The greatest downside of my social media presence

The greatest downside of my social media presence
22/04/2018 pilotpatrick
downside of my social media presence

Hello my Aviator,

last week I returned home from Dubai. I had an amazing time in this spectacular city. Through all my Aviators and the content, I am creating on my social media channels I was invited by the tourism office of Dubai to spend a luxurious vacation. I was even able to travel with friends to support me during my collaboration. Unfortunately, my social media presence does not only has positive side effects. In this blog post, I am revealing the greatest downside.

downside of my social media presence

A small selection of fake profiles


One of the greatest downsides of my social media presences is scammers. There are people, who steal my identity and create profiles with my photos to scam other users. When I first found out about it, I thought that they just want to chat and to get some love from the other end. I was greatly mistaken. My fake profiles are used to betray people and to make money out of it. Words can not describe their criminal activities on the internet. They are pathetic and I feel really sorry for all the victims. With my photos, they have managed to ruin others lives, made people commit felonies and losing thousands of Euros.

The most common fake profile names:

  • Henry Hernandez
  • Henry Prince
  • Pilot John Patrick
  • Patrick Wilson
  • Pilot Patrick Stuart
  • Patrick Nathan
  • Oscar Ronald

A clear statement: I only have one profile on Instagram and Facebook. Both are named @pilotpatrick and are verified accounts (blue mark behind the name) I am not using any dating platforms or dating apps. My private Facebook account is with my real name. I am answering to comments, but I am not replying to direct messages, because I just don’t have time for that.

downside of my social media presence

Chats I have been informed about

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Different strategies

Victims have been reporting me their stories and it is shocking to see how clever and deceitful they operate. In the end, it is always about money and they use different strategies to scam others. I will not mention any details, but they are so well trained to make up stories and write the correct words to appear trustworthy.

Not only women have been betrayed, also men, who were seeking for a job in the cockpit. Their desperation was used to make money. The worst case I know about it deals with a woman from New Zealand who transferred over 2000$ to pay for my landings fees. I am pretty sure there are many other cases I do not know about.

downside of my social media presence

Deceitful chats with vicitims

Who is behind this?

I am always saying “they”. I can only assume, but I think that the fake profiles are created by a network. They have been using the same profile names and the same scam over an over again.

The European Union did not allow the scanning of faces online, because of data protection. This tool would recognize when a profile uses photos of a person who already exists. This would be a great advance against the fight of fake profiles. I am not the only one whose photos are being stolen. Scammers not only destroy the reputation of online platforms, but also the reputation of oneself.

downside of my social media presence

Identity cards to prove their “realness”

On the media

I am not the only one whose photos are being stolen to betray others. But my case got so extreme that the media featured me in a documentary and an online newspaper article.

Instagram and Facebook are not supporting me at all. Sometimes profiles (which are obviously fake) do not get deleted or it takes days until the profile gets removed.

How you can help me

It has been a desperate fight against the scammers because you feel so powerless. Nevertheless, I won’t stop fighting. Everday I am reporting at least 10 fake profiles and I am sure there many I am not aware of. It is great to see that there a lot of Aviators, who are highly alerted, help me reporting them.

I have been to the police and I reported several incidents, but they were not able to help me so far.

When you encounter a fake profile on any social media platform, which is using my photos and pretends to be me, please report this person immediately. Please send me the URL of the profile to as well. (Not just the pictures, I need the URL!)

Do not be naive online and always question yourself!

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Safe travels and happy landings!

Your PilotPatrick



  1. Preksha khanal 2 years ago

    Pilot Patrick this is not only there is lots of fake profile with your pic I’m the victim too I never knew bout you before you’re a pilot I was talking with him since 8 months I never knew he is a fake when I found another account with your pic then I got know he is a fake he asked me 2000$ to help him but I got know he is just a scammer so I immediately stopped to chatting with him he was asking my private pics too but I never sent him any kind of picture n I reported bout that account to crime branch of Israel I blocked him from everywhere n I also changed my phone number too I really great full that you’re supporting us it’s not bout only money that all scammer playing ours feeling n emotional thank you for your support God Bless You Pilot Patrick have a nice day

  2. Cherry Chew 2 years ago

    Hi Patrick, so sorry to know that there are so many scammers using your photos to scam people out there. Actually the scamming had been happening for a very long time already. And most of them were using more or less the same method to get money from the victims. They had their own stories which would be involving money in the end. So all women should be more alert when their so called friend asking to send money to them.

    Before being your aviator, l had actually read about all type of scamming in the newspaper and YouTube. Most of the victims were from Facebook when the fake profiles started to message the victim via messenger and insisted for WhatsApp after a few conversation. Actually most of the scammers like to use photos from people whose profession are in uniform such as military, pilot and so on. But l think you have the most cases so far. I am truly sorry that you are a victim of the scammers and it was pity that sometimes you got scolded since they mistakenly thinking that you were the one.

    There was a case which l read from the newspaper whereby a lady lose all her savings and have to repay the bank installments as she loved that person so much and willingly to get a bank loan for the scammer. It was so pity.

    Patrick, I wish you all the best and hopefully all these would stop one day.

  3. Dung Hương Trần 2 years ago

    Trước khi biết đến a pilotparick tôi cũng từng là một nạn nhân của việc lừa đảo tình cảm trên fb. Trang này lấy hình ảnh của anh với những đoạn video với cái tên Richard Francis. Nhưng tôi đã ko bị lừa. Và tôi bắt đầu tìm hình ảnh của a trên google để biết rõ tên a pilotparick. Chỉ với một đều là nói cho a được biết rằng hình ảnh của a đã bị kẻ xấu đem ra vụ lợi. Hiện tại đã tới Châu á Á Việt Nam .

  4. UMI NADHIRA 2 years ago

    I am sorry to hear that. Actually I am not into socmed. I use IG for a year n I made FB only for watching your livetalk that day after 7 years vacuum. I dont make friend on fb. I never join dating app too. So I dont know n dont understand about scammers. I am so selective to accept someone DM. I only have 2 male friends on my DM. 1 German friend from you who always chat with me almost everyday. N 1 friend from Seville. I understand why you hide your real name. N I hope other fans will hide it too if they know cause this is your privacy. Alhamdulillah, Allah sends me to the real you from the first time n He sends me many good friends from your blog, thank you although we dont follow each other, hahaha. I am sorry if I cant help you n the victims. Hopefully all people will more selective n more careful. Dont only because they are handsome/beautiful or rich n have beautiful words, then they fall in love easily! They need many proves. If someone really loves you, he/she wont ask something bad from you. Someone who loves you wont ask money or nude photos or anything bad for return but comes to your parents house to ask you. Hopefully this problem will end quickly n no victims anymore.

  5. tipjuta 2 years ago

    Dont let them stop you.Go for it. What ever you are going to do.We support you.Go to the top of the mountain and let world know how are you.Keep your positive energy and creat more positive story to share and creat this world.God blessed you.We will help you to report the fake account to safe and protect other ppl from the scammers!

  6. Clayton 2 years ago

    Hi Patrick, this sucks. I have never even thought about this, but sounds scary in just a major headache. If I encounter a fake profile I will surely report it and contact you. But hope this won’t let you hold back from what you love doing! ✈️ ❤️

  7. Shilpi arora 2 years ago

    Thanks aloty dear friend it will really work

  8. James 2 years ago

    This is happening to me too …. I don’t have nearly as many followers as you but it is really interesting to read your experience. I am a vet and scammers take my profile, answer veterinary questions then ask for money, pretending to be me. I have consulted various social media experts on it and it seems an impossible crime to fight.

    I report profiles on Instagram and thankfully they get removed promptly but Facebook have refused to delete the fake accounts as it doesn’t ‘violate Facebook terms’ which I think is utterly ridiculous and quite insulting to all the genuine Facebook users!! Let alone a danger to the animals getting fake vet advice!!

    Thank you for sharing the article and writing so frankly about it. We all know the real pilotpatrick is a decent guy !!

    Happy flying


  9. Roura Ogata 2 years ago

    I took a pilot who lives in Australia from the counterfeit using the real Patrick’s photo to LINE, but after finding Patrick with IG, it can be said that a fake man and Patrick are in different places I understand. He ceased to exist.

    I asked in real Patrick’s facebook DM. (At that time I did not read Patrick’s article, so I did not know that I should not use DM.) He said he did not tell me I do not know. That man is Cheatman. I go to the police.

    I was told that he finally understood what he was talking to Patrick’s camouflage. Fortunately, I never asked for money, so there was no damage, so I did not report damage to the police.

    Since then, I became Juan of Patrick who continues commenting and enjoying everyday. Reason why it changed to good results (lol)

    Next, I found a fake pilot. The name is Debit. I reported on it to Patric. I think Patrick is familiar all over the world. If Patrick succeeds, it is the damage that will happen. Let’s be cautious to protect him.

  10. Neria Cairns 2 years ago

    G’day angel face, I hope you don’t mind me to say, before I bump in to you as an aviator , I was a victim of this fake person ( scammer ) Pilot Patrick Stuart MacPherson , a Pilot from British airways from London, I hope you never forget , I reported it to you after I blocked him , but in case it might happen again that I hope it won’t , but for instance or just in case if a scammer might appear to me again , how can I get thier link or URL if the website won’t let you to get through to thier link, the website, page even how you trying to get through to the link of the person though so how can you court them this is the very hardiest part and depressing part , because the website won’t let us to go to their URL , it will be nice though if the website they let us through because I think that’s the only help we can do in both sides , I mean to the owner of profile and to the victim. I just hope that it won’t happen again and I just hope that those ( Pilot Patrick Stuart MacPherson ) won’t come back on me and appear to me again. Just hope so , but if he does only he got is get blocked from me because I’ve , learned the hurt and pain to much from him. I have learned the lesson on it as a victim. But only I can say I’m so sorry to you that your profile fall in they hand and they used you as them , why ? We know you don’t do harm , to them, you don’t do trouble to them as far as I know you are kind hearted, sweet friendly person , a lovable friend , humble and won’t hurt anyone but the the question is why? They used your profile my friend to hunt a victim like me , and that’s the sad question about it, why the media they can’t stopped them. It should be the media know already who owns the real identity by looking through the picture or looking through the comparison of the profile name or they can or can’t they so why they let this fake people to l hunt a victim on media, sorry for the questions, but just hope that no scammer will appear to me again. Thank you for reading my comments Pilot Patrick, take care of yourself, stay happy life is too short , keep smiling god bless you always.

  11. Bobby Damiano Corley 2 years ago

    Hi Pilot Patrick!

    Unless you were the one that texted me on Google Hangouts earlier today, you went by the name J. And your screen name was Williams Jameson Patrick. Please verify this!

    Bobby Damiano Corley

    • Author
      pilotpatrick 2 years ago

      Please read this article again and answer the question bye yourself!

  12. Shilpi arora 2 years ago

    Bobby mam
    they are scammers they all are using Patrick’s pics u have to send the link that fake profiles
    U have seen this link

  13. artanti wulan sari 2 years ago

    Hi Patrick… I learned from today incident that your identity is used to scamm people, and I almost become one of the victim. Nothing serious happened. Your photos and identity as a pilot is used in Facebook by account name Michael Scott. I’ve found out that they fake because of their own mistake, they messed with the wrong woman. I’ve already blocked them. But I’m afraid they won’t stop doing scammer to anyone else. I appreciate your bravery and I support you in preventing the occurrence of many victims of fraud or scammer.

    May Allah always protect you and show you the way. I pray for your health and happiness. The only good side from this scammer things is I can get to know you as a real person named Patrick. Thank you.

  14. Li Liang 2 years ago

    Mr. Patrick,

    I am afraid you would have to add one more fake identity on that list, Haha…Not long ago, several of your photos showed up in my email under the name of Karl George Lake, a 37-year-old British man with Petroleum Geology by profession. The scammer is so smart and prepared as he downloaded your photos that you actually took in London. With detailed introduction and text, I even felt his sincerity and honesty (I won’t blame myself because I don’t know you and never saw your pictures). Fortunately, a little bit smarter than the scammer, I found out his trick before he even started his real purpose. Until then, I first time admired my personal sensitivity and intelligence that much. Haha…

    Well, after the joke, back to serious topic. Not a surprise, but still a little disappointed in humanity, because the world is not that friendly and peaceful as we expected. It seems impossible to completely eliminate the scam; however, everyone could increase their alertness and decrease the tragedy. Here is one of my recommendations which could be shared in your blog for more readers if you would like to. The website is one of the best sources to find where the photos are originally posted (this is how I was led to this blog). Since scammers always downloaded photos from the authors, this is the best way to verify the truth and uncover their ugly trick. In addition, as you mentioned, probably everything will lead to money issue in the end, no matter how trustworthy they sound like.

    On your side, as one of the public figures, it would be more responsible if you could put a particular watermark or a personal logo in the center of each photo you posted, just like your special design of your bracelet and nameplate. This may cause more troubles for your own posting, however, could be effectively make it harder for the scammers to steal your photos. Just a personal opinion.

    Best wishes to your future travel. Hopefully all your positive sharing will bring more inspiration in your followers, instead of negative impact.



  15. Rebecca Medrano 2 years ago

    Dear Patrick I have been chatting with this person for 4 months now. I have fallen in love with him he has asked me for my hand in marriage and I have accepted. All his pictures he sends me are of you. I’ve asked him if he was Pilot Patrick and he said yes. My name is Rebecca Medrano I’m from Texas USA and you can reach me. Honey am sorry if its really is you? I just felt I needed to say something. Cus you are finding excuses not to come to me. He said he was coming in April and April came and went then he said in May he’s coming at months end so by June 8th? he said he made it to New York and had been there since. But today I saw a pix of you at the airport in Germany on 6/13 and one today in Germany 6/14 so how can you be in two places at one time. Help me understand.

    • Author
      pilotpatrick 2 years ago

      Hey, please read the article! I explained everything.

  16. Rebecca Medrano 2 years ago

    Hi Patrick my name is Rebecca back in February 10, 2018 I meet a man online by the name of Erwin John on OkCupid online date site. We have been texting for so long by the time you know I had falling in love with him. He could quote bible scriptures he was very encouraging always with a positive attitude. Then by May 19 I found out those pictures he sent me had been yours. So on the 20th I questioned him and he asked how I found him out but I did not give him an answer but he said now I know who he is and that its ok . the whole time he told me he has a son by the name Erwin and that he is coming to Texas to be with me and that he is bring his son he asked me to buy the boy a PS4 and 2 games and send it to an address Oklahoma so he can get a gift for him from his new mom so I did and now that started a chain reactions. He started asking for ITunes cards and a Vanilla gift cards and an Amazon cards. He said he needed them to update files so that he can leave things taken care of once he leaves Germany to come to Texas. On June 13 was the date for him to arrive in Houston and he texted that he missed his flight from that point on it started to go down hill he asked me again on June 24th to get him the online access to my two department store cards and I refused and he got mad and said to never text him again but he tried texting me again on the 1st of July and said for me to go get him an Amazon card because he need it and I said no and he got very angry and started cussing at me so I had him reported. I truly fell in love with this person and I hope someday to meet you so that I can say how sorry I am that your identity is being used to bring so much pain to woman around the world.I admire you and all the work you do for humanity and education. I pray God keeps you safe and healthy so you can continue your work. Love you always Rebecca

  17. Phoebe 2 years ago

    My friend just told me about her story. The guy named henry Hernandez scammed her for about $5000. This happened very recently.

  18. asfan 1 year ago

    hello … I’m sorry I did not know you or followed you before but when my sister was almost tricked by her scemmer by using the new name Henry Abraham I started looking for you because that secemmer uses your face to love and money

  19. callumskei80atgmaildotcom 1 year ago

    If you have lost funds to any form of scams. Be it investment or romance scam, I think its time to look for professional help as the Government and Police cant help to get your hard earned money back. Reach out to swiftwelthrecoveryatgmailcom

  20. Gina 1 year ago

    I am talking to this scammer on my phone now haha. so funny that I am aware of this guys is playing with me. He hasn’t mentioned about any money or something. I want this scammer to pay for the sin, but there is no any chance if he is not online I found him out anymore. right?
    Maybe just stop to talk to him? It is not fair… Any idea guys??

  21. 1 year ago

    I have been a victim of binary option scams, that almost ruined my life till i was able to recover some of my lost funds with the help of a company with a good reputation. I am more than happy to share my story with as many people that need help out there.

    • Author
      pilotpatrick 1 year ago

      Hello Nick, thanks for sharing your story. I am very sorry about this. That’s why I have made this topic public. I am reporting scam profiles daily. Unfortunately social media platforms are not a big help in detecting scams. Please be careful also online and never send money to strangers!!!! Happy landings Patrick

  22. Dr. Uzma Ata 1 year ago

    Patrick one of my friend. Was victimzed by a scammer but fortunately she was saved as she was about to transfer 1500$ and I alerted her on time. But the emotional torture she suffered was extremely painful. She was betrayed in the name of love. I suggest u to please put a watermark on your photos so that it become useless for the scammers

  23. Sachiko 1 year ago

    I am victim of scammer of fake Patrick. They were on Tinder dating website to hunt target
    I am Japanese, scammer are do not care who we are or in any situations. I am single parent of two disability children and seeking genuine relationships, but this scammer wasn’t good at it and I found out scammer before I pay any money.
    Your faker is seriously everywhere
    Reaching to Asia, targeting whoever especially dasparate single mom.

  24. Lauren Truong 1 year ago

    Hi PilotPatrick.
    I was the current one of victim. I’ve been talked to the scammer whos try to take under ur name and cheated me out. But thats lucky i already found out about u before he wanna asked me for money. But he did talking so sweet about the Love to me….Now i just felt so dissapointed…:(

  25. Cel 1 year ago

    I just want to let you know that I think someone is using your pictures name Oscar and he is scamming my friend rhaji.

  26. DUONG THANH TRANG 1 year ago

    Sorry, my name: Duong Thanh Trang. I’m from Vietnam. And I’m having trouble from your handsome image. From a scammer on FB, they used your image. They are worsening your image. I lost $ 1000. And I didn’t expect the money to come back to me. But I hope, you will find a way, try to prevent scammers who have used your image to steal the hearts of honest women and believe in true love. I have all the links, pictures of them. But I do not know how to find fraudsters and denounce them. I hope you will help me, help those who are about to become victims of your images. I lost my job. A baker from real heart. But people, their thoughts are bad according to their personal thoughts. I tried to change their thinking. But I’m really tired, when everything tries to hurt me. PLEASE, MAKE A STRONG ACTION THAT YOU ARE HAVING TO HELP. I did my best when I tried to rise up but life attacked me constantly. And now I have tried my best to AGAINST ALL! PLEASE. Laws in Vietnam are not strong enough to punish scammers.And I was alone, I couldn’t, not strong enough to fight scammers, people with bad thoughts. I need you, need law in your country to help. PLEASE!!!
    Sorry to bother you. And now I know you are a public person, a real man. I hope you will take action, have a way to solve the problems that all girls are and are about to happen to them. Please prevent any bad things from happening to your image and our spirit when truly foolish. Trust in lies!!! PLEASE!!! T^T I look forward to good news from you. Thank you so much, A REAL MAN ^_^

  27. DUONG THANH TRANG 1 year ago

    Sorry, I’m from Vietnam. And I’m having trouble from your handsome image. From a scammer on FB, they used your image. They are worsening your image. I lost $ 1000. And I didn’t expect the money to come back to me. But I hope, you will find a way, try to prevent scammers who have used your image to steal the hearts of honest women and believe in true love. I have all the links, pictures of them. But I do not know how to find fraudsters and denounce them. I hope you will help me, help those who are about to become victims of your images. I lost my job. A baker from real heart. But people, their thoughts are bad according to their personal thoughts. I tried to change their thinking. But I’m really tired, when everything tries to hurt me. PLEASE, MAKE A STRONG ACTION THAT YOU ARE HAVING TO HELP. I did my best when I tried to rise up but life attacked me constantly. And now I have tried my best to AGAINST ALL!
    Sorry to bother you. And now I know you are a public person, a real man. I hope you will take action, have a way to solve the problems that all girls are and are about to happen to them. Please prevent any bad things from happening to your image and our spirit when truly foolish. Trust in lies
    I know you are VERY BUSY.. PLEASE !!! check the messages from WHATSAPP, INTSTAGRAM, … I have sent all related images to you. PLEASE !!! SEE IT, AND RESOLUTION. I WAIT GOOD NEWS FROM YOU^^. THANK YOU SO MUCH I HOPE you can do it, A REAL MAN. I’ll be WAITING for you. Hope you don’t disappoint meT^T CẢM ƠN BẠN RẤT NHIỀU ^^

  28. Joy Knowles 1 year ago

    Patrick The Pilot, just letting you know your new fake name is Patrick Chukwuma nwanna, that’s right! You heard correctly! Some guy from Africa posing as you and asks no for money as well, using your photos. I checked that name for criminal report and found just tha a criminal!

  29. Elisabeth Andresen 1 year ago

    I am so sorry this has happened to you.
    But I’m afraid you have to add another name to your list. There is a guy on Facebook that goes by the name of Ali Haganas (40yrs) who says he is from Sweden and that are using your pictures.
    This guy contacted and befriended my mother, who is in her mid-60s and not so tech-savvy. Thank you for making a post about this problem, so that people have a chance to figure out this scam.
    Kind regards

  30. Elisabeth Andresen 1 year ago

    I am so sorry this has happened to you.
    But I’m afraid you have to add another name to your list. There is a guy on Facebook that goes by the name of Ali Haganas (40yrs) who says he is from Sweden and that are using your pictures.
    This guy contacted and befriended my mother, who is in her mid-60s and not so tech-savvy. Thank you for making a post about this problem, so that people have a chance to figure out this scam.
    Kind regards from Norway

  31. Bernadette Palmroth 1 year ago

    Hello Patrick, sorry I Was also attacked by a hacker for 2 month. He used to chatt on Whatsapp with me.He also promised to marry me. He Was going to visit me soon. One day he ask me for 2000usd. When i Said, sorry I dont have that amount of money. He beged me for it. When I Said ok, can we video chatt. He Said oh you dont belive me etc etc. Then I knew be Was cheating People. Then I found your pictures. I Was shocked and wondering. In this world you cannot trust anyone. He is very professionell in hacking People with his sweet Words of God. Now I blocked him and reported.

  32. Gary Maas 1 year ago

    I was scammed for $3500 and an attempt at $30,000. This was after a 3 month period of emails and pics from “pilot”…now they want me to pay $20,000 to license the name and images. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. wilby Jones 1 year ago

    I am a fan of yours on all platform and it has shocked me to read that this kind of thing happens. I hope one day you and the victims of these crimes will find a way to stop it

  34. Ximena 1 year ago

    Hola piloto Patrick, eres una perdona maravillosa y emprendora.
    Lamento tanto que la gente inescrupulosa se aproveche de tu buena amigan.
    Yo estuve a punto de caer en estafa por parte de un señor q se hace pasar por ti.
    Dure hablando con el aproximadamente 2 meses, pero empecé a pensar como un hombre comontu necesita estar en una aplicación de citas.
    Asi que decidí empezar a investigar y efectivamente me tope con todos estos miles de perfiles falsos en todas las redes sociales y el numero del que me.escribían provenia de nigeria.
    Decidí denunciar pero desafortunadamente no hay muchas leyes o seguridad para este tipo de cosas.
    Solo queda como experiencia adevertir a mas víctimas.

  35. CCHE 1 year ago

    How i wish I had seen your photos or read your blog earlier so that the scammer would not have gotten his way.. Just to let u know pilot patrick, he is still out there cheating woman’s feeling and money.. you may think woman are naive.. perhaps we really are but that is because the photos that he showed was your real personal photos.. which really felt convincing that he is really the person in the photo.. that is the real down side and ugly side of social media

  36. CCHE 1 year ago

    And you are so right to say is ‘they’, located all over the world.. Is definitely a syndicate.. Their new strategy is not to ask money from you directly, but said he send gifts to you and get someone to pose as custom to inform you that there are valuables in the parcel and ask you for tax payment.. I know I am silly to have believe.. Pilot Patrick, just wish to know, did you post your personal photos (in causal clothes at home or even bare top in bed) anywhere in the social media? It was those photos that fool me because I would not have suspected it was not you.. This bad incident make me lost all trust in anyone on social media now..

  37. Florina 11 months ago

    Hi Patrick , my name is Florina and I am from Romania . I’m seding you this message to say that a man named Ryan Nicholas stole your identity . Ryan Nicholas said he is 38 years old and lives in Austin Texas and is a TXXA member pilot. And has instagram(nicholas_ ryan1983). I wich he took pictures of you from instagram but after 2 days he delected his account. Including whatsapp profile picture from your instragram. he send me pictures of you pretinding to be him. I wanted to know this you want to do with this person. The number of whatsapp I wrinting about is 0015124479174 .

  38. Jen 11 months ago

    Hello Pilot Patrick. I really enjoy following you on social media. I too was scammed like a year ago, he claimed his name was Patrick he was “German” but curiously enough did not know how to speak in German. The guy was surprised when I found your pictures on instagram. He denied everything. It is so sad that people use your image to scam ladies. Just today I found one profile with your picture. His name is Michael Scott. I wanted to share his picture here for everyone to be warned. The profile says he lives in California. His profile is on Facebook.

  39. Weng 11 months ago

    Hi Mr.pilotpatrick

    I’m weng from Philippines
    I wanted to share to u that I been chatted one of ur stunning photo… the scammer used it.. he’s used ur picture for scam.. he registered in dating site… He didn’t used any name… He told me his Patrick beideemkapp… When he gave his name..I search that name in Instagram…but the scammer so brilliant..he knows everything to u…, One day he wanted me go shopping ect. I said no.. and then he got mad on me.. I told to him that ur not real. And I make lie that i already sent msg to Patrick Instagram,, he’s angry and blocked me… Hehehe but I’m already search who’s Patrick beideemkapp…from Facebook to Instagram even YouTube… I found in Facebook that u have so many names… One only is real coz I see some comment that using German language…and some photos old.. I see the name also who likes ur picture… Like Pascal beideemkapp..Ur brother I think…. I willing to already report others name in Facebook..even the in dating site… ! Btw I’m very sorry about what my comment in ur Instagram… because of my anger..I can’t control… Sorry! Hope we can be friends! Take care and godbless

  40. Diana Lara 9 months ago

    hello dear pilot Patrick, I’m from Mexico and I do not speak English,
    and even then an individual contacted me on Facebook, he behaved
    very kind and romantic, but I thought it was strange that after a few days I would eliminate the profile, I used the name Palerus Patrick,
    and in gmail as Russell Patrick, and if it is of any help the phone number you use is +380 50 919 7413. Fortunately I am very distrustful and I started to investigate, was upset when I confronted him but I was convinced that it was false because he did not accept video calls, luckily he could not get money from me, and thanks to that I was able to meet you and now I admire you and all your work

  41. Aida 9 months ago

    Hello, unfortunatelly there are a lot of account with your pictures on Speaky. Its Language exchange community. Every day almost i reported some cheaters there, two or three with your picture.

  42. Aida 9 months ago

    I have some screen shot from Speaky with your pictures, but I can’t add here.

  43. Carlos Burton 9 months ago

    Hello Mr. Patrick I’ll keep your real name a secret as well so I’ll just call you Mr. Patrick. The Mr. is what I call all gentleman. Hey I unfortunately I am going through a really difficult time with my wife, She has this fantastic idea that you your self is sending her 30,000$ US dollars. But first she thinks you are asking her to pay for customs tags that cost 500$ and 4,000$ for taxes. The 500$ I just recently found out she paid already and now she told me that you need the additional 4,000$ for the international tax. And that the 30,000$ is sitting in Toronto Canada. At their Airport. When I found out all this was happening I couldn’t believe it. I believe this low level after thought of Gods creation is a black man from Ghana. I don’t have the URL but I’m sure my wife does.. I just need you the real you not your fan club team members I am asking as a husband and a father of 2 beautiful boys, and a man who’s fighting to try and same his family from falling apart. Please Mr. Patrick I really would like your help in this matter before she finally gives in and gives those larva 4,000$ of our money that I work very hard for. Any support from you would greatly be appreciated and I do believe that if it truly comes from she would realize that it was all a scam. I hope that this letter finds you and not a dark file cabinet. Thank you for your time in this matter.

    Carlos Burton.

  44. Carlos Burton 9 months ago

    Hello Mr. Patrick i know why youve been met with such advertise in the foght to stop the scammers. I learned this real quick by fighting for my wifes. She has a mental illness that makes her an easy target. Her name is Reiko Burton and i am her husband. It has been really hard this last few months but i fear itll get worse till the end. She truly believes it is you asking for money. Sha has already given the scummers almost 3,000$ and is asking for more. It is so bad she would prefer our kids to go without food so she can give you the money, i mean the picture of you. But i think i was able to get somethink from the streak marks on the tar mack who are from Ghana. That was an insalt to them incase you were wondering . I may have gotton a URL and i know why youre not getting the help you asked for if you want to know id feel better giving you this information to you rather then tell you on the link you provided because the scammers have access to all of your accounts so hopefully youre aware of it all. I only know this because i gave my wife this link you gave us and it went straight to them. So just so you know what ever your people are reading back to you prbably isnt from the actial person who made the message.. So if you truly want to help and need some kind of information to this underdeveloped larva eating their own feces.? Then you call me 4255241790 because using that link you gave us wont work. And i l think i know why say i think not 100% but i can at least give you a URL. Well ok bye for now

  45. Carlos Burton 9 months ago

    My wife does not believe you because she want to see your pictures of your real family and why did you showed her a picture of a chandelier

    • An 5 months ago

      He is the captain of the famous airline, i think he’s not enough time for social media. You can tell your wife the truth and you can help her by taking care her more and more.
      Best regards

  46. TWV 7 months ago

    Hi! Well I am from Minneapolis and sorry to say, you have a POF dating profile on there. Too bad for me, but so sorry you have to continuously go through this.

  47. Kenny 7 months ago

    I was almost got scam also. I have chat with this person for a few days only. On the second day, i already feel something was off. He appeared on this dating app called “Blued” and his profile name is LucasWatson. Then we moved to chat at Hangouts. There his profile name is vtecnology. I chat him and said “why do you look like Patrick Biedenkapp?” and he replied “Yes i am Patrick Biedenkapp”. He also said he would send me a gift tobprove that he likes me. He said a lot of things but im lazy to write it here. But i still don’t trust him. So i took his pic and did a reversed images and found out that he is fake. Then i decided to block him immediately to prevent other things happen. Sadly i cannot copy his image url.

  48. Saadiqah 6 months ago

    Lol shit!! What a bummer !! These people are insane so any way this guy messaged me claiming he is u haha but by what u mentioned i came to realisation that its bullshit uv got shit going for u nd u at a point in your life where you can do as you please nd it got me thinking why in the world would u by interested in such a mediocre women such as myself o well guy messages me me patrick video calls nd everything really hit the heart spot if onli it was real the things id do to you hahahah shhhh but it hasnt ended sooo be safe nd travel safe its ur passion i can c that dont allow this to mess u over i swear i could say i love u lol but yeah enjoy love

  49. An 5 months ago

    Hello mr. Patrick
    My name is An, i’m living Ho Chi Minh city and i know you by the name “Johnson Mark”.
    But i find your profile by a few your pictures.
    Now in Viet Nam, having many people are swindled by your pictures.
    I think that when you upload your profile you should take note your pictures ^^

  50. Sally 2 months ago

    Hello Patrick ,

    My name is Sally ,from China , i’m one of victims , the scammer posted your picture on tantan dating app , his name is Smith ,even i didn’t know your name is Patrick ,recently i searched information about what’s expereince to date a pilot , then your pictures and vedios show up online , then i realized i was cheated by him , and i asked his real name , he said Smith gaven by his Mom ,Patrick is only for work , and i watched most of your vedios , found some information are different with these he told me ,fortunately he didn’t ask me money yet ,bcz i told him i met 2 scammers before ,so he was cautions ,but anyway he cheatted me in a relationship ,and i would like to offer several tips for ppl to identify scanmmer .
    1, the most important is having vedio chat for more than 5-10mins at least ,and check if they are real or not , if they agree to vedio call ,but just for couple of seconds that vedios from online when they get ready ,not himself , bcz the voice will not match the mouth shape , then off chatting , will tell you bad signal , or many excuses not convenient to have vedio call , or will be angry with vedio call ,they will say you don’t trust them to have vedio call , if they wouldn’t like to have vedio call whennever you asked , 100% faker ,bcz they are not get ready how to make the vedie call to be real yet , i had experiences with 3 scammers by this way less than 2 weeks i found they are all fakers .
    2, Be careful and intelligent enough whatever they told you , search online and learn all different kinds of cases from others cheated on dating website or app . particularly alert when you fall in love with the picture they sent you , usually they will post handsome looking , good career , rich .
    3,never send or pay any money in a relationship before you meet in real world .
    I hope you could make another vedio with all different cases from victims to help more ppl not cheated by scammer .
    Thanks happy pilotpatrick , i love all vedios you made .

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