My new sophisticated earphones – product review

My new sophisticated earphones – product review
27/01/2019 pilotpatrick
product review beoplay e8 earphones

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Dear Aviator,

on my last city trip to beautiful Vienna in Austria, I took a new travel companion with me:  my new pair of earphones. After I showed them for the first time in my Instagram story, I received a lot of comments and message requesting to share more information about them. In this blog post, I will review one of the most sophisticated earphones of Bang & Olufsen and let you know if you should get them as well. 

product review beoplay e8 earphones

Recently my in-ear headphones of BOSE broke. I had them for many years and to be honest I was happy that they stopped working because I was not satisfied with them anymore. So this was the perfect reason to get a new pair. In the end, they were not up to date anymore and their use became unpractical. Especially since Apple removed the connection and extra adapted was necessary to listen to music from the smartphone. The cord and the small battery pack became bothersome.

product review beoplay e8 earphones

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A must-have for all travelers

Whether you are traveling by plane, train or bus headphones of high quality is a must. You are your own DJ and you decided on the content you want to listen to whenever and wherever you are. I could not imagine leaving the house with earphones anymore. Especially when I have to fly as a passenger they are an essential travel companion. I really enjoyed the noise-canceling function of my previous earphones. They could make you forget about the noisy world around you. Not only the sound experience was improved, but you could also relax much better since the ambient noise was reduced. Noise causes stress. In my blog post about the fear of flying, I stated that noise-canceling headphones can be a helpful tool to fly more relaxed.

product review beoplay e8 earphones

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Why I chose the Beoplay E8?

My list of requirements for my new earphones was long. But the three most important characteristics were the size, the cord-free design, and a noise-canceling function. In the end, I decided on the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8, which is probably the most sophisticated earphones currently on the market.


The E8 comes with a genuine leather charging case. The small size lets you easily take them with you and charge them on the go. The battery lasts for 4 hours playtime and the case charges them another 8 hours. But the risk of losing them is quite high due to their size.


The E8 delivers enables high-quality listening which includes a good bass delivery. You can choose from five ear tips to ensure a precise fit in the ear canal for an optimal listening experience. They are really comfortable to wear and do not bother at all.


The control of the earphones is through intuitive touch control. In the beginning, it is a little bit tricky, but you will get used to it quickly. You can you change/pause tracks, take calls and activate voice commands, all without taking your smartphone out of your pocket.


With this feature, you can tune in your surroundings. For example, you are out in the city or you are talking to a person. For longer conversation, I recommend to take the earphones out since the transparency mode does not sound natural.

product review beoplay e8 earphones


  • state of the art design
  • comfortable to wear
  • cord-free, truly wireless
  • impressive sound
  • intuitive touch-based control


  • high price
  • easy to lose
  • not suitable for sports
  • only 4 hours playtime
product review beoplay e8 earphones

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The high-quality materials, the extraordinary design, and the sophisticated functions have a high price tag. They are a little bit more expensive than the “Apple AirPods” but the Beoplay E8 are definitely the better earphones. Even though they do not come with active noise-canceling function, the reduction of ambient noise is remarkable.  In my opinion, the value for money is appropriate. I see it as an investment that improves my everyday travel life.

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Safe travels and happy landings!

Your PilotPatrick



  1. Shiran Abraham 1 year ago

    Always love to read your blogs , you always come with new articles. Interesting blog, I’m also always using earphones even at my home I’m using earphones because Rishon always disturbing me to watch your vlogs so I’m using earphones no more disturbing . Love this Beoplay E8 earphone small n looks so comfortable. Currently i have Apple AirPods. I guess Beoplay E8 is so suitable for me because I’m not allowed to used phones during my duty n this one is small easy to put inside the ear n no one can see I’m using earphones. I like the plus point of Beoplay E8 n negative points is also markable need to more careful otherwise we can lose n bout expensive I can say you pay high payments but you’ll get best products. I’ll definitely checked this products . This will be the best VALENTINES gift for Rishon he is always using earphones during his gym n Beoplay E8 is the best for him.

  2. Vita 1 year ago

    Wuaooo ….. very nice …. Amazing!!

  3. Liliani setiawati 1 year ago

    Bang and Olufsen is an outstanding brand. In Singapore I love to visit the showroom on level 1 of Hyatt Hotel Scotts road. So glad that you are the proud user of Bang and Olufsen product. Our beloved pilot deserved the best product.

  4. Maria Dugan 1 year ago

    Thanks for ur insight into these earphones. I like the fact that U didn’t hold back and said what u felt etc.
    What a shame they aren’t so good/compatible for sports, I would suggest the company looks into this, as many ppl exercise a lot. Good blog as always looking at both sides.

  5. Andreas 1 year ago

    Wow I need them!

  6. Nadine 1 year ago

    Nice blog. But they are a bit too expensive for me.

  7. This post was so helpful! I have been looking for some quality earphones recently and have been unsure which ones to buy. Your description and review of the E8 has certainly peaked my interest. Thanks so much for taking the time to review them for your aviators.
    I always enjoy reading your informative blogs. Thanks again! X

  8. Masscv 1 year ago

    Good article! Thanks for sharing this information.

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