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“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

― Michael Altshuler

The greek Instagram island – mini vacation on Zakynthos
- by pilotpatrick

Have you heard of Zahkynthos before? I hadn’t until I saw several bloggers posting like crazy from this greek Island …

My sunny highlights – travel guide of Rio de Janeiro
- by pilotpatrick

Is Rio safe? What are the best Instagram spots? Where to eat and sleep? What to do and see?

KLM Business Class Review: Dreamliner to Rio
- by pilotpatrick

I flew in KLM’s World Business Class on board of a Boeing Dreamliner and I review my flight experience. Additionally, you will be able to win …

Moving to the left seat – Captain Upgrade Part 3
- by pilotpatrick

In this last part, I will share with you the steps which were necessary to become a Captain. You have the chance to win a pilot shirt with my 3 stripes. 

Should you become a pilot and is it a good time for it?
- by pilotpatrick

Should you become a pilot and Is it a good time for it? I inform you about the situation of the aviation industry and I am being brutally honest about the pilot job …

My day at the leading travel trade show in Berlin
- by pilotpatrick

GIVEAWAY! How do you decide on which destinations are on your bucket list? I visited the world’s leading travel trade show in Berlin with Incredible India …