My sunny highlights – travel guide of Rio de Janeiro

My sunny highlights – travel guide of Rio de Janeiro
23/06/2019 pilotpatrick
travel guide of rio de janeiro


Dear Aviator,

Is Rio safe? What are the best Instagram spots? Where to eat and sleep? What to do and see? How to protect yourself properly from the sun. Find the answers in my travel guide of Rio de Janeiro.

Escadaria Selaron

Sunrise in Leblon

Not the safest city?!

On Instagram, I asked you if you have any recommendations for my vacation in Rio. I was a bit shocked when I read your story replies. Most of them were telling me to be careful and to take care of my belongings. Like many other big metropolises, Rio de Janeiro has its problems as well. The criminal rate is extremely high, but I never felt really insecure. You just have to know which places are safe (especially at night) and know how to behave. Best is not to stand out, but this was a problem with my big camera. In my opinion, people are exaggerating about criminality by spreading horrible stories and building extra high-security fences. (a local confirmed this) This is what caused me to feel uneasy, but never insecure.

Check out my YouTube channel PilotPatrick for more videos!

My place in Rio

I was lucky to stay at one of the hippest new hotels in Rio de Janeiro. The JANEIRO HOTEL, which is located at the beachfront of Leblon, recently opened its doors. The boutique style hotel not only offers stunning views of the ocean and beach, but I also felt like a VIP through their first class service. I stayed in an Ocean suite and I can totally recommend the extra charges over a standard room. The suite is facing directly the ocean and features a double rain shower, bathtub, a hanging chair and a lot of space to unwind. Unfortunately, there is no balcony, but this is no problem at all since the JANEIRO features a rooftop with a terrace and an infinity pool. Do not miss out on the free yoga classes once a week. You know I am picky about food and I must admit that the breakfast buffet did not offer the greatest selection, but everything was tasty.

TIP: Stayin the neighborhood of Leblon or Ipanema. Personally, I did not like the Copacabana. (too crowded, too many vendors and too dirty). Places I recommend below in my travel guide of Rio.

Janeiro Boutique Hotel

Staying fit on vacation

Ocean Suite in the Janeiro Hotel

My safe companion

No matter where I am traveling to, my safe companion SUNCARE is always with me. Like last year I have teamed up with Eucerin again to spread the awareness of the importance to protect yourself from the sun.

Why should YOU use suncare?

First of all not to get a painful sunburn. Secondly to lower the chances of getting skin cancer. Solely in Germany, 200.000 people became diagnosed with skin cancer for the first time in 2016. Additionally, the sun is the reason for many other skin damages. You should protect yourself during any #sunnymoment and it is never too late to start with it!

For your health and beauty

I never really thought about it, the UV- Light and HEV- Light does not only influence the healthiness of the skin, but also the aging process. The research of Eucerin revealed that the high-energy visible light (HEV) induce free radicals which also cause visible signs of skin aging and hyperpigmentation. About 90% of the visible skin aging is caused by UV- Light and HEV- Light.

Beach of Leblon and Ipanema

Eucerin Sun Protection in Rio

Three tips for the proper protection

The right product

Find the right product for you and your skin type. Eucerin Sun Protection has a huge product variety thus meets your age, preference, and needs.

The right amount

Think of the size of a golf ball. That is the quantity you need to cover your whole body.

Think twice

Best is to apply sunscreen twice, so you don’t miss out on any unprotected spots on your skin.

Which products do I use?

Eucerin offers a wide range of sunscreen products for any age, skin type and occasion.



All three products have an ultra-light texture and dry really fast on the skin. A big plus is that they are not as sticky as you know it from other suncare products.

It’s all about the view

My three favorite products

Where to eat?

Food is great in Rio de Janeiro, but other then I expected it can be quite expensive.

Here is my list of favorite places:

SEEdS: healthy cafe in Leblon

Gurumê: delicious Sushi in Ipanema

Zucka: contemporary restaurant in Leblon

Gaia: Art & Café in Copacabana

Aprazível: Brazilian restaurant and bar with a view



Restaurant Aprazível

Sushi at Gurumê

Restaurant Aprazível

What to see?

I spend 9 days in Rio. 2,5 days I was unlucky with bad weather, but the rest of the time I had fantastic weather in May. The outside temperature was not too hot, which was ideal for sight-seeing and exploring. Keep in mind during the winter time the sun sets early (it’s around 16:30) So my recommendation: start your day early!  I got up every day around 6 am to have as much as sunlight possible. I think 5-7 days are ideal to get to know the city and not to be stressed with enough time to enjoy the beaches.


Helicopter flight over Rio

My must sees and dos / travel guide of Rio:

  • Sugarloaf: Go on top with the cable car for the sunset. Come with enough time to enough views.
  • Cristo: Visit the wonder of the world at least once. I was unlucky with the view. Don’t expect too much. Come as early as possible to avoid the crowd.
  • Leblon and Ipanema beach: Sooo much better than the Copacabana beach.
  • Escadaria Selarón: check out the famous Rio de Janeiro steps but don’t expect to be alone
  • The museum of tomorrow: I didn’t visit the exhibition but the architecture of the building is worth to see live.
  • Helicopter flight: A must do if you want a thrilling view of the city. Book at least a flight for 30 minutes and search for a provider outside of the city (over 50% cheaper)
  • Mirante Dona Marta: Still a hidden secret. It’s a viewpoint next to the Cristo. It’s for free and the view breathtaking. Tell the uber or taxi driver to wait for you otherwise you won’t get back to town
  • Botanical Garden: I am not a huge fan of plants, but the alley with palm trees is exceptional

I guess you miss the Copacabana on the list. To be honest I was so disappointed by this neighborhood and the beach. The area is too touristic, with too many vendors, too much dirt and too many people.

Sugarloaf view from the middlestation

Viewpoint from the Sugarloaf

Botanical Garden Rio de Janeiro

Top 5 instagramable locations

  • Mirante Dona Marta: Sit or stand on a rock at the edge of the mountain with the city behind you – best afternoon/evening
  • Leblon Beach with the two bothers mountain in the background – best early in the morning
  • Pedra do Arpoador: huge stones between Copacabana and Ipanema – best for sunset
  • Sugarloaf: many instagramable spots for example with the Sugarloaf in the background from the middle station of the cable car – best late afternoon and sunset
  • Janeiro: Infinity pool at the Janeiro hotel- best all day

Mirante Dona Marte

Instagramable Pedra do Arpoador

Sunset from the Sugar Loaf

Have you been to Rio or in Brasil? Let me know which other cities you can recommend and what was your experience. Comment below this article and don’t forget to heart (like) my travel guide of Rio.

Safe travels and happy landings!

Your PilotPatrick



  1. Shiran Abraham 11 months ago

    Always love to read your blog. Your blog always inspired me . As always inspirational n knowledgeable blog. After I read your blog n watched your vlog definitely Rio is my bucket list. Thanks for sharing your honest feedback bout Copacabana n I always love your honest feedback. As always awesome blog n btw thanks for your sexy pic I already save that pic n all of your pictures from your blog .

  2. Emmy Puspasari 11 months ago

    I really enjoy my sunday holiday from your Blog also 5 times i see this video today at my day off. I really enjoy the beaches , sunshine, Christo, Sugarloaf,esp. Mirante donna Marte… all the cities view… i really love it ❤!! Its like i saw all Kuala Lumpur city from the top of Petronas tower.. very wonderful!! But i still have one dream… i want to ride A Helicopter like you… because esp from your flight at Rio… the coastline look so exotic and Beautiful!! that my favorite part!! ❤❤Thanks alot my dear… you share your Interesting and the Best Blog , YT, and IG !! SUPER AWESOME!!

  3. Ayse Yapıcıoglu 11 months ago

    I read your Rio blog and if I go to rio one day I will definitely consider your suggestions

  4. Liliani setiawati 11 months ago

    Hi PP, as usualpur Queen reminded us to read your blog..hahahahaa….very informative blog, PP. I am jealous with your Eucerin, you bring it everywhere

  5. Fiza AbdKadir 11 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your vacation experience. Interestingly read your blog about Rio Janeiro, i have enjoy..I am most interested Sugar Loaf, because i love sunset..Thank you again captain, may you always be successful, keep it up and your business is simplified, captain..

  6. Vita 11 months ago

    Mi piacerebbe che un giorno fai una vera , lussuosa , vacanza in Puglia, in questo periodo di Giugno sono nella mia casa al mare a 50 kilometri dal mio paese, amo il mar Jonio, ricco di iodio, perfetto per chi soffre di tiroide, spiaggia balneabile di sabbia fine, prezzi normali, la mia spiaggia è frequentata da molti tedeschi, c’è molta serietà e ordine, si può scegliere la formula hotel, casa, ville, camping internazional, il momento più bello è la sera dove ci ritroviamo al parco a gustare gelati artigianali con i tedeschi, parlando del loro viaggio Germania/ Puglia in auto, aereo, treno.

  7. Heather Cleary 11 months ago

    Dear Pilot Patrick, Thank you so much for this (Ich bin Ihnen sehr dankbar für diese) blog! hoping to thank you in both English and German.
    You have written a very thorough and honest review here, which I appreciate. I have never been to Rio, and unfortunately will likely not get there any time soon, so you have really provided me with a nice opportunity to see these things from afar. It was fun going along on your vacation! I hope to join in on many more!
    Thank you also for the Eucerin reminder. I am now approaching an age where I am seeing some spots (Yikes!) of hyperpigmentation caused by careless sun exposure in my youth. No one is so young that they shouldn’t be concerned with protection from the sun. You all with thank yourselves when you’re older for protecting yourself now.
    I know you said this post took several hours, and I would likely to say it was time well spent!

  8. Kella 11 months ago

    Hi Patrick. Another awesome blog Really so informative and very well written.
    Definitely will print out this blog when I will have a chance to visit Brazil oneday✈.
    The city that I want to recommend you is BALI. Because there are many spots you can go to take beautiful Sunrise and Sunset and you also will fall in love with the traditional culture and the people.

  9. Maite Vargas 11 months ago

    Hello! Dear Captain Patrick, I really want to tell you thank you so much for so educative, informative and amazing blog about Rio. I think it was so completed about features of the “Janeiro Hotel” , so sostificated, so stunning pool with a wonderful view to the ocean. Also, all the tips that you recommend are so important as: where to stay if I go to Rio, restaurants o places to eat, and don`t forget to use Eucerin Sun Protection. I really enjoyed your visits to the sugarloaf in the cable car and the sunset , Cristo, the beaches, and the most amazing adventure in the Helicopter flight. Really thank you so much dear Patrick for your honesty about Copacabana and all your recommendations, I will take them into account if I go some day to there, have a great day captain.

  10. Lauren Pang 11 months ago

    Hi Patrick, Nope I have not been to Rio de Janeiro or Brazil. I honestly have no idea that it is not the safest city, luckily the citizen let you know about the crime there. The Escadaria Selarón looks very beautiful and lovely . Great recommendations and great review. I remember it was raining quite a lot when you were there, and the pool had closed on another day, and one of the taxi drivers got lost and turned around. I remember it was very crowded a few days, when it’s crowded with lots of people, it can be difficult to move around freely but you handled yourself very well, great.

  11. John Doe 11 months ago

    Hey before I continue on with this conversation I have been informed that there is a man with a Facebook account and your pictures all over it. So what I’m asking you now do you know a married women by the name of Reiko..? If so let me know now also if you don’t but I need to know now because I fear I may have slandered your name. So please let me know ASAP

  12. Shirleylo 11 months ago

    Hello Captain Patrick,I likes your blog, and I am from China,I want to fly to Europe.I hope you can give me some travel advice,and reply to me soon,thank you so much.


  13. Frida Jakobsen 11 months ago

    Rio is for sure on my bucket list!


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