killed a lot of time searching for a place to stay during my vacation. The app “Hoteltonight” can be handy for spontaneous bookings.

My highlights and travel tips of Los Angeles

Amazing Airbnb with an airstream

my Highlights and travels tips of los angeles

Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Six Flags Magic Moutain

I am a big fan of roller coasters. For me, they can not be thrilling enough. As a teenager, I heard about Six Flags Magic Mountain the first time. In total, they have over 15 different roller coasters. I was excited to visit this amusement park, even though I read a lot of negative reviews on the internet. In the end, most of the complaints of other visitors proofed right. It was a rather disappointing fun day.

A lot of rides were closed because of maintenance and due to a short shower in the morning- It was not allowed to bring your own food (I still did). The outlets only offered unhealthy meal options and a regular pizza was over 30$. I did not have the impression that the park was well maintained either. But their rides were a lot of fun. Especially the roller coaster “X“ was a thrill. I visited on a Monday and maximum waiting time for an attraction was  20 mins. That was great.

My tip: If you are working in the travel industry register at Plum benefits. This online booking platform overs great discount on entertainment, hotels, etc. This way I could save 50% on the entrance fee. During my time as exchange student, I have been to L.A. before. I can recommend the Universal Studios a lot. 


My highlights and travel tips of Los Angeles

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Where to eat?

Food is not inexpensive in the supermarket and in restaurants. Especially if you want good quality and organic products. To find healthy meal options I use the App “Happy Cow“. Here are some places I can recommend. (not all healthy)

My tip: Popular restaurants are really crowded during peak hours. Try to do a reservation, so you do not have to wait for a table!

my travel tips for Los Angeles

Tasty oysters at a restaurant in Venice

Pilot Patrick at Hermosa Beach Pier during sunset

Sunset vibes at Venice Beach

Pilot Patrick shirtless at Venice Beach

Pier at Hermosa Beach during sunset

Next time in L.A. I want to take a helicopter flight over the city, do a hike to the Hollywood sign and visit the Getty Center. I also would like to visit all the amazing beaches along the coast line to go surfing. Los Angeles is definitely a place where I could imagine to live for a longer period of time.

What is your favorite city in the United States and what can you recommend to do there? Please comment below!

Happy landings and safe travels!

Your Pilot Patrick


  1. Tom 3 years ago

    Thanks for info! I’m in La this month so this is helpful x

  2. Rae 3 years ago

    ❤️ this blog,i would like to visit this place one day .thank you for sharing the highlights of LA.

  3. Rae 3 years ago

    ❤️This blog,i would like to visit this place one day thank you for sharing highlights of LA

  4. Brenda 3 years ago

    Well done on LA!!

    So I really LOVE upstate NY!!
    It is the Finger Lakes Region and also NY’s wine country! Plenty of outdoor activities…great hiking…spectacular lake views… waterfalls everywhere….and so many wineries to visit! Prost!
    (Autumn is the BEST season in my opinion)✨

  5. Jared 3 years ago

    Nice post! Thanks for sharing

  6. Kory 2 years ago

    Hallo Patrick, i agree with you about LA being a city where you can easily think of living for some time, I’m European but I have some family there!
    If you like riding a horse, there is “Sunset ranch” close to the Hollywood sign, so instead of hiking the Hollywood hills by walk, you can ride the horse next time!
    And if you want more privacy, try Malibu pier, it’s just 10′ drive from Santa Monica. Enjoy your next LAX!

  7. Emmy Puspasari 9 months ago

    Wow… Los Angeles is really Big city , and i interest with Hollywood, Santa Monica, Hall of fame, and the special one is Rollercoaster place… its Super Awesome!! Also your Bungalow is very home sweet home… btw im really curious want to see you do surfing.. ahhhh its alot of fun!! Also Beverly Hills ,all the place is really COOL. wish if one day , i have a chance, i want visit USA too ! Thanks for the interesting info on your blog! Its always helpful and we may learn more about LA through your blog esp. Me you do the Best as always , my dear


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