Dear Aviator,

you won’t believe how excited I was to share with you the big news. I really had a hard time keeping this project secret for a very long time. Now I am a little bit relieved that I can finally tell you. You were excited to find out about this secret and I was curious to see your reaction. I still cannot believe it but I wrote a PilotPatrick book.

pilotpatrick book

Why did I write a book?

About two years ago I came up with the idea to write a book. I am used to writing blog posts which comprise about 1000 words but writing a whole book would definitely be on a different level. How would I get started? Where would I sell it? How to structure it? I had so many questions and ideas in my head that I was a little bit overwhelmed by it. It was not a matter of writing material and stories I had to tell, I was concerned where I would find thee time to write my book.

Even though I am “only” 32 years old I already experienced a lot in the aviation world. I wanted to talk about it in more than just a caption on Instagram or an article on my blog. Serious topics which should reach more than “just” my Aviators. The dream and desire to have a book emerged but I had to put it on hold when my Captains upgrade kept me busy. My plan was to keep working on it once I feel comfortable on the left seat of the cockpit.

I guess the publisher Riva knew somehow about my intention when they reached out to me and asked don’t you want to write a book with us?”

How long did it take?

Due to Covid-19 lockdown, I was able to use the time productively for my book. It took about one year from launching the project with the publisher Riva until holding the first printed version in my hands. It might seem like a long time but considering what it takes to write a book it is not really that long. It was an interesting journey until now and I learnt a lot about books in that time. 


What is it about?

My glamorously unglamorous life as a jet-set pilot“. I take you on board of my turbulent aviation career with tricky maneuvers and curious passengers. Besides stories you will not believe actually happened, I tell you how I became a pilot and why I became one in the first place. You will get insights into the glamorous world of the rich and famous I have flown around the world  but aviation has also an unglamorous side. Grievances plague an industry which seems to be so glittery. There is also a secret about myself which I have kept below radar and the time has come to talk about it.

pilotpatrick book


When will it be available?

Right now you can pre-order my book via Amazon. The official sales launch will be on the 13th of October. Book shops like  Thalia and Hugendubel will feature my book as well.


Where can I buy it?

Currently you can pre-order it online via Amazon to have it at home as one of the first ones. Official sales launch is the 13th of October 2020. Hugendubel and Thalia books shops feature my book online and in stores as well. 


In which languages will it be?

Pre-orders are currently available in German language only. I am currently working on the English language version is planned for a few days after the official launch date (13th of October).


Where can I order it?

Pre-orders are now available via Amazon. Hugendubel and Thalia will also have it available in their online shops and bookstores in Germany. 


Will it be available worldwide?

Almost. You will be able to buy it in every country that offers Amazon. In case it is not available in your specific country and you desperately want to have it then please send me an email to and I will forward it to my publisher.

MY project of the heart is revealed and I hope you like the fact that there will be a PilotPatrick book soon on the market. Trust me the biggest secret is not yet revealed. Pre-order my book now and you will be one of the first ones to know.

Leave me a comment below once you have ordered your piece and do not forget to like the blog post! 🙂

Safe and healthy travels and happy landings!

Your PilotPatrick

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