Vacation in South Africa – My stay in Cape Town

Vacation in South Africa – My stay in Cape Town
28/01/2018 pilotpatrick
vacation in cape town

Hello my Aviator, I spent the first two weeks of the new year in South Africa. A country I have fallen in love with after my first stay two years ago. It was fantastic to escape winter in Germany and to enjoy summertime in South Africa. In this blog post, I take you on my journey and I will recap my vacation in Cape Town with you. In case you are planning to visit this amazing place I have some great tips for you. 


vacation in cape town

Vacation in Cape Town – why again?

I have been to Cape Town already two years ago and I could have visited a new place on my bucket list, but I just could not resist. I enjoyed my first time down there so much that I wanted to come back as quick as possible. Additionally, lots of friends of mine were in Cape Town as well.

I am not a big fan of the cold season. That is why I like to escape winter. Sout Africa is the ideal destination since it lays in the southern hemisphere which means it is summer at that time. Flying in from Europe has the big advantage of omitting a jet lag.

vacation in cape town

Magical sunsets in Camps Bay

Not only the landscape itself is beautiful but also their people. They are super friendly and I really like the relaxed atmosphere they embody.  As you know I am a foodie pilot and I am really picky when it comes to food. South Africa offers amazing cuisines for everyone’s taste for reasonable prices.

From this stay, I have learned to avoid the peak season End of December/ beginning of January. It is difficult to get reservations in restaurant and hotel availability is low in combination with high rates. March, which is still summer, is supposed to be a good month to visit.

Beachwear by Mey

vacation in cape town

Clifton Beaches Cape Town

Where did I sleep?

On vacation, I usually stay at hotels, because it is convenient and more comfortable. But this time I searched for an alternative since hotel room availability was already low and the rates high. That is why I booked an apartment on Airbnb.

The first week I stayed at a beautiful apartment in Greenpoint. I really enjoyed the modern place with two bedrooms and a huge balcony. The location was great because all hotspots were in close proximity.

cape town vacation

Lovely apartment in Greenpoint

After my little road trip (blog post soon), I stayed the last four days in Cape Town at another place in Waterkant. It was a townhouse with four stories, an atrium with a tree inside and a rooftop with a plunge pool. The bedrooms and the living room offered amazing sea views. A truly exceptional unique place to live in.

vacation in cape town

Townhouse from the outside

vacation in capetown

Rooftop terrace with pool

vacation in cape town

Luxury Airbnb in Waterkant

Where did I eat?

Food is tasty in Cape Town. It is hard to find a place, which does not offer delicious meals. I tried several healthy eating options from the App “Happy Cow“. Here is a list of all the places I went to:

Oranjezicht city farm:  A market every Saturday located close the V&A Waterfront, all kinds of vendors selling groceries, also a good place for breakfast and lunch

V&A Waterfront Food market: all kinds of little shops and cafés, a lot of healthy options

vacation in cape town
vacation in cape town

Oranjezicht market Cape Town

Nu healthy food cafe: several outlets in different parts of town, smoothies, bowls, wraps, great for breakfast and lunch

Raw and Roxy: new place in town which only serves raw food, try the sushi and the ice tea

vacation in capetown

Breakfast at Nu healthy food cafe

Gold restaurant: touristic place, but worth visit, an extensive African menu is served which is accompanied by a show of drummers and dancers

Hussar Grill Camps Bay: for all meat lovers

Asoka: trendy place with live DJ, good for cocktails and dinner, small menu, but food on the point

Kloof street house: trendy and busy place, good for cocktails and dinner

vacation in cape town

Gold restaurant with show

What did I do on NYE?

I flew into Cape Town on the 31st of December without a fixed plan for the evening. Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy and sometimes even rainy. So I did not go to the beach party which was recommended to me. Instead, I was invited by German friends to celebrate NYE in a penthouse. The fireworks were really cute when I compare it to the craziness in Berlin. So it was a rather relaxed evening, but still with a lot of Champagne and good company.

vacation in cape town

My first radio interview – Thanks Eloise for the invitation

What fun activities did I do?

Cape Town is a fantastic place to spend a vacation. Besides a beautiful scenery, friendly people, good food and nice beaches, there are many fun activities you should not miss out.

A helicopter flight

I love going on helicopter flights. Even though I am used to flying, taking off vertically always gives me goosebumps. HelicoptersCapetown offers all kinds of different tours. I did the oceans flight which takes you around table mountain. The views are just spectacular.

vacation in cape town


For the first time ever I went tandem paragliding. It is was an unforgettable flight taking off from Signal Hill and landing in at the promenade in Sea Point. Carlos my pilot from Icarusparagliding called the flight a ride on a magic carpet. Flying without an engine and just the noise of the wind is a feeling I haven’t experienced before. Over the water, we flew some awesome maneuvers which felt like a rollercoaster ride. Watch the 360° degrees video of the flight.

Lions Head

I am not a big fan of hiking, but the way up and down on Lions Head is a lot of fun. It takes about an hour to get up and you need to climb up ladders and chains. In the end, you will be rewarded with spectacular views.


vacation in cape town

On top of Lions head

vacation in cape town

On top of  Table Mountain

vacation in cape town

Table mountain

A must is Table Mountain. This time I hiked up table mountain from the back side. The Skeleton Gorge starts in the beautiful Kirstenbosch potential garden. The way up is quite challenging. On top of table mountain, the hike continued along dams and beautiful vegetation. Two years ago I went up table mountain using the Platteklip Gorge. This route starts past the cable car station in Cape Town and is quite steep, but offers amazing views

vacation in cape town

Skeleton Gorge up to the top

vacation in cape town

Dam on top of table mountain

Constantia Valley

Nestled beneath the National Table Mountain park lays the valley of Constantia. Only a 25 minutes drive from Cape Town city center you indulge idyllic lifestyle in a picture-perfect landscape. The Constantia Wine Route is the oldest one in the southern hemisphere, and Beau Constantia is one of the 9 farms to call the Valley home. Besides exceptional wines, its restaurant, called Chefs Warehouse, is the 4th best restaurant in the country.

vacationin cape town

Lunch at the Chefs Warehouse

vacation in south africa

Wine estate Beau Constantia

vacation in cape town

Beau Constantia oldest winery southern hemisphere

Do you need a guide?

I am so happy that Jared reached out to me when I asked for recommendations in South Africa. He is a writer, influencer and tour guide, who calls beautiful Cape Town his home. He not only gave me helpful tips before I started my journey, but he also took me to hidden gems during my stay in Cape Town. Follow him on Instagram (@jaredincpt) and visit his blog:

vacation in cape town

Bokaap colorful houses

I hope you enjoyed the time with me in Cape Town! Unfortunately, the Western Cape is suffering from a water crisis. As it appears right now they will run out of water soon. So please save as much as you can when you are in Cape Town.

On my bucket list:

  1. Brazil
  2. Iceland
  3. Bali

Please comment below with your top 3 destinations on your bucket list and subscribe to my newsletter with your email.

Happy landings and safe travels!

Your PilotPatrick

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  1. Ross Eckhardt 2 years ago

    Great blog Patrick!!

    My three destinations that I would like to go to are:

    Hawaii (all 8 islands. I’ve been to two so far…)

  2. Cherryl Chew 2 years ago

    Hello PilotPatrick,

    I am really glad that finally I can leave my comments here. And I am also very happy that you read my comments in Instagram or else I didn’t know how to let you know the problem. Thanks a lot for that.

    Whatever I wanted to comment was already mentioned in Facebook this morning. Yeah you are right, PilotPatrick, your blog has given me a lot of inspiration to travel to the beautiful countries in Europe. I hope that my dreams will come true very soon.

    I know that you like beaches very much. Bali is a very nice place for relaxing. Besides Bali, I would also recommend Lombok in Indonesia also. The beach is really very nice too. But hopefully you will drop by our beaches such as Redang,Tioman and Langkawi Island especially Redang Island as it is really a very good place for snorkeling and relaxing. Well they are just for your reference only in case you would like to have a long vacation in Bali because Indonesia and Malaysia is about 2 hours flight. And don’t worry the waters here are always warm.

    Finally I would like to congratulate you again on your verification on Instagram. And last but not least, I wish you always have a safe travel and happy landings, my favourite and gorgeous PilotPatrick.

  3. UMI NADHIRA 2 years ago

    Thanks for the info. Such a nice holiday. My holidays went differenly with my plans, hahaha. As an Indonesian, I know that Bali is beautiful city with their tradition but for myself, I feel uncomfortable there. I went there 8 years ago. I n my friends couldn’t buy food carelessly there cause not all of them were Halal food. N when we went to Kuta beach at afternoon, we thought that we were in wrong place. You know what, right? So many …in the beach. Sorry this is only my oppinion. But we had funny story there. We forgot that there were time different between my city n Bali, we still used our city time, so we were late to attend an event. But I am happy that you take Bali as your list. Hopefully you’ll enjoy there. N you’ll write it on your blog. Unfortunately my hometown is so far from Bali, I can’t meet you there. My bucket lists are :
    1. Mecca for Hajj
    2. South Korea, I really wanna try their traditional cloths, Hanbok.
    3. I dont know. Maybe Germany, I wanna meet you but this is only my imagination, haha. Thank you

  4. Akos 2 years ago

    It definitely looks stunning and I wish to go there at some point in my life but I believe in these times might not the best idea to promote tourism to Cape Town as they barely able to support themselves in this water crisis they have right now!

  5. RUBY JOSEPH 2 years ago

    All the pic you posted are so beautiful, may be its clarity or the landscapes too and the unexpected presence of yourself with your smile make it more scenic and alluring. Really its a wonderful land by nature. may be We can expect more if you extent your vacation at there. Yeah ,there is an inspirational theme, I don’t know you noted it or simply expose nothing is impossible. You always shown a tendency to conquer the heights infront of you. Really its a simple and thoughtful feeling.
    Yeah, wish you all success happy travel and more n’ more landings too.

  6. Adrian 2 years ago

    Read your blog again patrick i enjoyed it my bucket list is 1 New York 2 Malta and 3 Malta

  7. Byou 2 years ago

    Great post! South africa is definitely on my bucket list!
    I’ll december this post when I go there 🙂

    My bucket list:
    1. Finland
    2. Australia
    3. Iceland

    But there are wat more countries on my bucket list. Even countries where I’ve been before like Suriname and the USA. I think the second time you visit a country ist even greater because you can enjoy more of it because you’re not flabbergasted the whole time about the difference with your own country!

  8. Fanie 2 years ago

    Hi, so glad to read that you enjoyed Cape Town. It was also awesome to meet you as well.

  9. Carla 2 years ago

    Come to Brazil. There are many places to visit here, wonderful places.

  10. Diego 2 years ago

    Great trip!!!

    Come to Brazil one day! We have amazing views .

  11. Kenneth 2 years ago

    My bucket list is to see Berlin w elk actually many German cities an Swiss cities an the rest of Europe.

  12. Neria Cairns 2 years ago

    Thank you for letting us on your, blog Pilot Patrick, which is it give a lot of inspiration, all the guide on it and it’s more quiet interesting to know, all of the info. And let me say thank you for it, I love your blog ❤️❤️❤️. One of my bucket list; Europe Philippines Take Care and keep smiling Regards, Neria Cairns

  13. Madelyn 2 years ago

    Hello Patrick
    I really enjoyed to read about your passion about my super lovely country. So here goes my 3 destinations:

    Cape Town
    Cape Town
    Cape Town

    Regards from South Africa

  14. short life 5 months ago

    Thanks Patrick for sharing this wonderful travel experience here. Safe travel and happy landings.

  15. Smith George 4 months ago

    I am glad that i found you, i will soon go to explore myself, thank-you for an amazing experience.

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