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“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

― Michael Altshuler

My highlights and travel tips of Los Angeles
- by pilotpatrick

Hello my Aviator, the road trip through California was a lot of fun. I started off in San Francisco from where I took the Pacific coast highway southbound. My final destination was Los Angeles…

My electronic travel buddies
- by pilotpatrick

Hello my Aviator, I have been asked many times about my devices I am using for my daily updates on my social media. This weekend I am spending at my home…

Checks completed – my first 100 flight hours on the Airbus
- by pilotpatrick

Hello my Aviator, after an extensive flight training on the ground and in the air, I finally had my initial line check on the Airbus A300. Thanks a lot for crossing…

XLETIX sports challenge with my own crew
- by pilotpatrick

Hello, my Aviator! I am excited to share with you the successful event with Arla® Protein and Xletix. Arla® Protein invited three bloggers to participate with four of their fans…

From the runway to the catwalk – Berlin fashion week
- by pilotpatrick

Hello my Aviator, my last off days at home were really exciting. It was…

My reasons why I became a pilot – still a dream job
- by pilotpatrick

Hello my Aviator, one of my first article on my blog was about the…

My road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles
- by pilotpatrick

Last time in California was during my exchange year as a high school student…

My first time flying in first class
- by pilotpatrick

In May I spent over two weeks of vacation in California. On the way to…

My highlights and secret spots of San Francisco
- by pilotpatrick

Hello my Aviator, last Tuesday I returned from my vacation in California. I flew…