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Aviation meets Diet: How to reach your body goals without refraining from eating pizza

Dear Aviator,

I did a fasting period of one week. In this time I lost about 6 kgs. I looked really skinny at the end. Six weeks later I gained over 7 kgs and I look stronger and more muscular than ever. You were extremely surprised about my fast transition and you were wondering how did I do it. Exercising is one key to be successful but there is another important aspect you have to consider: the diet. PATFIT is an expert on this topic. In an interview, I am revealing his secrets. How to reach your body goals without refraining from eating pizza.

how to reach your body goals

Patrik introduce yourself!

My name is Patrik and I’m 27 years old. Originally, I’m from beautiful Slovakia near the Hungarian border and I live in Germany since I am 5 years old. In 2015 I decided to start my own business and began working as a personal trainer. I quickly realized that I can reach a lot more people online. That’s why I decided to devote myself entirely to the online area in 2017. Since 2019 we have been helping entrepreneurs, self-employed people & executives successfully losing weight in their everyday life, despite consuming alcohol, pizza, pasta, chocolate and so on.

how to reach your body goals

How did we get to know each other?

Patrick and I met through social media. I guess Patrick had around 250k back then. He was looking for an online coach with whom he could achieve his physical goals. We met in real life, shared opinions on how we could collaborate. Next to the business part, a friendship developed as well.

What exactly distinguishes you from other online coaches in the D-A-CH area?

My concepts are only suitable for entrepreneurs, self-employed, and employees in management positions. My company helps entrepreneurs lose weight and build long-term diet concepts that are appropriate for everyday life. Above all, we make sure that people don’t have to look after specific meal times. Nobody has to give up food or even end up hungry at the end of the day. We especially make sure that our concepts are fun and easy to integrate into everyday life.

What is the video with you and pilotpatrick about?

It’s about staying fit and healthy during the Corona crisis. We all know that sport is an important role. Since most of you have to deal with closet gyms. We want to motivate you and give suggestions so that you can get fit during the crisis and stay healthy. Additionally, it will strengthen your immune system.  Watch the video here

What kind of diet do you recommend? How to reach your body goals?

I’m a big fan of carbohydrates. Bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta should never be missing in a diet. You should eat very balanced. Fruits and vegetables every day. Blend an apple, a banana with berries and add milk you have a superheated shake that is easily prepared. A mixed salad with a good dressing has never harmed anyone in the evening. Last but not least, don’t forget the protein! Fresh chicken, beef, and fish. (Organic please) For vegetarians, I recommend tofu, low-fat cheese, a high-quality whey protein, and veggie protein powder as a protein source.

how to reach your body goals

Why do you think most diets fail?

There are several reasons why self-employed people do not follow a diet. Almost nobody can stick to fixed times. Most diets are tied to meal times. The diet program is doomed to fail as soon as you don’t keep track of the timing. Almost nobody can eat consistently at 8 a.m., eat at 1 pm and 7 pm for 365 Days. Often unexpected events come in between and then you forget to have lunch or breakfast. The second point why diets fail is that people have to refrain from eating sweets and delicious food during the diet program. You can cope with that for usually 2 weeks butter you feel like having a piece of chocolate or a pizza.

The diet program

I created a diet program that is systematically integrated into your everyday life and I show people a strategy to get your desired weight with alcohol, chocolate, pizza, and co. The third point is that most people believe is that you have to refrain from drinking alcohol to lose weight. Most diets have a strict alcohol ban which I cannot understand. At the end of the day alcohol are calories thus energy. So if you cut calories in the form of carbohydrates then you may incorporate alcohol in your diet plan. Wine, beer or even a cocktail is no problem but as always the quantity is crucial.

If the concept of PATFIT sounds interesting to you, please apply for a free initial interview with the, He will be more than happy to check if he is able to help you reach your goals.


Instagram: Patrik.patfit

Facebook: patfitwaldmann

My current diet

After I returned back from Cape Town in March, quarantine measures were in force. A great moment to fast and to heal my body with the detoxification which is linked to it. Check out my blog “Try This Out During Quarantine” for more details about my fasting period. I lost a lot of weight. About 6 kgs in total and I looked really skinny. After breaking the fasting I started following a different diet as before since I was stagnating the past three years. I was not able to gain more weight and more muscles. My goal was to change this but this meant I needed to alter my diet since I was doing already wright lifting.

Diet is not the right term, I would rather call it an eating habit or routine. Only a few weeks later you could observe major progress in building muscles. Seven weeks after fasting I gained over 8 kgs again respectively about 3,5 kgs of muscles. You were really surprised about my progress and being honest, me too.

How did I do that?

I am not following the metabolic diet which means I mean eating a lot of protein the before. Every day the intake of protein is high. With my body weight I would need to eat over 400g of protein a day. This is almost impossible. Currently I eat about 200g – 250g of protein. On workout days it is moderate carbohydrates (in the morning/before and post-workout) and low fat. On days without a workout it is the opposite. Low carbohydrates and moderate fats. This diet evens forgive way I can even have a pizza.

how to reach your body goals
how to reach your body goals

Positive mind. Positive life. Happy landings.

I hope the blog post “How to reach your body goals” will inspire you and lets you rethink your habits as well. Feel free to contact PATFIT if you need help with your diet plan.

Please do not forget to like the post and leave me a comment below with your body goals. 

Your PilotPatrick

pilot life vs private life

Pilot life vs. Private life How does this work together?

In my last aviation related blog post "How I became a pilot part II" I told you about my first flight training phase in beautiful Croatia. Now I want to show you how a pilot life and private life work together. 

Pilot life vs. private life

In the past many of you wondered how I can have a social/private life as pilot when traveling so much and being absent from home a lot. Especially those of you who strive to become a pilot in the future asked me this question and told me their concerns-

Here are examples of two snapchat users.

This solely depends on you dude. But do not worry if you want, you can have both options. ;-) 

It is true that I am absent from home for about half of the month. Usually I am on duty for a  maximum of eight days in a row. The operation in the Business Aviation requires to overnight at those locations wherever the last flight of the day takes you to. Whereas the flights of many low cost airlines end at their home base, which equals basically to a 9 to 5 job. At this moment I would not be a fan of this kind of operation since one reason for me of becoming a pilot is to travel and get to know new places. But I could imagine that an operation, which allows you to sleep at home every night, can be a big advantage once you want to build a family.

As you can see it really depends on the type of operation and airline how many days in a month you actually spend at home. A minimum of 8 days are granted by the aviation authority.

I have arranged myself with the absence from home quite well. I have a social life with friends and private activities like everyone else. Unfortunately I can not attend all events (like birthdays, concerts, parties and family events) but due to good organization skills I get the best of my free time and I never have a big feeling that I miss out on something.

Enjoying my off days! Here on top of Montserrat mountain in Catalonia, Spain

Pros and Cons of my pilot life:


  • Getting payed well to travel, to see new places and to fly airplanes
  • I leave work behind in the airplane and so I can use my off time at the fullest 
  • More than 3 days off in a row without taking leave (sometimes even 6 days)
  • Per diem are paid for every hour I am being away from home
  • I do my paper work during my work so I can enjoy my off days without distraction
  • Hotel gyms are free of use and I do not have a contract for a gym at home
  • I have more off days than a full time job (about 12 days)
  • Some passengers pay a tip to the crew for the flight and inflight service


  • Great flexibility expected and the schedule might change at last minute 
  • I only have either Christmas or New years off at home
  • For important events and appointments I have to take leave 
  • I can not attend classes or courses which take place on a regular basis
  • Irregular working hours and sometimes only little sleep during busy months
  • It is hard to keep a special diet while traveling 
  • Especially in the Business Aviation there is a lot of waiting time

Those are my subjective impressions about my life as a First officer and other pilots would definitely mention different aspects.

Ready for boarding the VIP passenger at the pole position in Olbia

As much as I enjoy being at home, after a couple of days at home my wanderlust kicks in and I want to go on a journey again. Striving for a position of a crew member you have to make sure that you have this desire as well. If not you might not be happy in the long term.

Which aspect would you do not like being a pilot? Comment below.

Please have a look on my aviation related Links, which may you find helpful!

Your Pilot Patrick

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my healthy breakfast

My healthy breakfast recipe

In my blogpost "I am a Foodie Pilot" I told you a little bit of my special diet. As many of you have wondered how I prepare my daily breakfast after seeing it on my Instagram and snapchat account I decided to reveal my self created recipe.

My healthy breakfast recipe

Over the years I have changed the ingredients many times to develop the best breakfast I can imagine. I only use organic products.

I would call it the ultimative breakfast bowl consisting of cereals, fruits, toppings, powders and almond milk.

  • Rich in fiber
  • Good carbohydrates 
  • Rich in vitamins
  • Rich in protein
  • Dairy free
  • Vegan
  • Sugar free
  • Good fats

Positive side effects of the ingredients:

  • Easy to digest 
  • Cholesterol lowering 
  • Energy boost
  • Helps the immune system
  • Sustainable 
  • An much more...

For my breakfast I produce almond milk myself. It is not a mystery and you will be surprised how easy it is to prepare. Disadvantages of buying almond milk in the supermarket are the added sugar and the low percentage of almonds used.


For about one liter of almond you need:

  • one hand full of almonds (non roasted)
  • dried coconut flakes (non roasted)
  • 8 dates (non sugared)
  • 1 liter of cold water
  • strong blender like this one

First blend the almonds and coconut very WELL then pour slowly the cold water into the blender. Blend well until it reaches a milk like consistency. Now add the dates. This will add some sweetness. Depending on your taste you decide the amount of them. Blend it again. DONE! One liter of almond milk lasts about 2-3 days depending on the size of the bowl.

Ingredients you need for the almond milk Quick and easy selfmade almond milk


You can choose all different kinds of fruit to add. I start out with a banana and a small apple. Depending on the the season I add berries, peaches, pineapple, mangos, etc.

Happy and healthy meal choose the fruit you like


Here is the list of cereal I add to my breakfast bowl. Of course you can add and leave out ingredients.

  • Oatmeal (as base)
  • Buckwheat flakes
  • Amaranth (popped)
  • Kamut flakes (rich in protein)
  • Wheat bran
  • Flax seeds
cereal, seeds and toppings filled in glas jars


Additionally I had two kinds of powder:

  • 1 x small spoon of wheatgrass powder
  • 1 x big spoon of hemp powder
  • cinnamon
Hemp powder wheatgrass powder, cinnamon and dates


Those are the toppings I use:

  • Chia seeds
  • 2 dates
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Goji berries
  • Chocolate drops by XUCKER (healthy chocolate but not organic)
Toppings: Chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chocolate drops and goji berries

Put all ingredients in a big bowl and add the almond milk. Now enjoy your super healthy breakfast bowl which gives you energy to start the day.

My tip: Buy the ingredients in big seizes this saves money. Fill them in glas jars which makes the preparation easier.

In the morning I usually drink a green tea. My favorite is "Morgentau" of Ronnefeldt and a glas of grapefruit juice.

My favorite tea " Morgentau" by Ronnefeldt

What ingredients would you add? (Please comment below)

Have a look at this video about a game. It shows the sad reality of the industrialised food production of today.


Your Foodie Pilot Patrick

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I am a foodie pilot

I am a Foodie Pilot

In my last blog post "A busy day of a Private Jet Pilot" I gave you an insight view of the daily private jet business and I already showed you a little bit of the food I am eating.

I am a foodie pilot

I am not vegetarian, not vegan, not anything particular. The best way to describe me: I am clean eater foodie pilot. I love food and I am always hungry. On my journeys I use the app "Happy Cow" to find organic supermarkets, healthy restaurants and cafés.

People have asked me how can you be so fit while traveling and sitting so much? As I noticed during my career most pilots are rather unfit. This is maybe caused by the unhealthy catering or not enough sports during their free time.

Besides my good genetics I am conscious about what I eat and take care of the quality of the food. Unfortunately the food at airports and on board of airlines is still rather unhealthy that is why I always travel with my own food bag. This consists only of organic products like whole wheat bread, almond milk, bananas, eggs, avocados, raw snacks, nuts, dried fruits and rice protein. (Riceprotein of piowald) At breakfast in the hotel I am the king because I can pimp my breakfast with my own food.

My healthy meal on top of the clouds

There are still hotels in Europe which are not prepared for people who take care of the food they are having. I stayed in hotels where I only took the hot water for the tea from the buffet.

But why do I take care so much about my food? First of all I want to stay in shape and secondly I am convinced that you have an influence of the health of your body. Several severe diseases within my family also changed my way of thinking.

It is not a special diet I am following it is rather an eating concept that personally improves my well-being. And for sure I never have the feeling that I miss out on some food. Sometimes the desire is greater than my will (who does not know this) In this case I have a cheat day, usually Sundays, to eat whatever I want to and it usually still healthy.

My healthy breaky. Self made almond milk with fruits and cereal

Clean eating

Here is my personal clean eating guideline:

No refined sugar, no white wheat instead Xylit sugar ( and whole wheat. Why? Refined Sugar is the main reason for cancer (excluding fruits) white wheat contains only little fiber.

Less milk products more alternatives like almond, kamut milk. Why? I had problems consuming too many milk products and I had a blemished skin. The human being is the only mammal which consumes milk of a foreign species longer than the infancy. That is natural! I do not drink soy milk, because it is heavily processed.

Less meat more fish. Why? The quantity makes the poison. Meat is full of antibiotics which the animal may have been taken during their life span. I try to eat only 300g a week and preferably organic products. I do not eat pork at all.

Less soda and "wanna be juices" instead more mineral water. Why? Most of the beverages are sweetened. I take care that it is a direct juice and not from concentrate. I drink from glass bottles as much as I can. No tap water, even in Germany! It´s contaminated with residues of medicine, pesticides and hormones.

More raw products! I am a huge fan. Why? Because this way you consume as much vitamins of the food as possible. Because they are not processed!

My tip

Always check the label for the ingredients! I have been surprised many times about products which contained unnecessary sugar. The industry is trying to fool us. Try to avoid convenience food which contain more than seven ingredients.

One of my most favorite german websites to inform about food/ healthy lifestyle is:

Eat well and you feel well.

Your Foodie Pilot Patrick

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