What’s in my bag? – My packing tips

What’s in my bag? – My packing tips
11/11/2016 pilotpatrick
what is in my bag

In my last blog post I shared my experience in Lufthansa’s Business Class to Cape Town with you. On this flight I was allowed to have four pieces of luggage. But who takes so much on a journey? You will be surprised about the number of pieces private jet customers take on a flight. One person with eight suitcases is no exception. In this blog post I will show you what is in my bag and additionally I will reveal my packing tips.

My home is where my suitcase is!

My Rimowa luggage ‘Topas’ in front of the Private Jet Citation XLS

Now I want to show you what I have in my bags and give you some advices when packing!

Through my profession as private jet pilot I became a professional traveler, who knows who to pack correctly. I am usually on duty for about seven days in the row and I sleep 15 days in a month in different hotels. Everyday I have to unpack and pack, unload and load and carry my luggage from one place to another. That is why the quality and the weight of my suitcase it vital.

Travel in style – aluminum case during a stay in Wildlife Reserve in South Africa

I am really convinced of the products of Rimowa. It is a German company founded in 1898. They put a lot of emphasis on the quality and practicability of their luggage. Especially their products with four wheel are handy. I currently use two products of the ‘Topas’ series, which are made of aluminum. They are little heavier than the once out of polycarbonate, but I prefer this design and they are almost indestructible.

In my hand luggage:

My travel essentials

My checked luggage:

  • Clothing (essential clothing which are easy to combine)
  • Wash bag (organic products of Lavera and Speick)
  • Two pair of shoes (one for sports)
  • TRX suspension trainer (perfect tool for a quick workout in the hotel room)
  • Cocktail shaker to prepare rice protein shakes
Home is where my suitcase is – What’s in my bag?

My packing tips:

  • Use the space between the handle bar on the bottom of the suitcase, perfect to place socks or underwear.
  • Do not put valuables in your checked luggage to prevent them from theft. For example electronics, which can be easily detected by the x-ray.
  • Put important documents and essentials for the first day in your hand luggage in case your suitcase gets lost.
  • When taking shirts, I suggest to put them folded in a plastic or fabric bag. This way they stay flat and you do not need to iron them again
  • Put your wash bag in a plastic bag, so in case something leaks your clothing stays clean.
  • I take testers instead of heavy perfume flacons to safe weight.
  • I fill up small containers with the organic shampoo from home so I do not have to take the whole bottle.
  • When packing a suit I recommend to carry it in a clothes bag so the fabric does not get crumbled. An additional small personal items, like a purse or clothes bag, is usually free in economy on all major airlines.
  • Always put your items in the same spot. This saves time when packing and searching.
  • Use a suitcase with an international TSA lock when traveling by plane.
After landing in Rostov an Don with the Citation XLS

My bags

Besides my two silver cases I have a food bag for my journeys. In which you will find fruits, nuts, humus, carrots, couscous salad, coconut water, whole wheat bread and boiled eggs most of the time. Some colleagues think I am crazy, that I carry all this food with me. But this way I can have good food while on duty and I can omit the unhealthy catering on board and in hotels. Read in my blog post “I am a Foodie pilot” more about my healthy eating habits.

Me packing my small Rimowa – healthy food always on board

Happy landings and a well-packed suitcase for your next journey!

Which personal items do you always pack when you going on a journey? I always pack swim shorts. 😉

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  1. ily 4 years ago

    i mentioned this on your instagram account. half of my luggage usually instant noodles. haha i think you are far more healthier than me ^ ^” usually my trip is almost a month and during cold season or winter so for me the best food to eat when i am freezing cold is my country food (spicy and sour: tom tam n assam laksa flavours) european food tend to be too bland for me after sometimes. Yes, my friends laughed at me because of this ^ ^” weirdly enough, i always pack my swimming suit too even though i probably dont use it at all during my trip haha. i hope my next trip to europe, i can swim in the sea somewhere at some islands in spain maybe ^_^, cant wait!

  2. Kevin 4 years ago

    Könntest Du eigentlich auch mal was zu den Pflegeprodukten schreiben, die Du so verwendest und empfehlen kannst? Hatte irgendwo was von Speick und so gelesen…

    • Author
      pilotpatrick 4 years ago

      Hey Kevin, klar kann ich mal machen!

  3. Tom 3 years ago

    Hi Patrick,

    wie kommt es, dass du 2 Pässe hast?
    Grüsse Tom

    • Author
      pilotpatrick 3 years ago

      Grüß Dich Tom,
      als Pilot kann man mehrere Pässe besitzen. Das hat verschiedene Gründe. Z.B. Damit man auch weiterhin arbeiten kann, wenn ein Pass zwecks Visa bei einer Botschaft liegt. Außerdem versuche ich Probleme bei der Einreise zu vermeiden indem ich verfeindete Staaten nie im gleichen Pass abstempeln lasse.

      Liebe Grüße Patrick

  4. Kevin Ortega 3 years ago

    Is it worth it to have a Rimowa luggage? I want to buy one too (cabin only because i’m afraid that the check in luggage will just be handled carelessly) but it is a super expensive. 😐

    • Author
      pilotpatrick 3 years ago

      Extensive but nice! I have a lot of suite cases of them. They are hard to break and their design is just fantastic. Happy traveling!


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