The vacation in paradise I always dreamed of?

The vacation in paradise I always dreamed of?
16/12/2018 pilotpatrick
vacation on mauritius

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Hello my Aviator,

if I had to choose I would always decide on a summer vacation. I love the warm weather, the sun, the beach and everything that goes with it. Especially when I am able to escape the cold season at home in Berlin. This year I decided on Mauritius. This destination was always on my bucket list. Did it meet my expectations and was it really the paradise I always wanted to visit?

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vacation on mauritius
vacation on mauritius

The PilotPatrick flat white with almond milk

vacation on mauritius

My Ocean villa

Why Mauritius?

The name Mauritius itself suggest long sandy beaches, palm trees, and crystal clear sea. From what I have heard and seen it must be a paradise on earth. Honestly, I am not able to recall how it got onto my exclusive bucket list of destinations. When I started to plan my vacation in September I still did not know where to go. But once Emirates offered me to fly in their Business Class my decision was made rather quickly. One important point was that both flights from Frankfurt via Dubai to Mauritius were on board the A380 and November you can expect good weather (as long no cyclones visit Mauritius) Check out my YouTube video about my first time flying the A380 and Emirates.

Skincare on my travels

During the winter season in Germany, I try to escape the cold season of the year at least once. So I packed Eucerin Sun protection for the sunny weather on Mauritius. It is not only vital to protecting the skin from the sunlight, but skincare is important throughout the year. Every day I can read new comments saying that I am perfect, but I can say my skin is not 😉 You might be facing the same problems as me. Sometimes it is a turbulent flight with the skin and once in a while, you have to use the right products to get it under control again. Eucerin offers a wide range of skincare for your special needs.

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vacation on mauritius

Bedroom of the Ocean villa

DermoPure face fluid

My daily routine

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Hands and lips: Especially during the cold season and to fight the dry air on board of aircraft, I have always a hand lotion and a lip balm with me.

The pH5 shower gel for frequent showers

Hyaluron Filler with sun protection

Brief facts about Mauritius

Mauritius officially the Republic of Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. The main Island of Mauritius is located about 2,000 kilometers (1,200 mi) off the southeast coast of the African continent The island of Mauritius is relatively young geologically, having been created by volcanic activity some 8 million years ago. The capital and largest city Port Louis is located on the main island of Mauritius. It inhibits around 1,2 million people.

vacation on mauritius

I was excited to go on a snorkeling trip but then …

vacation on mauritius

Not the visibility underwater I expected (ocean in front of Grand Gaube)

The paradise I have dreamed of?

As a blogger, it is my responsibility to share with you my personal opinion. This includes mentioning aspects that I did not enjoy or like as well. Like on previous blog posts, for example, the one about my dream job. I have not only listed the great advantages of my job, but I also mentioned the downsides which come with it.

I stayed for one week on Mauritius close to Grand Gaube, which is in the northern part of the island. As I found out the concentrations of attractions and activities is a lot higher in the southern part then up north. This was not too severe since I wanted to enjoy a rather relaxed vacation at the beach, with good food and hot weather.

Why my disappointment?

But in the end, I was rather disappointed. Not of Mauritius itself. Do not get me wrong: it is paradise on earth! The people are all super friendly and their hospitality is one of the best one I have ever experienced. Never the less I felt like I was in a tourist trap. I do not mind to spend a little fortune for a vacation, but the cost-benefit has to be aligned. For a 5 star hotel in a junior suite with half-board, I spend over 700€ a night (regular price was around 1000€) I have never spend so much money on accommodation. Despite all the luxury amenities, it was not worth the extremely high price. I expected a lot more.

Additionally, all extras in the hotel were, in general, more expensive outside of the hotel and more expensive than in Germany. During my stay, I had to find out about the salary of the staff. I was literally shocked. Their daily salary is even less than the price for a burger in the hotel. They put in all the hard work to make it an unforgettable for the guests and they do not get rewarded accordingly. That’s why I think the price is even more over the top.

Since it was my vacation, my precious off time, I made the best out of it: I wrapped up the positive sides in a video on my YouTube channel

vacation on mauritius

My recommendation

My opinion should not stop you from visiting Mauritius. Next time I would plan my stay more wisely. Get a rental car and stay at different spots on the island. Maybe a serviced apartment or a vacation rental of a villa could be a more affordable option. With a car, you can be more flexible and you have the chance to discover and see more of the island. That way you do not have to rely on expansive hotel prices of tours and activities.

Good planning is the key to a successful and satisfying vacation. 

Where will you spend your next vacation? Leave me a comment below and subscribe to my newsletter with your email!

As always safe travels and happy landings!

Your PilotPatrick



  1. sugar 1 year ago must come visit philippines.. we have a lot of beautiful beach resorts and islands here.. and i would love to you on your adventure here in the philippines if evee you will come here.

  2. Shiran Abraham 1 year ago

    Always love to read your blog . Your blog always interesting n knowledge.. it’s really expensive 700€ one night n half bord so sad to hear that hotel staff getting less salary then burgers cost it’s really sad to hear.. Thank for sharing bout Eucerin products with describe of each product n I really satisfied with Eucerin products thank you for recommending Eucerin. Your recommendation of next vacation in Mauritius is really great ideas. As always haha m your regular blog reader n first commenter on your blog post. BTW I save some of your pictures from your blog .

  3. Emmy Puspasari 1 year ago

    Mauritius is real paradise ! But the price is expensive , maybe i need a small hotel and accomodation which suitable with my budget.. i love to enjoy beach and sea, also explore the islands too… better with rental car like you said dear Patrick. But your holiday is fun too there… i enjoy to read your blog and your youtube alot. Success!!

  4. Liliani setiawati 1 year ago

    Pilot Patrick, you can be appointed as Mauritius Ambassador. Thank you for all the informative information of Mauritius. Please come to Bali next year, put it as your bucket list holiday destination .You will love Bali cos you love sun and beach. Keep writing, your way of writing is so flowing, easily understood.

  5. Jan Steadman-Jackson 1 year ago

    Great blogpost Patrick!! I love your honesty and kind concern for the locals as you enjoyed your luxury holiday. I have often felt the same emotions, even in my own country. Speaking about it publicly may raise awareness regarding social/economical inequality in our world, we can only hope.
    Such a wonderful insight into Mauritius; Thank you Sweetie. xx

  6. Vita 1 year ago

    Hai descritto bene la linea Eucerin!… Mi piace molto come hai dato informazioni sulla tua vacanza!! Bravo …Patrick!!

  7. Maria 1 year ago

    Awesome and informative blog. Thank you for sharing ur thoughts and also facts. Always a pleasure to read and view.
    Thanks for blessing ur aviators with knowledge facts and opinions.
    Happy Sunday x

  8. Roberta 1 year ago

    I like so much i admire you my dear pilot

  9. Oneal 1 year ago

    I’m from Seychelles and I’ll be visiting the U.K.
    I want to experience the cold weather.been to Paris before, but now i want to visit U.K.
    I might do Germany too.

  10. Agata 1 year ago

    Is very very interesting all you say, I like very much

  11. Echirella 1 year ago

    Interesting facts and ideas about the vacation May be I will have domestic travels in my country especially my born city in North Sumatra

  12. Michele 1 year ago

    My next vacation destination would be Maldives since I had been dreamed of !! Of course , I would love to travel to Mauritius just for you 🙂 if I want and it really seems like a beautiful paradise for me !! First time commented your blog post !! I read most of them and they’re all fabulous posts !! You had done a great job !! Thanks for sharing your vacation and your own views with us !! I loved all your pictures so much as well !!

  13. Maria Chiara Soldati 1 year ago

    I appreciate your sincerity… it’s too much 1000€ a night…. specially if salaries are so low. In Europe I could spend this money for a good 5 stars hotel but not in Mauritius…
    I will tresure your advices if I’ll go there one day.

  14. Armande 1 year ago

    Mauritus is a very beautiful place to spend a dream .The beauty of the beach and your villa Wow what a beautiful site

  15. Gwenaelle 1 year ago

    Grand gaube is one of the higest in price in mauritius… you should have search on trou aux biches or le morne hotels

  16. Zuerazureen 1 year ago

    Come to malaysia…beautiful island..i love snorkeling, swimming..many coral too.joint me…hihih..ahhh and cute fish have to go malaysia, philiphine, planning to the beach on christmas holiday. Waiting u …from malaysia friend

  17. Hassan Soherwardy 1 year ago

    Very detailed insight. Thanks for sharing. Though its very disturbing to know about their low salaries. Hope they will find a way to sort this out. My next destination would be Hamburg in April for the WTCE (World travel catering and aircraft interior exhibition) and later to islands of Philippines in summers.

  18. Catherine Trần 1 year ago


  19. Catherine Trần 1 year ago


  20. Catherine Trần 1 year ago


  21. Catherine Trần 1 year ago

    It so great

  22. Genevieve Campbell 1 year ago

    This was a well thought out and well written blog post. Especially poignant for me was where you highlighted that the resort staff, who work so hard to make guests have an enjoyable stay, are paid very poorly. I’m not aware of what labour laws govern resort staff in Mauritius, but I do hope their situation changes for the better. All the best for the holidays!!!

  23. Eiyafcie 1 year ago

    tell me your salary

  24. Shee 1 year ago

    Hi Patrick, it doesn’t look like you had a great holiday in Mauritius. However, the north is mostly visited by tourist and I believe that a budget travel is the best plan you can follow to really discover things on your next destination.
    As a resident of Mauritius and also a frequent traveller, i agree that there are places in Mauritius that are very costly as well as in countries I’ve visited. So, I would suggest a plan before next holiday and I hope you’ll be back one day but experience a great holiday in Mauritius.

  25. Joy 1 year ago

    You should have come to The Bahamas, experience one of our out islands for total privacy, crystal clear waters……you can see for miles straight to the sand!……..Joy

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