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“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

― Michael Altshuler

Why is sun protection so vital for you? Join the pilot contest!
- by pilotpatrick

I want to raise awareness of the importance to protect yourself from the sun. At least once a year I suffer from a sunburn. I recklessly spend …

Luxurious jets at the business aviation exhibition in Geneva
- by pilotpatrick

I take you to Geneva in Switzerland to the EBACE, which is an exhibition solely for private jets. Normally only aircrews and their VIP passengers…

My awesome vacation in Dubai with spectacular activities
- by pilotpatrick

It is the city of superlatives where I got to spend my vacation recently. In this blog, I take you one of a kind trip to Dubai. The official tourism office of Dubai invited me …

The great aerospace exhibition and airshow in Berlin
- by pilotpatrick

Since my early childhood, I am fascinated with aviation. It is an industry of passion, dreams and great achievements. The dream to fly is as old as mankind itself, but aviation …

Charity: my bracelet could make you become a pilot
- by pilotpatrick

I am really excited to reveal an idea which has been in the planning for a long time. It deals with financial support, the dream to fly and my very first Pilot Patrick accessory …

The greatest downside of my social media presence
- by pilotpatrick

Last week I returned home from Dubai. I had an amazing time in this spectacular city. Through all my Aviators and the content, I am creating on my social media channels I was invited by the …