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“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

― Michael Altshuler

First time flying on board of the A380
- by pilotpatrick

Welcome on board of my first flight with the A380, the king of the skies. Yes, I am being sincere. Even though I am traveling so much I have never had the chance to fly with the A380 …

Men of the Year 2018 invited to the GQ awards
- by pilotpatrick

Wake me up! Am I dreaming? I literally cannot believe what is happening in the past few months. I have been experiencing so many cool stuff lately…

Breitling takes flying to the next level
- by pilotpatrick

Are you ready for some adrenalin thrust? To operate an Airbus A300 is already cool, but flying aerobatics is even more thrilling. Breitling takes flying to the next level …

What’s in a pilot’s suitcase? My ultimate packing tips
- by pilotpatrick

Through my profession as a pilot, I not only became a professional traveler but a packing expert as well. I am definitely not a good example when it comes to …

Must visit places and my insider tips of Barcelona
- by pilotpatrick

I finally made it back to my happy place Barcelona. I really missed the city because it feels like a second home. I will show you my personal highlights and share my insider tips …

Fear of flying – My 10 tips to become a more relaxed flyer
- by pilotpatrick

It makes me really sad to hear that many of you are anxious to fly and cannot enjoy traveling by plane! That is why I want to give you an update on my fear of flying blog post. I am passionate …