My #pilotessentials skin care products

My #pilotessentials skin care products
03/03/2019 pilotpatrick
pilot skin care routine

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Dear Aviator,

welcome on board of another blog post. This week I passed my check flight in the simulator to become a captain. Yet the training is not finished and will continue on board of the real aircraft. The past weeks have been quite stressful with lots of studying, ground training and long simulator sessions. The intensity is also stressful for my skin. I have noticed that my skin tends to be blemished lately. Eucerin helps me to get it to control again with their Dermo Pure series. I will share my daily skincare routine and tips. Additionally, you will have the chance to win a skincare set.

pilot skin care routine

Currently, I am waiting on my new license to be published by the authority. In the meantime, I am not allowed to operate an aircraft yet. To bridge the waiting time I decided to visit the new family vacation getaway in the Austrian Alps. It is located close to the Kitzbühl at a lake and the panoramic view of the mountains is breathtaking. A great spot to calm down, to have some time for oneself and to escape the hectic city life.

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Skincare on my travels

Skincare is important for every one of us, no matter which season, temperature or location. That is why I take my skincare products matching to the destinations on all my travels. This allows me to keep up my routine wherever I am and I do not need to rely on other skin care products.

My tip: Take your skincare products on all your journeys. Use small sizes to save weight and space. 

pilot skin care routine

UreaRepair PLUS hand cream and Acute Lip balm

Know what your skin needs

Sure it is still winter in Austria and the weather is close to freezing temperatures. On one side the air outside is dry so you need to moisturize your skin. Latest when you notice your hands are rough and your lips are burning you should use a lip balm and hand lotion. On the other side, the weather can be quite sunny on top of the alps. Once exposed to the sun for a longer period of time (especially the face) you need to use sun protection despite the cold outside air temperature. The hand lotion and the lip balm are also a must-have on board of aircraft to fight the dry cabin air.

My tip: Pack skin care products according to the destination. Sun protection is not only important during the summer months.

Hands: Eucerin Urea Repair Plus

Lips: Eucerin Acute Lip balm

pilot skin care routine

Eucerin Hyaluron Filler with SPF30

pilot skin care routine

Eucerin Dermo Pure Series

My daily routine

Clean my face: Eucerin DermoPure cleanser removes dirt, make-up, and any excess sebum. The gel eliminates skin bacteria and prevents bacterial growth. I use it in the morning and before going to bed.

Shower: The pH5 shower gel of Eucerin which is made for people who shower frequently and have sensitive skin. It protects your skin from drying out. Especially during work, I shower a lot, that’s why I carry a small travel edition with me.

pilot skin care routine

Eucerin Dermo Pure Series

pilot skin care routine

Eucerin Soft Shower Gel pH5

Day cream: I differentiate between if I am exposed to strong sunlight or not. If yes I use Hyaluron Filler with sun protection (SPF30) It also that plumps up wrinkles. Yes, I already spotted some in my face. If I am not exposed to sunlight I use the DermoPure face fluid which has a matting effect and it also helps to control blemished skin. I can easily have a shiny and fatty-face appearance, so it is ideal for me.

Night: Before going to bed I clean my face and then I apply the Hyaluron Filler night It is an Anti-age peeling and moisturizing serum for all skin types. A dual-action overnight peeling and serum that exfoliates and refines skin texture, promotes skin cell renewal and plumps up wrinkles.

pilot skin care routine

Sunset in Austria

pilot skin care routine

Hyaluron Peeling and Serum


UPDATE: Congratulations! Following Aviators won the Eucerin #pilotessentials giveaway: Felix, zvervy (@zvervy), Erik, Judith and Verena Uhlmann. Please check your comment below to find out how to redeem your price. You need to rember if you comment on or .com/de (German site).

Every one of us has different needs when it comes to skincare. So please visit the website of Eucerin to find the right products for you. To test my favorite Eucerin products you have the chance to win one of five “#pilotessentials skin care kits” worth 60€  (DermoPure face fluid, shower gel pH5, lip balm, hand creme, DermoPure cleanser)

To have the chance to win you just need to complete the following three steps:

  1. Comment below this blog why you want to test my favorite skin care products
  2. Like the blog post (heart symbol)
  3. Comment on my last Instagram post with “”

I will randomly pick five winners on the 17th of March. To find out who won the giveaway from Vienna, check out the previous blog post.

pilot skin care routune


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Safe travels and happy landings!

Your PilotPatrick



  1. Sarin Soy 1 year ago

    A lot of people say good things about Eucerin products and I would like to try.

  2. Vita 1 year ago

    La linea Eucerin è un brand completo…soddisfa ogni tipologia di pelle…❤️

  3. Shiran Abraham 1 year ago

    Once again congratulations you pass the simulator n we’re waiting You’ll flying in left seat as a our proud captain with wearing 4 stripes. I’m always waiting to read your blog as your blog is so interesting always n your blog always inspired. I already test Eucerin products n I’m fully satisfied with Eucerin products. My daily routine is as like yours using all Eucerin products n I most loved anti pigment day n night cream, spot correct . Now I just bought new products of Eucerin anti pigment dual serum , day n night cream. n I’m so excited to try those new products. I’m sure those new products also will be best products. Thank you gorgeous for recommend me Eucerin products I’m really satisfied with them n now Eucerin is my best n favorite skin care.

  4. Nils Kunz 1 year ago

    Cooler Post mein Lieber! Ich würde die Produkte sehr gerne bei meiner fliegerischen Ausbildung für den PPL testen, um meinen Körper auch das optimale
    bieten zu können. 🙂

  5. Liliani setiawati 1 year ago

    Thank you for writing such an interesting and informative always, plus this time with all these fabulous pictures, soooo magnificent view of Salzburg. I would like to try Hyaluron filler night, I am sure you know why, cos it comes with anti aging peeling and moisturising serum. Lovely explanation, PP. We only have ONE face and ONE body, hahahaa, so we have to fully take care of it. We have to love ourselves first before loving other :-)).

  6. Laila 1 year ago

    It’s good that’s what I can say now.!

  7. Kella 1 year ago

    Thanks for introducing me to Eucerin Patrick. I had tried the sun protection and lip balm only since I knew this.product by last year. Really looking forward to see the Eucerin products in Jakarta-Indonesia soon I think I am gonna need those DermaPure series for my skin care

  8. Mrs Hwe 1 year ago

    I am so very happy to see your new blog dear,,because you always write everything about knowledge, a beautiful scenery from Austria and of course all about your favorite item is Eucerin..and i hope eucerin can open the shop at Indonesia city dear PP,i cant wait to see you started flight again with your new stripes as a Captain for all your Aviators. We are really proud of you now

  9. Emmy Puspasari Soetedja 1 year ago

    Your Holiday in Austria is super Fun and awesome!! Thanks for sharing with us , im curious with this Eucerin skin care product and i hear its the Best product from Germany.. so i really wanna try it and wish find it soon in Indonesia.. wish in some store in Indonesia , wish soon !! I know from your IG, YT and blog that Eucerin make our skin is more healthy, skiny, smooth and protect from sun.. thanks dear

  10. Motte 1 year ago

    Ich habe sehr empfindliche haut und würde mich sehr freuen über das Set. Wünsche dir viel Erfolg weiterhin und dass du bd deine Lizenz bekommst

  11. Rhea Cristle Goveas 1 year ago

    I would love to win these skin products as I currently live in a very hot and dry city & my skin tends to get dull soon. Also, Eucerin products are not available in my area and it would be great to start using them now & have great skin!

  12. Xenia 1 year ago

    Because you highly recommend their products and I would like to try them on my own skin at home and on journey

  13. Daniel 1 year ago

    Awsome pictures and products! Would love to try them!

  14. Amanda 1 year ago

    Nice house I want the products, because you use them

  15. Alf Pedersen 1 year ago

    Wo ich arbeite, haben wir sehr trockene luft, meine hände trocknen viel aus. Und ich habe sehr viele Unriene Haut und Akne. Ich denke, Eucerin kann helfen

  16. Diogo Alexandre 1 year ago

    I really want to try the Eucerin products because, they are recommended by the Pilot Patrick so they must be really good and effective. Keep up the great work PP.

  17. Ivan 1 year ago

    I’m future pilot and I want to try this products for my future pilot routine

  18. Dr.Gargiè 1 year ago

    It’s very important that you use the best quality and paraben free products for your skin! We cannot take our skin for granted especially with cases of skin pigmentation and skin cancer on the rise!
    The reason why I would like to try Eucerin Products is that I could try them first and recommend them to my patients. Our skin deserves nothing but the best!
    Congrats Patrick for clearing your tests and becoming a Captain! You have made us all proud!

  19. Monalisha 1 year ago

    I am a working woman and have to sit for 9 hours in office a day with central air condition (AC) which in return makes my skin very very dry. And also there is lot of pollution in my city when I travel everyday from home to office in a two wheeler and get lot of tan on my face as well as on my feet.

  20. Marielle 1 year ago

    I want to try your routine because my skin is very sensitive and these products seem like they won’t agrivate my skin ☺️

  21. Neil Harvey 1 year ago

    I would love to test these products because I want to take better care of my appearance. I want to feel better and have more confidence and positivity about the way I look.

  22. Felix 1 year ago

    Ich bin ständig unterwegs und verlässige dadurch meine Haut total manchmal. Leider habe ich auch noch nicht das richtige Produkt gefunden. Eucerin habe ich bis jetzt noch nie getestet 😮

  23. Constantin 1 year ago

    I really like to test products as I heard a lot of good things about eucerin and my skin is really important to me as it is the first thing other people see directly! Our skin needs protection and care! This is why I would be really happy to win 🙂

  24. Noel 1 year ago

    Hey Patrick, Congrats on passing the check flight on the simulator! Id like to win the Eucerin products because currently I dont really have products that work best for me. I have an oily skin and will be a good opportunity to try the dermapure cleanser.

  25. Chloe 1 year ago

    Hi Patrick, been a big fan of yours for a while. Would love to give your skincare products a try as everyone gives them amazing reviews. “WH”

  26. Manuel Schiestl 1 year ago

    I have rather bad skin so I’d love to try your products WH

  27. Echirella 1 year ago

    In my country no seller… only Nivea i need this to rescue my skin from dryning

  28. Nikhil Nagawanshi 1 year ago

    Hi Patrick, currently I am not aware of the product you mentioned, but I really want to test it and if the results are good then I would stick up on this.

  29. Abdul-Ur-Rahman Bajwa 1 year ago

    I never used any skin care products and I want to try them.

  30. James Belyeu 1 year ago

    I use a lot of different products. It would be nice to simplify and use one set.

  31. Mio Wallenberg 1 year ago

    I have heard a lot of great things about Eucerin and therefore I would like to see how it is. And I also think that something like this could help me get a better skincare-routine.

  32. Alberto Colombi 1 year ago

    Because I really care about my skin and I never tried Eucerin products

  33. Rhea Cristle Goveas 1 year ago

    (WH) I would love to win these skin products as I currently live in a very hot and dry city & my skin tends to get dull soon. Also, Eucerin products are not available in my area and it would be great to start using them now & have great skin!

  34. Ahmad Al-Hassan 1 year ago

    I would love to use your Skin Products Because I am a Student Pilot who keeps direct sunlight during My Training WH

  35. Abdul-Ur-Rahman Bajwa 1 year ago

    Hab noch nie Hautpflege-Produkte benutzt und möchte die deswegen mal testen.(WH)

  36. James Nightingale 1 year ago

    I would love to test this skin care products so my skin feels silky smooth like you sexy babe, when can I come to Germany to visit you for a week? Love your sexy underwear ❤️❤️WH
    Lots of love, from James Nightingale and Arty my service dog

  37. Paddy Y 1 year ago

    i’m always use eucerin product in my skin care. I love for Hyaluron Filler, Soft shower gel and cleansing and lip balm. Also I will try to use urea repair plus hand cream. Because of you’ve presented the benefit as you get result after use product.

  38. Amelie 1 year ago

    Ich würde dieses Set so gerne mal ausprobieren, da ich auch ständig mit trockener Haut zu kämpfen habe…

  39. Maria Dugan 1 year ago

    Hi Patrick before I started following you, I had never heard of this skin care product. I have always been pretty blessed and have got away with not having to do much with my skin. Thank you for ur personal thoughts on it for u and ur skin, and also for educating us. I am now getting older and I’m sure my skin will need a little help so I have been looking and researching what I need and what will help my skin.
    Congratulations on ur upgrade, sorry u have to wait for ur new licence. Hope ur time away in the alps along side ur skin care routine will help ur skin and u can feel more happy in ur skin again. A great read as always Patrick. Thank you

  40. Dwi noviyati 1 year ago


  41. Nisarg 1 year ago

    Thanks for that . “WH”

  42. zvervy (@zvervy) 1 year ago

    Lieber Patrick,
    leider habe ich immer wieder mit trockener Haut zu kämpfen gehabt, weshalb ich einmal hunderte (ich übertreibe nicht) Pflegeprodukte durchgetestet habe und ich letztlich bei meiner Rettung Eucerin gelandet bin. Denn seit dem ich das Duschgel pH5 nutze hat sich meine Haut wieder regeneriert und ich benötige keine weiteren Hautpflegeprodukte gegen trockene Haut Deswegen hat es mich umso mehr gefreut als ich von deinem Gewinnspiel auf Instagram erfahren habe und dass das pH5 Duschgel im verlosten Geschenkset enthalten ist. Jetzt drück ich mir mal selbst die Daumen bei der Verlosung, denn für einen Student sind die Eucerinprodukte reinster Luxus ‍♂️. Dir wünsch ich noch einen schönen entpannenden Aufenthalt in Österreich, damit du erholt in den Captain-Alltag starten kannst.
    Happy Landings Vincent

    • Author
      pilotpatrick 1 year ago

      Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Du hast bei meinem Gewinnspiel gewonnen. Bitte sende mir Deinen vollständigen Namen und Adresse an

  43. si _8454 1 year ago

    Hi, ich habe die Produkte von Eucerin schon oft in deinen Insta Storys gesehen und finde die echt super. Deshalb würde ich mich sehr freuen, wenn ich eines dieser coolen Sets gewinnen würde.

  44. Barbara Vojtikova 1 year ago

    Hello Patrick,
    Congratulation once again for passing the simulator, although we all knew you gonna make it, you worked so hard. You are amazing example of “dreams come true”
    I would love to try Eucerin, I heard so many positive. My skin is now dull and tired as I am writing my business bachelor thesis about Finnair and stressing way much more. Would love to treat my skin with these beauties
    Have a nice Sunday

  45. Shaakir 1 year ago

    Eucerin is a top leading brand when it comes to skin care . It’s not harsh on skin and seems like it’ll always get the job done. I’d love to try it out Pilot Patrick.


  46. Erik 1 year ago

    Ich bin selber Segelflugpilot und merke, dass gerade bei längeren Flügen meine Haut schnell zur Trockenheit neigt. Um unter anderem auch die Möglichkeit zu bekommen, die Produktvielfalt von Eucerin testen zu können, würde ich mich über ein solches Paket freuen. Dir viel Glück und Spaß als Captain 🙂 (WH)

  47. Dwi noviyati 1 year ago

    Karena cuaca di negara saya berbeda dengan di sana apakah produk itu bida di gunakan di negara saya yang beriklim tropis

  48. Nisarg 1 year ago

    I would love too try it and would hope too win my first ever giveway. “WH”.

  49. Martin 1 year ago

    WH – I would love to try the products as your skin looks amazing after using them.

  50. si _8454 1 year ago

    Hi, in deinen Insta Storys habe ich die Produkte von Eucerin schon oft gesehen und viel gutes über sie gehört. Deshalb gakube ich das sie für meine empfindliche Haut sehr gut geeignet sind und würde mich freuen wenn ich eins dieser coolen Sets gewinnen würde.

  51. si _8454 1 year ago

    Ich würde die Produkte gerne mal ausprobieren, da ich in deinen Insta Storys schon viel gutes über sie gehört habe und würde mich deshalb sehr freuen wenn ich eins dieser Sets gewinnen würde.

  52. Eiman Hakim Nasir 1 year ago

    I want to try Eucerin products because it can prevent my skin become dry. It is hard to find Eucerin products in Malaysia. Temperature here in Malaysia are 36°celcius. It makes our skin drier. I hope i will win the giveaway. Cheers!❤❤

  53. Andy Moores 1 year ago

    Hi Patrick,

    I’ve recently started watching your videos and I love that you promote skincare. For years I’ve suffered with my eczema and am also a lover of Eucerin products. I’d love to give these products a go. Keep up the good work and congratulations on passing your check ride.

    Best wishes,



  54. Sevda Taskin 1 year ago

    I would like to have it

  55. Namit Kumar 1 year ago

    I would love to test Eucerin products as they are recommended by our very own Pilot Patrick. Also i have never tried Eucerin products, so it can be a good start ,,WH

  56. Muniba 1 year ago

    I was knees to know , cause I want to give as gift to my brother , he is true fan of aviation …

  57. Svetlana 1 year ago

    I want to try these skin care products that preserve the beauty of my skin. I can see how beautiful these products are on your skin.

  58. Kieu Tien 1 year ago

    Hi, I want to experience this wonderful product like you and hope I will be lucky

  59. Bipin Makwana 1 year ago


  60. ALEXIA 1 year ago

    I’ve always had problems with finding the right products for me skin but never used Eucerin….I wouldn’t mind trying it out…?

  61. ALEXIA 1 year ago

    I’ve always had problems with finding the right products for my skin but never thought of using Eucerin….maybe I should give it a try…?

  62. Namit Kumar 1 year ago

    I would love to test Eucerin products as they are recommended by our very own Pilot Patrick and that Eucerin is a leading brand when it comes to skin care. I have never tried these, so it could be a good start.
    Also, congratulations on passing the stimulator ,,WH

  63. Mike 1 year ago

    Hi Patrick – would really love to win and try out all the Eucerin skin care kit products!

  64. Kieu Tien 1 year ago


  65. Sophie Vosper 1 year ago

    I suffer really bad with acne and I’m always up for trying something new to help my skin.. I’ve been to the doctors many times and nothing has helped so I would love to try the products you use because you inspire me so much because I’m obsessed with planes

  66. Mohammad Idris S 1 year ago

    (WH) I really want to try the Eucerin products because, they are recommended by the Pilot Patrick.

  67. pau 1 year ago

    WH – living in a humid and warm country where I exposed to the sun a lot, and stay in aircond room during work, which made the skin really dry and many pores. turning 30 but still have blemishes isn’t a good thing.

  68. Abhiji Das 1 year ago

    Captain I always notice that you’re a Ucerin product user. Almost all time you have to face dry weather at thousands of FT above the sea level. Ucerin protect you from all the skin hazard since long. I am also facing skin dry issue specially hand and leap. As we know your selection won’t be wrong. So I am also trying to purchase Ucerin product but unfortunately in India this product is not available.

  69. Divyam Arora 1 year ago

    I want this #pilotessentials because I am also an aviation fan , just like pilot Patrick! WH

  70. Teresa 1 year ago

    I would like to use Eucerin because my face getting dry and i need feel more flexible to my skin.❤️

  71. Marcos 1 year ago

    Keep the skin hydrated is very important to clean all kinds of imperfections. In my adolescence I had to fight acne with many products, until I could do it. From there I understood that maintaining a healthy diet not only helps your body but also your skin. eucerin products are fabulous because they leave your skin looking like new with the necessary freshness.

  72. Namit Kumar 1 year ago

    I would love to test Eucerin products as they are recommended by our very own Pilot Patrick and that Eucerin is a leading brand when it comes to skin care. I have never tried these products, so it could be a good start.
    Also, congratulations on passing the stimulator ,,WH

  73. Yashweena 1 year ago

    Because i’m sure its worth a try as you recommend it so many times on your ig stories and posts!

  74. Christopher Ollendorf 1 year ago

    Patrick you handsome devil! We all want to look as good as you so we definitely need to try out all the wonderful Eucerin products! I live and work in Florida but need to travel all over the U.S. for my business about once a month. Traveling by air can definitely do a number on my skin and I have tried some other products…. but I would truly love to try the Eucerin line. You travel for a living so if it works for you, it’s got to work for me! Hugs from your favorite aviator!

  75. Yashweena 1 year ago


  76. Philipp Eiser 1 year ago

    Bin Teenager und habe mit unreiner Haut zu kämpfen; WH

  77. HARSH Bhanushali 1 year ago

    WH I want to test this product to see that can it withhold the Indian environment and if it can then it will be the best skincare product .

  78. Divyam Arora 1 year ago

    I want this because I am an aviation fan , just like pilot Patrick . WH

  79. Rob Leighton 1 year ago

    I am always traveling and fighting with what to use while on the road. I’d love to try your regimen and get a better routine to keep me fresh faced every day! Cheers!

  80. Aruzhan 1 year ago

    Hello, you are very strongly and often recommend this product and I was interested to try on yourself. but, unfortunately, I live in Kazakhstan and can’t find anywhere. I decided to try my luck and try to win) thank you for everything you do for us!

  81. Kristin 1 year ago

    My winter dry skin needs hydration and constant attention. Eucerin has a great reputation and I think would do wonders for my skin.

  82. Ajay Kala 1 year ago

    I have been told and a lot of people have told me eucerin is good

  83. N.F. 1 year ago

    Eucerin is a highly regarded skin care brand providing premium products, so the opportunity to sample their items would be a pleasure, privilege, and appreciated.

  84. NurSulaiha 1 year ago

    Hi.. I have heard before this about eucerin product from you Pilot Patrick.. I found that skin care product is very effective and really good for dry skin and also sensitive skin.. So for me i want to test your favorite skin care products because i interest into this skin care products and i want to good looking like you.. Handsome and have a good skin.. Amazingim so jealous that why i want to test this skin care products too..

  85. Christian Beysens 1 year ago

    Hello Patrick!
    Your website is so class!
    I want to try the contest. If I want to try your favorites skin care products because I’ve never tried Eucerin before, actually I use a french mark, and trusting you, I think these are good products.
    I want to participate to the Giveaway please.
    Thank you!

  86. Sean Hughes 1 year ago

    I definitely need to try some new products regarding my face , eyes etc . This range of products appear to be highly recommended.

  87. Christian Beysens 1 year ago

    And of course, WH 🙂

  88. Christopher Ollendorf 1 year ago

    Patrick your handsome devil! It looks like the Eucerin line of skin care products really work well for you! My heritage gave me a mix of Irish and German fair skin so I am always on the look out for great products. I have heard of Eucerin but it was always a bit more expensive and harder to find so I would really enjoy trying out some of their products. I live and work mostly in Florida (hot and humid… ugh!) but I do travel about once a month to other cities in the U.S…. each one having a different climate. Each area effects my skin differently so this sounds like a great solution! Plus… I will be turning 61 next sunday… so taking care of my older dry skin is important (and it would be a great birthday present from you! tee tee!) Thanks again for all you do and for sharing your life with us. I live vicariously through you! LOL… big hugs from one of your aviators!

    ❤️ and WH

  89. Timothy Swales 1 year ago

    The reason I would like to try this product is because I have super sensitive skin and cannot find any shower gel that works besides Gillette hydration So honestly I am looking to try the product to become a customer. Sensitive skin for 30 years it is finally time to find something that works and to share it. I NEED THE KIT.

  90. Roberta Formighieri 1 year ago

    Because it is the woonderful brands at brings execelentes results for skin in general

  91. Alberto Colombi 1 year ago

    WH Because I really care about my skin and I never tried Eucerin 🙂

  92. Aurora1624 1 year ago

    Eucerin is growing more and more popular, so I’ll like to try it and see if I can switch to it.

  93. Darren Caffrey 1 year ago

    Flying myself around the European skies and trying to get my skin under control.

    Would appreciate it!

  94. Paris 1 year ago

    Because my skin is the WORSTTT. I’d love to try something new 🙂 WH

  95. Roberta Formighieri 1 year ago

    because it is the wonderful brand and it brings execlente results for skin general

  96. Thys Potgieter 1 year ago

    Love your posts…feel as if I am traveling all along to all the places you go as a pilot. So I can see all the hotels you stay in and see places I will never be able to visit. Like the way you daily take care of face and body by using Eucerin products. Would like to use it myself.

  97. Nils 1 year ago

    Ich habe sehr empfindliche haut und würde mich sehr freuen über das Set. Wünsche dir viel Erfolg weiterhin und dass du bd deine Lizenz bekommst. Ich verfolge Sie schon seit sehr langer Zeit, da waren Sie noch nicht so bekannt. Sie sind spitze WH

  98. Bipin Makwana 1 year ago

    Your skin is so good that you use very good things for your skin, I want to know the secret of your skin.

  99. Yajid Roberts 1 year ago

    Your skin care products make you look so awesome. I use skin care products but they are not quite as good as yours where I live majority of the days are dry and hot so my skin tends to dry excessively. By the way I am an ATC at MZBZ I can relate to the stress .

  100. Ramona 1 year ago


  101. Pratibha 1 year ago

    Hello patrick
    how are you doing?
    I would like soft skin like yours(always fresh and glowing), so I would like to use this product.
    thank you

  102. Jean-Pierre 1 year ago

    I’ld love to try! WH greets, Jean-Pierre

  103. Flourish VouGyot 1 year ago

    Am a Nigerian, if I can get to use the Eucerin skincare kit, then it will be a plus for me and my skin. Plus I read about the skincare products and I can say it’s a good products considering the recommendation I read from people.

  104. SEDEF 1 year ago

    Hello! This is one one your aviator Sedef.
    I’d like to be a pilot like you, so I want to try them beforehand And I believe your experiences. Btw huge congratulations that you have become a CAPTAIN

  105. Ben George 1 year ago

    Skin care is of huge importance to me, especially as an actor. I am constantly fighting off blackheads around the crease of my nose and have had trouble finding the right product to help with that! Help me out! ❤️

  106. Brian 1 year ago

    As a student pilot, I’d love to give these products a try! WH

  107. Bob Smart 1 year ago

    Hello pilot patrick!! i am from Malaysia. Thank you very much for providing me with useful information on how to care for your skin by using a great product. I hope it’s not too late to congratulate for a great achievement as your aviator and I’m excited to watch the new vlog as a captain. I honestly have severe skin problems and I believe that eucerin products can cope with it so that my skin can avoid acne problems. Zum Schluss hoffe ich, dass Sie mich als Gewinner wählen werden verschenken.

    amirul (from malaysia)

  108. Manike Boere 1 year ago

    I would love to try it, maybey this product will help to calm my skin down. Tried a lot of things.

  109. Nils Kunz 1 year ago

    Hab bei mir noch das WH vergessen 😀

  110. FLEUR DE LIZ 1 year ago

    Hi PPatrick,
    It’s summer time in my country, the weather now is extremely hot and humid and it causes my skin to sweat, leaving my skin to breakouts and oily. So, i really need a skin care product like Eurecin which is mild that i can use everyday and can protect my skin from damaging sun’s rays at the same time.
    I believed that with Eurecin i can still enjoy the steamy summer.

  111. Jeffrey Licht 1 year ago

    Because skincare is super important!! WH

  112. Aileen 1 year ago

    I would like so much go try these products, im really loking fordward to see if they works for me because my skin is just trouble and as i read i think they would help thank you so much for the opportunity! WH

  113. Sergio 1 year ago

    WH I want to have your skin!!

  114. MariyaDJ 1 year ago

    Hi Pilot Patrick, useful information you have shared here , I can easily understand and thanks for the tips. One thing when ever you see a person and their personality most of the time you notice their skin. And I find your skin is smooth n refreshing. So definitely would want to know n use the skin care routine of yours. Thank you

  115. Noé Jiron 1 year ago

    Thanks for the recomendations. I think Eucerin DermoPure is the best product to clean and take care our face. WH

  116. Sekar 1 year ago

    I want to try this product because in Indonesia have a really extreme weather condition, sometimes hot and cold so quickly. So my skin in very dry. Hope I’m lucky and my skin have a good product same like you!!

  117. Victor Bragd 1 year ago

    My skin is extremely dry and I would like to try Eucerin!
    Have a nice vacation

  118. Sri wahyuni 1 year ago

    ❤Thank’s for giving us a chance to win Eucerin product.I wanna try Eucerin because I really need the best skincare product for my skin…cause I love my skin and I love you pilot patrick❤

  119. MariyaDJ 1 year ago

    Boy !! Look at you… What a personality… Your skin is shiny smooth and fresh,,, who wouldnt want to know your skin care routine… I’m a girl I want to have a healthy skin like yours,,, and your body maintenance is WaoW… “WH”

  120. Hassan Soherwardy 1 year ago

    The products look legit. Hope i get a chance to use them soon. WH

  121. Taylor 1 year ago

    I would really like to try the Eucerin products during my work as a flight attendant. Like you know we’re working in such a dry environment!!! Let’s give this give away a try!

  122. Claudia 1 year ago

    So informative you blog Patrick about Eucerin products n your daily routine with them. Some of the products you usually use I’ve never tried. But I will. You the pilots get very exposed to the sun and UV directly when flying. Thankfully there is Eucerin to help all of our needs.

  123. Taylor 1 year ago

    I would really like to try the Eucerin products on board during my work as a flight attendant. As you know, we’re working in such a dry environment which is very damaging for our skin. Let’s give this give away a try! With a little help of “WH” 🙂

  124. Leonardo Cusinato 1 year ago

    WH – I would love to test this kit because I travel a lot (the small sizes will be a big plus for me) and also because I have quite sensitive skin (I’m a professional dancer and I take 2-3 showers a day). I’m sure I will have some benefits by using these products by Eucerin! Thank you our PilotPatrick, enjoy your vacation!

  125. Stefan Becking 1 year ago

    I would love to receive these amazing products in order to find out if these products will help me to get a healthier skin. I need to mention that I am really proud about the fact that you can make such an impact and are able to give us such a nice look into the life of a pilot with all the glamour. I hope you will have a lot of save travels as a pilot and I do really admire the work you do besides the flying just to give us a glance.

  126. Jan 1 year ago

    Great informative Blog Patrick! Thank you for sharing your expertise about Eucerin….I shall certainly be trying it on your commendation.
    I love your photos on your blogs; they are always high quality and significantly add to the over-all essence of your blog. This is my favourite blog ever!!!

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  132. Maite Vargas 1 year ago

    Congratulations! Captain Patrick for so important and educational information in your blog. I already test Eucerin products because I am very satified with these products. Although, for now I only use sunscreen, which is excellent and I want to buy anti-wrinkle and then others because skin care is extremely important, as you say best no matter where you are. Since I began to follow you on Instagram I have learned many things and especially to be aware of skin care, thank you very much, dear captain Patrick.

  133. Joshua H 1 year ago

    I have heard nothing but good about Eucerin and Dermopure Products. I haven’t been too bothered about looking after my skin . And as I’m starting my flight training to become a commercial pilot . I feel as if I should start some good habits that would help me in the long run . I would absolutely love to win these products and start looking after my skin. Thanks a lot Patrick , I love your work and congrats on the command . By the way ‘WH’.❤️

  134. Robert 1 year ago

    Aviator ‍✈️

    Currently studying at The aviation academy – Leeds Bradford Airport.
    Becoming a “pilot” soon.

    I used in the past Eucerin products and I’ve been really impressed by them.
    I only used their day and night cream but never had the chance to try their full set. This is the reasons why I’d like to win!

    Robert – “WH” WH

  135. Joaquin Durán 1 year ago

    I just stated to take care about my face… clean in the morning and night. And use night cream. In this moment I use rituals but it would be awesome to try a new one specially one you recommend

  136. Jeevan 1 year ago

    I try a lot of different skincare products but I’ve never seen these even though available in the UK. Also your skin looks fresh which is why I would want to try these products also.

  137. Joaquin Duran 1 year ago

    Hi, I just started to take care about myself, to clean my face I the morning and night. Use night cream also. I clean with rituals but it would be awesome try a new one specially if you recommend it!!
    Thank you!

  138. Oliver Longbottom 1 year ago

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  139. Marilyn Estingor 1 year ago

    Hi Pilot Patrick, thanks for introducing me to Eucerin_de products. I’ve been using a Japanese and Korean products, (though I’m Asian too) however, I am still having blemishes especially on my lower lips or jawline. Thus, I would like to try the product you are recommending and see its effect on my skin too.

    Thanks a lot and enjoy your vacation.

  140. Saci 1 year ago

    Eucerin ist echt toll. Ich habe schon öfter Produkte von denen verwendet aber bei weitem könnte ich noch nicht alles testen. WH

  141. Jack 1 year ago

    Hello Pilot Patrick! I would love to try your skin care products as I travel frequently on planes and my skin gets very dry (especially my lips and forehead). My skin is sensitive and I suffer from acne, so I struggle purchasing different products all the time and I always admire your skin and how hydrated it looks. Happy traveling!!!
    Jack 🙂

  142. Jack Taylor 1 year ago

    I would love to try the skin care products as I travel a lot and my skin always gets dry when I fly (especially my lips and forehead!) I have always admired how hydrated and glowing your skin looks all the time and it is my dream to have such great skin like yours. Best of luck for your travels 🙂

  143. Nikolas Shikkis 1 year ago

    I would Love to try the products! I have been following you on instagram and they look really good! Also congratulations!

  144. NIKOLAS SHIKKIS 1 year ago

    i would love to try the product since I have been following you on Instagram and they look amazing! Also congratulations for becoming a captain!

  145. Celeste French 1 year ago

    Canadian winters can be rough on skin also. Would like to try these products

  146. Roberta Formighieri 1 year ago

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    Hi PilotPatrick.

    Congratulations on your upgrade and can’t wait to see you as a proud captain. Thanks for introducing me to eucerin products. I had never heard of this skin product before and right now after being your subscriber and following your social media, I got to know and really excited to try this product. I live in a tropical country and dry city. I need this products to help moisturize my skin, but eucerin products aren’t available in my area. I would like to try them and have great and healthy skin.

  148. Philip 1 year ago

    I have blemish prone skin and Eucerin looks like it will help improve my skin condition.

  149. Dương Thanh Trang 1 year ago

    Eucerin is a famous cosmetic company in foreign countries, and in Vietnam is not yet known.Some of the types you recommend I think are not suitable for me. Because the weather is quite hot, and I have oily skin, acne.Eucerin products usually have high moisture content, suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Wish you all good luck

  150. Keshia 1 year ago

    Daddy I want the package. I’m a wife.

  151. Ricky Osmond 1 year ago

    I really want to try Eucerin. You have tried and your skin is really nice. Eucerin is not available in Indonesia. So if i win, and it turns out good, i will buy it from web and doesn’t care about the expensive shipping fee. ,,WH”

  152. Maria 1 year ago

    I have been told that Eurocrin products worth a try

  153. Dolor 1 year ago

    I would like to use the Eucrin products because someone recommended me for dry skin in winter. Also I have seen good ratings about the company.

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    I’d like to try your fav eutherin products because, although I’m not a pilot, I travel a lot because of my job and I’d love to see my skin after trying these products!

  156. Joaquin Duran 1 year ago

    I stated to take care about my face and clean just this year. i use Rituals products. but is would be nice to use another one specially if you recommended.


  157. Olga 1 year ago

    Hi! I am in love with Eucerin products. As a pilot I also experience the negative effect of the sun on my skin and using Eucerin is the best option. I already tried the sun protection serie and now I would love to try something else from Eucerin products. Safe flights! 😉
    Best regards.

  158. Lesego Mtshali 1 year ago

    My skin has a lot of blemishes and dark spots. I have always wanted to try out Eucerine products. I have been slowly been buying some products but Eucerine range is super expensive here in South Africa. The only products I have bought is the lip balm and spot corrector, they are working well for me. I would love to try out other products in their range.

  159. Purvi Desai 1 year ago

    I want to try these products because you are using it…… This brand has U as their embessader which is I think enough reason why I want to use these products….

  160. Angelo Coroneo 1 year ago

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  163. Alessandrina Grajales 1 year ago

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  167. Marilyn Estingor 1 year ago

    Hi Pilot Patrick!

    Great to know you are enjoying your vacation at Austria. ☺️ Thank you for your generosity for sharing your favorite Eucerin_de essentials. ❤️❤️❤️ I would like to try it and see its effect on my skin. I’ve been using Japanese and Korean skin care products, however, it had not been able to remove my blemishes. Since, you highly recommend Eucerin_de, I want to see its results on me. ☺️

    Thank you for sharing these products to us. God bless and more blessings outpour on you. ☺️❤️❤️


  168. Ainhy 1 year ago

    Hi PilotPatrick,

    I would like to thank you and Eucerin very much for sending me Eucerin Product Hyaluron Filler Day and Night Peeling and Serum as a Christmas present at the beginning of this year. I work as a nurse in Senior Center, where I often have to disinfect my hands. And it makes my hands very dry and even comes wound often. Although there are creams on the Pflegewagen that I can use after disinfecting my hands. But it does not help. I always have dry hands. And since I’ve used Eucerin hand cream, I no longer have a problem with my hands. I love this product so much and I’ve already used the Christmas gift from you because I also want a soft face without wrinkles like PilotPatrick’s face and Baby Popo.

    Last year before I apply this cream, when i go to the city with the Bus, I always buy one-way ticket direct from the bus driver. So the bus driver has printed me an adult ticket. And a month after I applied the cream, at the beginning of February, without asking me, the bus driver just printed me a kids ticket. I am very surprised. Why did the bus driver print me a kids ticket? 😀 I’m already 29 years old. I know, I’m Asian, yess Asian looks always younger than her age. Friends of mine and my colleagues have estimated that I’m still 20 or 22 years old. And nobody thinks that i am under 16 years old. I’ve been living in Germany for 4 years, and it just happened last month. Funny but true. And i realized, maybe that is because of the Eucerin cream effect I think that was compliment both for me and for Eucerin products. I just want to say thanks, that Eucerin successfully made my skin younger. I also like the smell of the cream. Very pleasant. So far I am always satisfied with Eucerin products. I would like to try other Eucerin products.

  169. Ailynn Gapuz 1 year ago

    Congratulations captain ‍✈️ ✈️✈️✈️ I hear a lot of good feedbacks about this product i really love to give it a try❤️

  170. Michaela Pejzlova 1 year ago

    I haven’t been able to find the right products for my skin care and so I would like to try Eucerin.

  171. Luca 1 year ago


  172. i 1 year ago

    What’s the mean of “WH”?U only wrote comment on your last Instagram post with “”,why did so many people add a “WH”?

  173. Harshitha Pralhad 1 year ago

    This is th second time I’m entering your giveaway of Eucerin products! I’d really love to try out your favorite skin care products as theyret not available in my country. I’m also a pilot aspirant and I really want to try the products your swear by and follow religiously. “WH”

  174. Wide75 1 year ago

    I am very interested in eucerin_de but i haven’t tried it yet hahaha eucerin_de isn’t in my city .i’m always happy to hear eucerin_de products that can overcome wrinkled skin hahaha i want to try it so it doesn’t wrinkle my face hahaha the best eucerin_de products and the best brands.i really like and want it.hahaha eucerin_de best best best

  175. Harry 1 year ago

    You’ve got great skin so definitely something try, epically as I’m Cabin Crew ✈️

  176. Vanitha 1 year ago

    I would really love to try it because I have problems with my skin

  177. Shlok Agrawal 1 year ago


  178. Muhammed Abdul Nafi 1 year ago

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  179. Oliver Yang 1 year ago

    My skin always allergic to some of the body wash, so I want to try the ph5 shower gel , maybe it’s the best to my skin.

  180. Abhiji Das 1 year ago

    I wish to try your skin care products because you are getting better effect of using it. Eucerin is a renowned company but in India the product is unavailable. But I’m very much interested to use this product as I have some dry skin issues.

  181. Jose Teja Membrilla 1 year ago

    I would like very much to try your skin care products since I like to take care of my skin, however I do not know if they exist in Mexico. Greetings Patrick

  182. Meryem smaha 1 year ago

    I want try them so that one day i can be an amazing and an inspiring pilot such as you . Because it’s really what i want do until i breathe my last breath

  183. bert 12 months ago

    Ich ruche eine gute creme fur mein gesicht und ach have aug een fettige haut
    und wen es bei dir gut wist muss es ja aug fur mich ( ein Hollander ) aug gut sein

    i am ready to try

  184. Jdog 7 months ago

    I’m pretty sure I was cat fished on Facebook with your gorgeous photo. Some random person stole your photo and is pretending to be you. Creepy.

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