The greek Instagram island – mini vacation on Zakynthos

The greek Instagram island – mini vacation on Zakynthos
21/07/2019 pilotpatrick
the greek Instagram island

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Dear Aviator,

great to welcome you back on my blog! Have you heard of Zakynthos before? I hadn’t until I saw several bloggers posting like crazy from this greek Instagram Island – Zakynthos”. I literally I was tempted by beautiful caves, crystal blue water and a breathtaking beach with a shipwreck. I thought I need to find out for us if this island is really that beautiful or if this is a “Instagram fake”.


the greek Instagram island

Appraoching Zakynthos with Skyexpress

the greek Instagram island

It was super spontaneous

I finished my flight duty in Athens and decided spontaneously to stay in Greek during my off days. I checked for flight connections to the most famous islands Santorini and Mykonos, but there was no suitable return flight available. Then this island with the famous shipwreck beach came into my mind. I knew it was somewhere in Greece. I booked a flight connection with Sky Express from Athens, which lasts only 45 mins. The return flight was with Eurowings via Düsseldorf back to Berlin four days later. Watch also my the Instagram Story Highlight about the trip.

the greek Instagram island

Must see: Xigia Sulfur Beach

Greek island facts – Zakynthos

The Greek island in the Ionian Sea is the third largest of the Ionian Islands. It covers an area of 405.55 km2  with only about 40,000 habitants and the coastline is roughly 123 km in length. The name, like all similar names ending in -nthos, is pre-Mycenaean or Pelasgian in origin. In Greek mythology the island was said to be named after Zakynthos, the son of the legendary Arcadian chief Dardanus. Zakynthos was hit by a 7.3-magnitude earthquake in 1953, which destroyed most of the buildings on the island. That’s why you will not find any typical white buildings (like on Santorini) on the island.  Zakynthos econonmy is based on tourism, olive oil and wine.

the greek Instagram island

Suites at Olea All Suite

the greek Instagram island

Suite at the Olea All Suite

the greek Instagram island

Eagle view of the Olea All Suite

Check out my YouTube channel PilotPatrick for more exciting videos about my trips around the world!

Minimalism, elegance and a private pool

I have stayed at many hotels in my time as pilot and frequent traveler, but the two properties on Zakynthos were one of a kind. On vacation I prefer smaller more intimate hotels, than big hotel bunkers. Boutique hotels offer a much more personalized and exclusive service.

I stayed 2 nights in the Zante Maris Suites and 2 nights in the Olea All Suite hotel, which are sister hotels and are located on the same property. As the names suggest the star hotels properties comprises of suites only.

the greek Instagram island

Private pool suite Olea All Suite

the greek Instagram island

Pool area at the Olea All Suite

the greek Instagram island

Mountain views at Olea All Suite

Olea All Suite

The unique hotel is set on a picturesque hill, surrounded by olive trees and green, walking distance to the beach and only 10 minutes from Zakynthos town and airport. I was lucky to stay in a suite with a private pool, which not only offered stunning views of the ocean, but also granted a lot of privacy.

Next to a Spa, gym and a vast pool area, the 3 restaurants offer exquisite culinary options, including greek and mediterranean dishes.

the greek Instagram island

Breakfast at Zante Maris Suites

the greek Instagram island

Dinner at Zante Maris Suites

the greek Instagram island

Dessert at Znate Maris Suites

Zante Maris Suites

Smaller in its size. Only 45 suites in total, but all with outdoor living space. I have never seen such a special welcome drink. Smoking Ice tea served on a plate with fruits and nuts. Food was amazing as well. As a half board guest you can choose from a huge menu from seafood, cheese to meat and extortionary desserts.

Which one did I prefer?

Both hotels are similar in its minimalistic yet luxurious design. For even more privacy, relaxation and exclusive service I would go with the Zante Maris Suites, since this is an adult only hotel. In my opinion breakfast and dinner was even more exceptional at the Zante Marris Suites. However I did not try the a la carte restaurants at the Olea All Suite.

the greek Instagram island

Welcome drink at Zante Maris Suites

the greek Instagram island

Spa ath the Olea All Suite

the greek Instagram island

View from the massage place at the Zante Maris Suites

Activites on the island

I stayed for 4 days, which is sufficient for a short getaway. However, 4 days was not enough to fully explore the island.  The stunning hotel property made it hard to leave the hotel, but I came to Zakynthos to see the island as well. So make sure you plan with enough time. One week should be about the perfect length.

What did I do:

Navagio Beach

The Instagran spot! Also known as the shipwreck beach. You can only get to the beach by boat because the beach is surrounded by 200m  high cliffs. A breathtaking setting with ultra blue water. Make sure to see the beach also from top of the cliff. The view is amazing but be careful as well!


the greek Instagram island

Navagio Beach – Shipwreck Beach

the greek Instagram island

Navagio Beach – Shipwreck Beach

Navagio Beach – photo credit SPATHUMPA

Blue caves 

One of the most popular attractions on Zahkynthos.  Nature is really the most beautiful thing on earth and so are the blue caves. To see the blue caves in real live and to find out why they are called blue caves was an amazing experience. The best way to visit them is in a small to medium boat. I charted a small boat with  Alykes VIP Boat  captain Georges knew all the amazing spots. With in 5  hours I was at the shipwreck beach, inside the blue caves, swam in crystal blue water and jumped of a cliff. Additionally he gave me lots of background information of the island. A true VIP and insider experience.


the greek Instagram island

Famous Blue caves

Olive trees

Only few urban areas makes you feel that you are in nature the whole time. I did not expect such a green island. During my exploration tour I passed many wine-growing areas and olive trees. I also got to see the oldest olive tree of the island. It is supposed to be over 2000 years old.


One of the best locations for sunsets on Zahkynthos. It is loacted on the west coast so you will be able to see the sun set into the ocean. The view is breathtaking. I could not stay for the sunset so please do it for me.


You do not necessarily need a car to get a round. One day I booked a driver to take me within 4 hours to many interesting sights on the island, since I did not have so much time. Alternatively you can book a quad or a two seater buggy to discover the island by yourself.

the greek Instagram island

oldest Olive tree on the island

the greek Instagram island

Go to Kampi for the sunset

Zakynthos is not only an “instagramable” island with amazing photos spots, but also a place where you can relax and feed your soul to the fullest.


the greek Instagram island

Have you been on a greek island before? Let me know in the comment section below.

Safe travels and happy landings!

Your PilotPatrick




  1. Shiran Abraham 10 months ago

    I was checking your new blog from the morning finally I can left comment now .never heard before bout Zahkynthos island. It’s really awesome island. You described bout island very well !!!! Bout Navagio Beach, Olive tree, Kampi, blue caves are really amazing to know n blue caves it’s really awesome . I still have your breathtaking video you jumped from the high cliff . Definitely Zahkynthos island will be my next vacation. Thank you so much, your blog always inspire me n I always get knowledge for your blog. As always your blog is so interesting to read .

  2. Emmy Puspasari 10 months ago

    i just can say : ” Zakyntos is really Beautiful and really Exotic alot!! ”
    My favorite place are Blue Cave and Navagio beach.. WOW!!!!
    Really Very Blue Sea !! And i really enjoy your holiday there.. ❤
    and the favorite fun things to do is swimming in lovely private pool in front the hotel with wings , so relaxing !!
    your blog is really helpful, informative and Best with all photos also explanation…
    Super awesome my dear !

    • gs gs 8 months ago

      I hate you

  3. Aateera Hosein 10 months ago

    Dear Patrick, an absolutely beautiful article of the stunning and gorgeous Zakynthos island in Greece! I so enjoyed reading this article! Unfortunately, I have not visited any Greek islands yet. I am for sure will visit this island with the dreamy blue waters. Nicely done! 🙂

  4. Maria Dugan 10 months ago

    Thank you so much Patrick for yet an other in-depth and honest view on the stunning island of Zakynthos also known as Zante, I had the privilege of visiting this beautiful island when I was younger so a good 30yrs ago, when it wasn’t known by the greater world like it is now. I also had an amazing time at the shipwreck beach and blue caves and lots of snorkelling. I’m so pleased you have now got to visit the stunning island. Thank you for also giving us a history lesson it’s great to know some fact about the island for those who didn’t know. I managed to get a quiet 10mins away from the kids hahaha. Such beautiful water and view and hospitality

  5. Fiza AbdKadir 10 months ago

    Your holiday is very interesting and worth it..First, I would like to thank you for sharing your blog..I’m very lucky to be part of your aviator, because have a chance to enjoy your holiday through social media..
    Zakynthos island is a very..very beautiful island.I’m really excited to go there to take pictures, enjoy fresh air, see the beauty of nature and swimming in blue and beautiful water.
    Thanks again for this sharing, your blog is very good and best. Keep captain, I always support you..

  6. Jan 10 months ago

    What a wonderful blogpost! The photos were beautiful and your review of this wonderful Island, has made me want to go myself! I love how you describe your travel experiences so well and review each one honestly.
    This destination looked incredibly beautiful and welcoming. Thank you, once again, for sharing your experiences with us Patrick.

    Jan x

  7. Maite Vargas 10 months ago

    Good afternoon! dear Captain Patrick, I read your new blog about your mini vacation in Zakynthos and unfortunately, I have never been to a Greek and paradisiacal island as the place you chose through a spontaneous decision that turned out to be really fantastic and great. Let me tell you dear that it was really to know that Zakynthos economy is based on tourism, olive oil and wine and it was that it was hit by a 7.3-magnitude earthquake in 1953, reason for what the typical white buildings on the island and the stunning and elegant hotels: Zante Maris Suites and the Olea All Suite offers a much more personalized and exclusive services in their luxurious design suits with:an elegance and a private pool, and the exquisite culinary Greek and Mediterranean dishes. But the best was your travel on boat to the blue caves where you had an amazing and splendid adventure inside the blue caves,, when you swam in crystal blue water and jumped of a cliff., wow, wow, wow, it was so great to see that. So, Congratulations! ¡FELICITACIONES! Dear captain Patrick for so marvelous and magnificent article in your blog, and for being an excellent writer too. With all this information offered by you it`s impossible that this is a “Instagram fake”. Now I know where I would like to spend my deserved vacation, Thank you so much dear Patrick for giving to us the suggestion of visiting and explore all the island in one week, less than that, it would not be enough. Continue in this form my favorite captain.

  8. Lauren P 10 months ago

    Es ist gut, einmal spontan zu sein. Ich komme immer noch nicht darüber hinweg, dass das Wasser so schön blau ist. Wo ich wohne und wohne, ist das Wasser wegen all der Ölbohrungen eklig braun. Nein, ich war noch nie auf einer griechischen Insel. Bucket-Liste

  9. Vita 10 months ago

    Hai trascorso una vacanza da sogno, indimenticabile …ma vera …,nulla è stato falso!! mi chiamano la regina del sud perché la mia famiglia produce l’oro puro del sud Italia, abbiamo coltivazioni di alberi di ulivo, è produciamo olio extravergine d’oliva, quello vero, biologico con marchio IGP, molti ordini con spedizione in Germania, molti ristoranti italiani a Berlino fanno richiesta!! I ristoranti ( Vesuvio , A mano), fanno scorta, produciamo ciliegie e mandorle, la migliore qualità…amo selezionare i migliori frutti, sulle tavole dei ristoranti in Germania trionfa il mio cibo biologico made in Italy, diffidare dalle imitazioni. .

  10. mimosa 10 months ago

    Always excited to read your blog. I have never been to a Greek island. But through your blog. I really know many new things, many beautiful and interesting places in this world. Nothing is more wonderful than being immersed in the beautiful nature on zakynthos island: extremely blue water and mountain scenery, spectacular cliffs. Enjoy the typical dishes of this island. Everything is worth it to enjoy. thanks alot my dear.

  11. Simona 10 months ago

    Hi, Patrick! Wonderful description of this destination! Congratulations! In my mind was to spend one week in this place and you help me and confirm me that is a good choice! I visited Santorini and Mykonos two times, Skiatos , Corfu just one time. But really one of my favorite place for the summer is Greece , with amazing places, water, natura and wonderful people.

  12. Robin Jameson 9 months ago

    OMG Patrick, so jealous! I would love to go there.

  13. Austin 9 months ago

    Beyond fabulous Patrick

  14. Nguyễn Thị Hồng Châu 9 months ago

    Tôi ở đât nước Việt Nam tươi đẹp và chưa hề biết đến Bạn và đất nước của bạn cho đến khi tôi gặp một tên lừa đảo. người đó lấy hình ảnh của bạn, gửi cho tôi và ghép hình lên hộ chiếu của một người khác. Người đó bảo tôi là một Phi Công.Tôi đã lên goolge tìm kiếm và thấy được hình ảnh của bạn trần ngập sau từ khóa phi công. Tôi thật bất ngờ và đã biết đến bạn. Thật sự thú vị….

  15. Michele 8 months ago

    Have been so very busy n finally I could leave a lovely comment on this lovely Greece blog post ♡ Personally I love Greece so much, my boss was originally from there n some my coworkers was married there ♡ also my second brother who was an architect who passed away long time ago 🙁 He loved traveling in Greece ♡ I always miss him so much ♡ I have heard of Zakynthos island n the famous Blue cave ♡ That is one of my dream places to go n thanks for taking me there to explore the crystal blue water ♡ I love all the photos ♡ Blue cave is really an angelic heavenly place there ♡ I wish u would invite me to go there next ^^ ♡ Loving all the hotels n ppl there are so very nice n friendly ♡ Such an amazing vacation destination I would love to travel to ♡ Thanks for your blog , photos and all the tips ♡ Love xx

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