Always look ahead, because aircraft fly forward and not backwards

 Patrick Biedenkapp, Captain

YouTube channel

Launched in 2018 my YouTube channel has over 146.000 subscribers who enjoy educational, informative and inspiring videos packed with lots of entertainment. “How to become a pilot” , “TOP 5 destinations in Europe” , “What pilots do during cruise flight?” to mention some headlines. Become a subscriber as well!

Instagram page

In 2016 I posted my first every photo, not knowing it would go towards building such an impressive community – my #aviatorfamily. Originally I just wanted to share my travels as private jet pilot with my friends and family. Soon other people started following who share the same passion for aviation. Come on board of my Instagram channel to fly with and experience a diverse and colorful world.

NEW: TikTok

During quarantine TikTok became more and more popular so I launched my page at this platform as well. I am enjoying to spread some aviation humor in my short videos, to show stunning flight videos and to kid myself.

Facebook page

Here I am sharing the same content as on Instagram  but additionally I am informing you about my latest blog posts, video on YouTube and events I am doing.