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“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

― Michael Altshuler

My new sophisticated earphones – product review
- by pilotpatrick

On my last city trip to beautiful Vienna in Austria, I took a new travel companion with me: my new pair of earphones. I will review …

Moving to the left seat – Captain upgrade Part 1
- by pilotpatrick

At the end of last year, I already informed you that I applied internally as a captain on the A300. The application process took several months …

Seasonal greetings, recap of 2018 and my outlook for 2019
- by pilotpatrick

My seasonal greetings blog post has become a small tradition over the past years. As always I will recap 2018 and give you an outlook for 2019 …

The vacation in paradise I always dreamed of?
- by pilotpatrick

I was able to escape the cold season at home in Berlin. This year I decided on Mauritius. This destination was always on my bucket list …

First time flying on board of the A380
- by pilotpatrick

Welcome on board of my first flight with the A380, the king of the skies. Yes, I am being sincere. Even though I am traveling so much I have never had the chance to fly with the A380 …

Men of the Year 2018 invited to the GQ awards
- by pilotpatrick

Wake me up! Am I dreaming? I literally cannot believe what is happening in the past few months. I have been experiencing so many cool stuff lately…