The beloved sun is not always our best friend

The beloved sun is not always our best friend
12/08/2018 pilotpatrick
pilot sun protection awareness campaign

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Hello my Aviator,

last week I spend a layover in beautiful and sunny Sevilla in the South of Spain. The summer in Germany has been extremely hot, but in Sevilla, I was expected to experience 46 degrees. I literally was shocked, because I have never felt such extreme temperatures in my life. The air-conditioning had a hard time to cool down my hotel room, so I decided to go to the pool to relax and refresh. Latest after my visit with the Eucerin Sun Team of Beiersdorf I knew how vital it is to protect myself from the sun. 

pilot sun protection awareness campaign

with two favorite products in Hamburg

Moin Hamburg

Before my layover in Sevilla, the Eucerin Sun Protection Team of Beiersdorf invited me for a day to their headquarters in Hamburg. Since I became part of this awareness campaign, I have learned a lot about my skin, sun protection and the consequences of light. Especially during my researches on my recent blog post “why is sun protection so vital for you“.

I only knew from the Eucerin Sun Protection Team that I will see my skin from a different side and that I will make a journey through it. This sounded interesting. In the end, I really had an illuminating experience.

pilot sun protection awareness campaign

Behind the scenes with the Eucerin Sun Team

I was shocked

I got used to standing in front of cameras, but this was a special one. A so-called UV Camera, which makes skin damages caused by the sunlight visible. I was excited about the result since I am only 30 years old and my skin looks pretty good. But I also know that I have exposed myself to the sun unprotected and I have a quite light skin tone.

pilot sun protection awareness campaign

Left side of the face with sun protection and right side without anything

In front of the camera, I could see some dark spots. Damages which are not yet visible, but when I get older it will be visible through age marks and pigmentation. On the left side, I applied the Eucerin Sun Protection Oil Control which appears as black color, because it blocks the light.

pilot sun protection awareness campaign

UV camera makes sun protection visible (black)

Is it too late?

One question arose immediately: Is too late for proper sun protection? The Eucerin Sun Team reassured that it is never too late for sun protection as long as you start now. Your health and beauty will thank you.

pilot sun protection awareness campaign

this camera makes the pigmentation visible

Do I really want to see this?

Next station was the age simulator which showed me how I will look like with the age of 72. Do I really want to know this? After taking a headshot with a regular camera, a complex software, which is also used by the FBI, could simulate how my face will look like when getting older with and without proper sun protection. Up to the age of 50, it was hard to see a difference, but afterward, it was significant.  The face looked way older with ugly pigmentation and huge wrinkles. Would you still be following me when I look like that? Shocking was also the effect of smoking on the skin which makes the face look tremendously older.

pilot sun protection awareness

Age simulation

pilot sun protection awareness campaign

me with the age of 72 with proper protection

pilot sun protection awareness campaign

me with the age 0f 72 without sun protection

But what is proper protection

The right product

Find the right product for you and your skin type. Eucerin Sun Protection has a huge product variety thus meets your age, preference, and needs.

The right amount

Think of the size of a golf ball. That is the quantity you need to cover your whole body.

Think twice

Best is to apply sunscreen twice, so you don’t miss out on any unprotected spots on your skin.

sun protection pilot contest

Eucerin Sunn Protection variety

Join the pilot competition

Are you a pilot? You can become an ambassador of Eucerin Sun Protection as well. From now on Eucerin collaborates with the Vereinigung Cockpit to raise awareness for sun protection and to recruit pilots for a study on pilots special risk skin cancer. Pilots spend time at sunny places all year around and they do outdoor activities during layovers and their private time. Additionally, they face the radiation of UVA/B light in the cockpit while flying. Together we can raise awareness of the importance of sun protection so fewer people will suffer from skin damages in the future. Additionally, you join a contest and win great prizes.

Register NOW:

sun protection pilot contest

Join the pilot competition

Watch the vlog about my day at Lake Como with Eucerin SUN PROTECTION on my YouTube channel PilotPatrick.

Enjoy the sun well protected and happy landings!

Your PilotPatrick


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Shiran Abraham

Wow it’s really shocking how sun heat damage our skin.i never was used sunscreen n it’s already damaged my face lil but I got lil bit pigments in my face because I never protect my face with sunscreen. I used lots of anti pigment cream which is famous in Israel expensive also but they didn’t help me to reduce seriously say I was so frustrated bout my skin damaged but thanks to you like you said it’s really not to late I got know bout Eucerin product I started to use Eucerin anti pigment cream and I’m really surprised within… Read more »

Lucia Rita

well written Patrick. 🙂 In Italy as well as Spain summer is really hot above all in the south where we have also sometimes temperatures near to 45 degrees. I use sun protection only in the summer even though here there is quite always sun and good temperatures either in the autmn or in the winter. I love lying under the sun for many hours and I can say that I tan myself a lot and it’s important to remember that sun is also important for our health but using sun cream first of all. I don’t have a very… Read more »

Cherryl Chew

Hey Patrick, very well written blog as always. It is really important to protect our skin from the sun especially for light skin tone people as they can get pigmentation more easily and look more transparent on the face. And you are absolutely right that it is never too late to start using sun protection. Actually l have been using a face sunblock for quite sometime because otherwise it is more easier to get pigmentation for light skin tone like me. But unfortunately l wasn’t sure of any good product for the body until l got to know the eucerin… Read more »

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Lordel Alma

Now I got curious of the UV camera and of that simulator, I have never heard or seen a procedure that can figure out the aging level of the skin, its interesting to find out mine. I’m living in a tropical country which is extremely hot all year round, so I started using sunscreen or sunblock on my face everyday since I was 22 I am now 45 but I still look younger than my age, fine lines are not visible yet. Protecting your skin really gives high impact to maintain youthful appearance. I may not be around when you… Read more »