Revolutionary shaving takes you up in the air

Revolutionary shaving takes you up in the air
17/02/2018 pilotpatrick
revolutionary shaving

Cooperation/ advertisement

Hello my Aviator,

last Month I presented to you my new razor of EvoShave. The video has done so well that we want to thank you in a very special way. Together with EvoShave I am giving away a helicopter flight over Berlin with me on board. Find out below how you qualify for the flight and what the flight experience includes.

How can you join the contest?

  1. Like and comment my current post on Instagram.
  2. Go to your next Rossmann and buy your favorite EvoShave
  3. Take a photo of your EvoShaver and the receipt of Rossmann.
  4. Publish the photo on your Instagram and tag #evoshave and #pilotpatrick (In case you don’t have a public profile you can send an email to

The contest runs until the 3rd of March 2018. Der winner will be picked according to the random principle by EvoShave and me.

Post this picture to join the contest

Post a photo with you, your favorite EvoShave and the receipt.

What can you win?

You can win a 20 minute sightseeing helicopter flight over Berlin: Together with me on board, we will be seeing attractions like the TV Tower, Checkpoint Charlie, Potsdamer Platz and Olympiastadium from above.

Please visit the German version of my blog, to find out further details of the prize.

Good luck and I am looking forward to our sightseeing flight!

Happy landings!

Dein PilotPatrick

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  1. Rafal 2 years ago

    Hi Patrick! There is only one problem – the product is not available in every country – e.g. in Poland there are no shavers like that in Rossmann stores. Is it only available in Germany? Have a nice day!

    • Author
      pilotpatrick 2 years ago

      Mmmh I don’t know! I thought it’s available in all Rosmann stores.

      • Rafal 2 years ago

        I mean that it would be nice to have something feasible for all your followers next time – I hope that there will be next time because contests like that are just great. Greetings from Toulouse – sleep well!

        • Author
          pilotpatrick 2 years ago

          If you find an international brand who want to do a cooperation with me let me know!

          • Rafal 2 years ago

            You bet I will!

          • Kennybest 2 years ago

            My name is Kennybest,,from west Africa,,I want to do cooperation wit you, I wish they can have such shaving here in Nigeria it will be a great ,,

  2. Wai Man Lee 2 years ago

    Too bad there is no Rossmann Store in the US

  3. Neria Cairns 2 years ago

    Hello Pilot patrick, it is really dream come true to fly with you on the hellecopter , but what so sad about it is I’m in Australia my friend too far from Berlin , and also the question is I havent got a clue yet if thier is Rossman in Australia but I’m going to find out very soon but if thier is Rossman, I dont know if evo shave is available in every store accross the globe. I’m so sorry pilot patrick that I still missed this competetion , I know this is the last chance , but never lost hope next time, I still believe that still lots of competation to particepate in the future !.. Thank you so much for the invitation my friend , please keep smiling may god bless you more pilot patrick take good care of yourself.

  4. Alex 8 months ago

    Patrick, with or without EvoShave, which aftershave do you use, I really have a problem finding such.

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