jumbo stay hotel review

A Night In A B747 Hotel! Jumbo Stay Stockholm Review

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Deaaaaaar Aviaaaaators!

It was not a dream when I woke up after a night on board a B747. Departure and arrival airport was Arlanda Airport in Stockholm so I did not fly anywhere with the Queen of the skies. I got to stay at one of the most iconic hotels around the world. It is a retired B747 aircraft from 1976 which was converted into a hotel/hostel. It’s definitely a must for all aviation lovers. I’m so excited to share my experience with you and maybe you will have the chance to stay there one day as well.

jumbo stay hotel review
jumbo stay hotel review

Entrance to the B747 lobby and café

jumbo stay hotel review

You can take a walk on the left wing! WOW

jumbo stay hotel review

The owner tried to preserve as many details as possible!

A Hotel Inside A B747 ✈️

Jumbo StayThat’s the name of the hostel/hotel inside a decommissioned Boeing 747-200 at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden. It officially opened in January 2009. I visited the Jumbo 3 years ago during a layover but did not stay there at the time.

Originally the aircraft was built for Singapore Airlines in 1976, and was later sold to Pan American World Airways. Later, it operated for Cathay Pacific Airways and Garuda Indonesia. Its last air operator was Transjet, a Swedish charter airline based at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, that unfortunately went bankrupt in 2002.

jumbo stay hotel review

The corridor to the different rooms

jumbo stay hotel review

The café in the nose of the plane!

jumbo stay hotel review
jumbo stay hotel review

History and specs of the B747-200

Rooms & Suites 🛌 

Jumbo Stay offers 33 rooms with most of them having four beds in each room. All together, the hostel offers 76 beds; one of the more luxurious is to be found at the upper flight deck. That is the ultimate highlight of the hotel.  If you want to stay there, you need to book months in advance! 

jumbo stay hotel review

Unique views walking around the B747 on the ground!

jumbo stay hotel review

I stayed in a single room with a private bathroom in the back of the plane

jumbo stay hotel review

Dorm rooms for up to four people

jumbo stay hotel review

You can even stay in the engines 🙂

All rooms have access to bathrooms in the corridor, apart from the Cockpit suite, the Black Box suite and one single room which boasts its own shower and WC. Please consider that not all rooms have their own bathroom when you book your room. In my opinion, you should not save here! Unfortunately, the cockpit suite was occupied that night, but I still had the chance to look at it after check out and  decided I must return to sleep to experience a night there 🙂

jumbo stay hotel review

The highlight is always the cockpit!

jumbo stay hotel review

The iconic suite in the cockpit!

jumbo stay hotel review

This is just too awesome! Happy landings and dreaming!

jumbo stay hotel review

You sleep next to the original flight controls

“Breakfast” 🍳

It is an experience staying at the Jumbo Stay but you would definitely not go there for an amazing breakfast. It is super simple but having coffee and a Swedish crispy brioche in the nose of a B747 does upgrade it a lot. You can always head to the Terminal, which is only a few minutes away, for more food. 

jumbo stay hotel review

Upper deck lounge

jumbo stay hotel review
jumbo stay hotel review

The Conversion 🏨 

Following a restoration that began in January 2008 and cost the equivalent of more than US$3,000,000, the aircraft was towed to its new permanent location, on a grass-covered mound, just outside the perimeter of the airport in Stockholm.  Its interior had been almost entirely changed, although a number of its features, such as the flight controls and some of the original seats and windows, had been retained.

At its permanent site, the aircraft was mounted on a concrete foundation, and its landing gear was secured in two steel cradles.  Additionally, a set of metal stairs and a lift were installed at its main entrance on its left side. I like that they made the left wing accessible so people can walk all the way to the wing tip to have a unique view they would normally not get from a B747. On top, visitors can access the upper deck behind the cockpit suite. Here they will find the first class lounge with the original seats from 1976.

jumbo stay hotel review

Escape emergency ropes for the cockpit crew!

jumbo stay hotel review
jumbo stay hotel review

A must for all aviation lovers to sleep here on night!

jumbo stay hotel review

My Feedback 🙋🏼‍♂️

It is definitely not a 5 star hotel, but the experience sleeping on board a B747 aircraft, makes it more than 5 stars. The hotel is now over 13 years old, so it needs some restoration and repair, which is quite noticeable, but I overlooked that because it is so unique and iconic.

If you only have a few hours at Arlanda Airport you can still visit the Jumbo Stay and have a coffee in the cafe. It is open to the general public – not exclusive to staying guests only. Go and stay there and make some long lasting memories! Trust me, you will for sure have a good night’s sleep on board.

In which unique hotel have you stayed before? Let me in a comment below and please do not forget to like my blog post!

Happy landings inside the B747!

Your PilotPatrick

my stay at sanbona wildlife reserve

My stay at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

I recently published my first airline review of the flight with Lufthansa to Cape Town. Now I want to share with you my first hotel review about a very special place, which is more than just a hotel. During my three weeks of vacation in South Africa, I stayed two nights at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve .

I had a lot of activities and places on my list. One of my top once was to do a safari, on which I would have the chance to see the big five. The african travel agency "Going to Capetown"  recommended to overnight at a lodge, which is located inside a wildlife reserve and offers daily game drives. The photos of the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve looked stunning. At first I was not convinced, because of the the high rate. But in the end every penny was worth spending.

Sunset vibes - Open Land cruiser for the game drives

The Main Gate of the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is about 270 km (approx. 3 hours) away from Cape Town. The landscape changes from green valleys to a more rough and mountainous countryside. A little bit of Jurassic Park feeling kicked in when waiting the big gate to be opened. A short drive on a gravel road took us to a Welcome Lodge, where we had to leave our car behind. After a warm welcome of the manager and some refreshments a transport took us to our lodge, where we would stay for the next two days. The ride lasted about 45 mins and we already got some amazing impressions of the landscape.

Insider Tipp: Try to manage to use the earliest pick up time at the Welcome Lodge, so it will be more relaxed and you will have the chance to go on a game drive in the evening.

Main lodge in the middle of the rock formation

The lodge

The reserve consists of three different lodge categories. We stayed at the most exclusive and luxurious lodge, called Dwyka Tented Lodge. The location is truly impressive. The nine tented rooms are concealed by striking rock formations. The roof of the "room" reminds of a tend but the inside can keep up with a five star hotel. The design of the tents invoke the feeling of a pioneering adventure with a modern touch. Luxury safari at its best!

"Hotelroom" of Dwyka Tented Lodge

A tented room for two adults features:

  • private deck with heated jacuzzi
  • outdoor shower
  • big comfortable bed
  • ensuite bathroom with bath tub
  • air condition (hot and warm)
  • private mini bar
  • amazing views (leave the TV off)
Luxury tent with a own private deck and amazing views Dwyka Tented Lodge with a private deck and jacuzzi

In the centre of the tented lodges is the main building, which features a cozy lounge, the reception and the restaurant (also open air). In the lounge is a telescope to watch the stars. I highly recommend to use it since there is only little artificial light. Adjacent to it is a smaller tent, which features a relaxation retreat. I booked a full body massage.

Total of nine tented lodges at Dwyka Tented Lodge

Wifi: You do not really need it. It is a good feeling not to be reachable from time to time. In the main lodge is Wifi provided with decent speed. The signal reached only some rooms.

Insider Tipp: Do not leave the jacuzzi cover open with the lights on after sunset. A lot of animals will join you in the water.

Game drives

The interactive game drives last up to three hours and take place in the tranquil moods of sunrise and sunset. Since it was summer in South Africa the day started at 05:00 am with a nice wake up call of the ranger. The game drive starts at 05:30 am in a comfortable open Land Cruiser.

Game drive with a comfortable Land cruiser last 3 hours (shot with my gopro)

In think we had the best ranger I could imagine. Owen explained everything in detail and was able to show us all major animals really close. We got to see the big five: elephants, rhinos, buffalos, lions and leopards. Additionally we got to see giraffes, zebras and many more. In all situation we felt safe, even when we stepped out of the Land cruiser to watch the cheaters eat. This experiences I will not forget in a lifetime! The Sanbona Wildlife Reserve aims to restore the ecological balance, that is why the animals are protected by a fence. Therefore the probability to see many animals in a short time is relatively high.

Elephants crossing our path Guided safari with an experienced ranger

Evening game drives offer a spectacular sunset over the Little Karoo. With a glass of gin tonic we enjoyed the amazing colors on top of a hill while the sun was setting. After arriving back at the camp you we offered a wet towel and drinks in the lounge to reflect the experiences of the day together.

The display of lights when the sun sets are spectacular

Food and Service

As you know I am a "Foodie Pilot" which means I am really picky when it comes to food. Keeping in mind that the next supermarket is definitely not around the corner, the menu offered a good variety. I really liked the south african cuisine, which was  tasty. I especially liked the BBQ evening, which offered many flavors and dishes I never had tasted before. The atmosphere during dinner was cozy since there are only a maximum of 18 guests in the lodge at the same time.

The staff was really friendly and the service during meals was really good. The manager of the lodge was really caring and we had some good laughs with her.

Lazy white lion - It was amazing to see them live in nature On the way back to the lodge. Little bush fires due to the dryness in summer

What to pack for the adventure:

  • Safari hat
  • Binoculars
  • Outdoor shoes
  • Camera
  • Warm clothing
  • Sun screen

It is not solely a classic hotel review. It is more a review of an adventure in the wilderness. I recommend to stay at least two days at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve. I really enjoyed the time and I was sad to leave this unique place on earth.

The price during high season was over 800 Euros (night/room), which included meals, accommodation, game drives and much more. Nevertheless I had high expectations, which were surpassed. In the end every penny was worth spending for this amazing experience.

Have you been on a safari before?

Your Pilot Patrick

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